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It Was All A Dream: The Death of Hip-Hop

Since its inception in the 1970s, Hip Hop has played an integral part in the progression of African American culture. The pulse-pounding, deeply poetic genre is credited in giving an in-depth look into the world of the average inner-city youth struggling to get by. But what happens when creativity is sacrificed for materialistic fame?

A History of Music Players

A short history of the devices that we have used to listen to music, from the phonograph to digital. A rich history.

Best Artists To Ever Appear On American Bandstand

Usually it is closer to New Year’s Eve when I think about the legendary Dick Clark, who famously hosted that December 31st event on national television from 1975 until 2004. However, it is another popular show he hosted that has caused me to remember Dick Clark a little earlier in the season this year. The country first became acquainted with Clark because of a weekly show called American Bandstand, which featured popular music acts of the time.

Solo Artists Who Have Teamed Up With An Established Band To Record A Hit Song

On a recent airing of American Top Forty on the local oldies station, legendary host Casey Kasem pointed out an interesting musical first that occurred for the on a week in 1974. The trivia served as part of his intro to a song that had reached the top of both the soul and pop charts at the same time earlier that year. When the now classic “Then Came You” hit number one a month before, it marked the first time that both a solo artist and a band had combined to make a song that reached the very top of the charts.

What Is The Difference Between Vibrato and Tremolo Effects?

These 2 different effects are probably the most confused effects with musicians and manufactures alike. What effects do is vary the outputted sound in some fashion, as for example the over-drive pedal which is excessively used in heavy metal bands. These effects both operate with the modulation or by changing the modulation of the sound waves.

How Should Artists for Corporate Shows Build Their Stage-Image?

This article explores the importance of creating stage image of artists during performances. At the same time, this article also asserts the ways in which the artists for corporate shows connect with their audience and drive the events towards success.

Popular Songs That Feature a Verse Of Speaking Instead Of Singing

Country star Mel Tillis passed away last week, leaving a legacy beyond that of the many songs he wrote and recorded. Perhaps his most well-known song was “Ruby”, which Kenny Rogers and the First Edition took to the Top Ten in 1970. His music will certainly endure, but perhaps the most memorable mark he left exists outside American culture.

Return of NERD Recalls Other Popular Bands Known By Their Initials

With a single currently riding the airwaves and the promise of a first album in nearly a decade, you could probably refer to this winter as the return of the N.E.R.

Ten Bands Named After Commands

One of the most recognized bands during this decade has a unique name, which they very nearly changed before finding their first chart success. Its front man, Dan Reynolds, discussed Imagine Dragons on a recent episode of a popular morning talk show on a national TV network. Among the topics he covered were their upcoming overseas tour, his bouts with depression, and the down side to being a rock star.

Easy Online Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele is a stringed instrument which closely resembles a guitar. As the interest in the music of people is growing, Ukulele is becoming a popular choice as a musical instrument. Mastering the art of playing this instrument requires structured lessons and, of course, practice. Although there are music classes where playing the Ukulele can be learned, you also have the option of online lessons.

A Look Back At The Grisly Beauty Of Art Garfunkel’s First Solo Album, Angel Clare

I was expecting gorgeous arrangements and optimistic themes, since it had been only a few years since he and Paul Simon had done “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Instead, the songs on Art Garfunkel’s first solo album have made it more like a rickety swinging bridge over death and despair. The title Angel Clare comes from the tragic Victorian novel Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy, which featured as a lover of the title character a man with curly red hair much like Garfunkel’s.

A Guide To Reading Guitar Tabs

Are you new to guitars? If so, you may be wondering what those symbols on the guitar tabs mean. If you follow this guide, you will be able to play guitar well. As soon as you have build a strong grip on the basics, you will be able to understand the tabs as well. As a matter of fact, if you read tablature, you can easily understand the solos, chord patterns and melodic riffs. This can help you all types of songs. Read on.

The Right And Wrong Ways To Select A Guitar Teacher For You

Taking guitar lessons is a serious investment in your guitar playing. Finding the right teacher saves you years of frustration and struggle. Making the wrong choice wastes your time and money.

Artists Who Have Recorded Songs To Honor Their Musical Heroes

Around this time last year, a popular radio program dedicated an episode to songs written by artists to honor their musical inspirations. Co-host Jim DeRogatis of the National Public Radio program Sound Opinions selected as his favorites “Alex Chilton” by the Replacements and Robyn Hitchcock’s “I Saw Nick Drake.” The other host, Greg Kot, listed Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke” and Van Morrison’s “Jackie Wilson Said (I’m In Heaven When You Smile).

Some Interesting Tips for the Tabla Players

Do you want to play tabla? If so, you might be looking for some handful tips to better your skill. Here are a few tips mentioned below that can assist you to better your techniques with practice and time.

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