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The Best Velvet Underground Songs and the Reasons Why

It is quite the daunting task to make an argument for the best Velvet Underground songs. They had a very small catalog of albums, only four major releases, and most of the songs are absolute gems.

Ty Segall’s Music – A Prolific Influence On The Garage Scene

This is an informed review of Ty Segall’s music and its impact on the new garage scene. I will go through some of the most influential songs in his catalog and explain why these are so important to the new garage movement.

Bob Dylan’s “Blood On The Tracks”, Part 1: Tangled Up In Blue

To some music critics “Blood on the Tracks” was Bob Dylan’s best album. Unfortunately, like so many other great works of art, there was tragedy behind the genius. The album loosely chronicled his breakup with his wife, Sara Lownds. In these articles I examine the songs one by one.

Songwriting Tip: Don’t Make The Mistake Of Thinking Writing Songs Is An Easy Way To Get Rich Quick

Let’s be clear, songwriting is not easy. And writing hit songs is even harder. As Jimmy Webb once observed: “Songwriting is hell on Earth. If it isn’t, then you’re doing it wrong.”

The New Cool Thing in The World of EDM: “Trap Music”

Caught in a trap? Music that catches you and doesn’t let you go, that’s what I thought about trap music when I first heard about it. What a weird name though, you must be wondering what the hype behind trap music is? After all, it is quite similar to dubstep and we all know just how big an impact dubstep has made on the music industry.

Why Do You Need a Disc Jockey Who Doubles As Master of Ceremonies at Your Wedding Reception?

Having a Master of Ceremonies to make announcements at your wedding is an important decision. The task of finding the right entertainment company whose DJ also provides MC services is a key ingredient to the success of your wedding. Most DJ companies offer this service, however not all companies have good MC’s.

Making Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” – Leaving The Twilight Zone Behind

Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” may be one of the best-selling studio albums in musical history but making the album was so frustrating it bordered on the surreal. Read on to find out more about the hardships that sometimes come with making a multimillion selling record.

Record Your Music – It’s Much More Than Simply Showing Up With Your Instruments

We’re going to assume that you’ve already written the song and you’re preparing to show up at a studio for the first day of recording. The process may seem vague and veiled in mystery to begin with, but there are some basic steps that always come into play.

Vinyl Record Frames: Show Off Your Albums

Your vinyl record collection is probably very valuable to you either in terms of money, emotion or memories any of the albums have for you. It’s likely that the older some of your collection is then it is irreplaceable which adds to the monetary or emotional personal value. Given that it is irreplaceable you may not even want to play your old albums any longer for fear of damage. If that’s the case you can still show them off by framing them and hanging them in your home or office.

Libertango, by Astor Piazzola and How to Play It

Libertango is a very popular composition by tango composer Astor Piazzolla, recorded and published in 1974 in Milan. I recently recorded Libertango for mandolin and guitar where I played both instruments. So read about how I did it, the difficulties I faced and how I managed to got over them and publish the result.

Mandolin – Understanding and Playing Chords

Musicians playing mandolin in Europe, rarely play chords, unlike their USA counterparts that play bluegrass music. In this article we will describe why this is different and then we will continue with an introduction to the music theory behind chords before finally providing links to an online mandolin chords database.

Mandolin Picks – How to Select One

A not so frequent question comes from people with hand injuries that prevent them from properly holding the pick, or holding for a long time. The questions that sometimes people ask are: What are the available options?

Why You Should Own Your Personal Digital Recording Studio

Save yourself a lot of time and money by considering owning your very own Digital Recording Studio. You can even use this to learn your pitfalls BEFORE going into a Studio you’re paying for.

Seagull S6: The Best Sounding Slim Guitar

Slim guitars are fairly known to produce better sounds than other ordinary and conventional acoustic guitars. The notes become noticeably richer with a slimmer guitar body, and this is true, with the Seagull S6 guitar. There are many slim acoustic guitars available in the market, but not all are considered to be the best.

Album Review: Spit Syndicate – Sunday Gentlemen

Continuing their growing success of the past few years, Spit Syndicate have released their third album Sunday Gentlemen, named after the 1966 Irving Wallace book of the same name. Sunday Gentlemen contains Spit Syndicate’s signature of soulful beats, well-crafted songs with melodic hooks. The album is primarily produced by Horrorshow’s Solo as well as Crabbz, who are responsible for much of the album’s spacious and melodic sounds.

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