Jeff Garlin & Jack Schneider | 1930 Martin OM-28 at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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Songwriting – Copyrighting Your Music, Pt 2: How to Do It

This article will discuss the basics of copyrighting your music. Start protecting your music today.

How to Maintain an Old Organ

If you constantly practice on an old organ, I can say you are very lucky because old organs have this historical taste and smell and most likely mechanical action. Mechanical action helps you to be more precise and so it is more pleasant to play with tracker or mechanical action than on any other type of action. However, old organs constantly require taking care of them so here are my few recommendations on how to maintain and take care of your old organ.

Guitar Chords – Are You Doing It All Wrong? 3 Mistakes Guitarists Make

Ninety-five percent of guitarists learn chord shapes without really understanding the language of music the result being a sonic mess of disconnected sounds. Read more…

Hopping to the Tune of Hip-Hop Music

Since then, hip-hop music has originated into a global phenomenon. The energy and creativity forms a universal language that transcends race, religion and culture. It is a culture that everyone can relate to, with the lyrics in the songs generally being about everyday life, and the problems faced in society by the modern day man or woman.

Bob Dylan’s “Desire”: The Story Of The “Hurricane”, Part 2

The first song on Bob Dylan’s “Desire” was the story of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter and how he was imprisoned for life for murders he unwaveringly insisted he never committed. Even the victims who survived the shooting didn’t identify Carter as one of the gunmen. Find out what led to Carter’s arrest in Part 2 of the story of the “Hurricane”.

Learn How a Piano Is Made

How a piano is made: Basic information – The story of how a piano is made begins with its main characteristics. This popular musical instrument is made by more than 2500 individual parts, which makes it a very complicated and complex instrument. The piano’s predecessor is the group of string instruments which also include the harp. Since the ancient times, people have been using string instruments and that helped in the process of piano’s invention. This instrument is designed from the finest materials, which have multiple functions both for the appearance and the quality of the sound production. The design is a great work of scale engineers who have chosen the material, created its specifications and developed the interaction between the parts of the instrument.

Pop Genius: Ric Ocasek

The first in my “Pop Genius” segments features an examination of singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer Ric Ocasek. Ocasek is best known for his work in The Cars, as a solo artist, and as producer for bands like Weezer, Bad Brains, and No Doubt.

The Top 7 Best David Bowie Songs and Why

For over 40 years, David Bowie has been writing and releasing brilliant music. His unique and original style has been setting the pace in rock n’ roll for decades, with hit singles and albums in every decade of his career. I decided to write a list of the seven best David Bowie songs and what I love about them.

Practice Makes Permanent

“Practice makes permanent, not perfect.” My first teacher, Tom, used to tell me this every lesson. It’s true. It’s so easy to practice in mistakes, and so hard to reverse these mistakes once they become ingrained. But where would this philosophy leave a student who is self taught?

Is Disco Dead? Or Is It Called Party Dance Songs?

Tons of people think Disco is dead, but it’s alive under the name Party Dance Songs, dance songs, etc. So disco isn’t dead, it just lives under a new name…

Country Music Songwriters Deliver Lyrics Most People Relate To

An insightful look into the wellspring that provides country music songwriters an endless source of lyrics, often resulting in beautiful, telling love ballads and sometimes, good old rowdy songs. Learn more about where they get their ideas for lyrics.

How to Learn to Play Musical Instruments at Home

Say, you want to learn to play guitar or a violin. OK, no problem with that! Just go to a reputable music school or hire someone to teach you. This is a good option, but it lacks something. In fact, you may lack the most important thing – time. Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, folks rarely have enough time to go to school/college/university and study music. The situation is even more hopeless when you have a job. In other words, you can learn to play any music instruments if you have got no time to practice.

Studying How To Play Piano By Ear

Trying to learn to play piano is in fact often a lifetime desire for lots of people. These days with the cutting edge age of the computer people can take an online piano lesson to find out if they continue to really want to stick to their aspiration. Various lessons online are going to instruct the different keyboard keys and other programs will educate you on exactly how you can play by ear. They each currently have one frequent component though, you actually really need to actually practice.

Music, Universal Language or Giant Wall of Separation?

Often referred to as a universal language, music separates youth from adults, men from women, and ethnic group from ethnic group. That part is universal, at least.

Bob Dylan’s “Desire”: The Story Of The “Hurricane”, Part 1

The first song on Bob Dylan’s “Desire” is the story of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. Co-written with Jacques Levy the song is an angry indictment of the criminal justice system. Dylan was moved to write it when he became convinced that the young boxer had been wrongly convicted of a crime Carter has always insisted he never committed. Find out what led Dylan to write this eight minute epic.

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