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Turntables: The Past Is Now the Future

Turntables were a part of the past but are now a part of the future. If you are as old as I am (I attended college back in the late 80s), you certainly remember record players. I remember purchasing my first stereo system at Montgomery Ward in 1988. It came complete with a cassette deck, AM/FM radio and record player. I used to love going to the music store and purchasing vinyl albums all the time. Among my favorites were Duran Duran, Huey Lewis and the News and Van Halen.

The Singing Waiters – A Short History

We thought we would share our thoughts on our love of the singing waiters, a concept which might at first seem odd but is loved by so many. So why is the idea of the singing waiters so popular? Surely you just want your waiter to serve your food and pour you wine, be courteous and friendly but ultimately be seen but not heard, or not heard loudly!

The Story Behind the Song – The Doxology

One of the most popular and well known hymns of our day is The Doxology – Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow. It was written in 1674 by Thomas Ken and has stood the test of time. Any song that is still being sung and published in Hymn books after 300 years should be reverenced and respected. Many of the old Hymns were actually written to expound certain doctrines. The Doxology is no different. The doctrine that it promotes is the doctrine of the Trinity. This is a brief examination of the doctrine and the story behind the Doxology.

The Finer Points of Acquiring an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

What can be done with a digital voice recorder from Olympus? Plenty, actually — you can use it to capture the very best that a conference, workshop, seminar or regular business meeting has to offer. You don’t have to feel like it’s impossible to keep up when everyone else is trying to take notes — you can turn on your digital voice recorder and let technology do all of the note taking for you.

Differences Between Keyboard and Piano

Throughout the world there are millions of people who want to learn how to play a musical instrument; in fact, it is probably the most popular aspiration that anyone can have when it comes to improving their life. While there are many different instruments to choose from, one thing that many people struggle with is deciding whether to play the piano or the keyboard – a decision that is full of different aspects that will influence the overall outcome. Whatever the choice turns out to be though, those that learn to play the piano or the keyboard will…

How 50Cent Became Famous

Sabrina Jackson at the age of just fifteen gave birth to Curtis Jackson on July 6th 1975 in South Jamaica, Queens. To provide for her family she started dealing drugs and in 1988 was murdered in her home. Her killer was never found. After her death Jackson went to live with his grandparents.

Musical Creativity And Expression – Part 2

Learn how to become a more creative musician and learn to write expressive music. Discover what you need to do to move beyond being merely a “guitar player” and becoming a true musician.

The Three Most Influential Jackson Browne Songs – And Why

Jackson Browne stands as one of the premier singer/songwriters in recent times. His songs have actually been a very big influence on life in America, but which three songs of his have been the most influential and why. Get the scoop on this in this article.

Nas Mixtapes – The Early Years

Today, anyone who is a fan of hip hop music knows who Nas is and has surely listened to more than one Nas mixtape. However, just like every other hip hop star, he had to pay his dues and work hard in order to make a name for himself in an industry that can be so cut-throat. The early years were not always easy, but Nas eventually became one of the biggest stars to ever come out in the rap world.

Honey Bee Is One Sweet Song

Blake Shelton just has a way of being a flirt and he shows it in his song, Honey Bee. It is a slower and more love-oriented song that reminds me a little of Elvis’ Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear. And the video just makes it even better…

Tips On How To Buy A Used Grand Piano

Many people are quite surprised to know that some of the best concert pianists of the 20th century often played on used or rebuilt pianos. You may wonder why they would choose to play on used upright pianos when they have all the money to buy a brand-new piano. It is similar to people who purchase old model cars only to fix them up again. It is because they believe that older cars are of better quality than their more modern counterparts. The cars may not have the technological features that contemporary cars have, but they are often sturdier and stronger.

DJ Dance Floor Tips – Club DJing – Read The Crowd

Now I break this down some more by giving you DJ dance floor tips on how to read the crowd so you can play like a professional and make them go wild. Remember, the DJ not even looking up from his decks and playing out his programmed bedroom set doesn’t transmit the right vibe.

DDJ-T1 Reviewed – Review Of The Digital DJ Controller By Pioneer

This Pioneer DDJ-TI review is important for understanding if this controller is really for you. There are increasing numbers of DJ consoles available today, and unbiased product reviews can be helpful for making a decision.

Best Features of Yamaha P85 – Read the Full Yamaha P85 Review

The Yamaha P85 is no doubt the only instrument you need to make beautiful music. Built with 88 minimalist yet strong keys, this piano is perfect for all skill levels. Whether you are a seasoned pianist interested in recording your song or a beginner trying to perfect their key-strokes, you will find this piano very appropriate.

Top Features of the Yamaha YPG535 – Read Full Yamaha YPG535 Review

It’s amazing to see just how far portable keyboards have come. A portable Roland in the late 1980s cost over a grand and weighed a considerable amount. Today, the cost has come down and the features abound as embedded design integrates with surface-mount technology to produce devices that are lighter, cheaper, and sound fantastic.

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