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Instrumentals For Rap – Why Hip Hop Artists Need Them For Their Music

Instrumentals for rap in this day and age are not an option for the upcoming hip hop artist, they are a necessity, especially if you are serious about pushing yourself to succeed in this highly competitive industry. So why are they so important? What makes them more of a necessity than an option?

The Best Bob Dylan Lyrics In A Single Song – And The Reason Why

Bob Dylan has written such a volume of excellent lyrics but what are his best lyrics written within a single song? Get the inside data of this view on the best Bob Dylan lyrics in a single song.

Hip Hop Beats – Why Original Beats Enhance Your Music As A Rapper

If you are a rapper or lyricist, you’ve probably also had your fair share of using hip hop beats already created by well known producers to use as your inspiration, or to simply use as the beat of choice for your track due to not having original content handy. However, if you are using a major producer’s instrumentals from already famous songs, does that really benefit you? Can you truly put your music out with someone else’s beat being used without their permission? Or do original beats play a better chance of getting your music distributed?

New Hip Hop Album, “Cool Kid” by Dulcinea Detwah

Introducing Dulcinea Detwah, a Brooklyn based emcee, originally from Detroit, Michigan, is releasing her first EP album entitled, “Cool Kid.” Produced by Fernando “Royal” Singleton of the Bronx, NY, this hot, new album fuses old school Detroit club music with innovative Hip Hop beats. Dulcinea Detwah masterfully brings a New York City ambiance to the album.

Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar

Besides being just a bit smaller than a full-sized Martin or Taylor, this is a very basic, no-frills guitar. I would judge the size at, or very nearly the size of a typical 000 concert guitar, which makes it very comfortable to play. Although it does sport a solid Spruce top, there is no protective binding trim that is typically present to protect the outside edge from damage. The fretboard is ebony and the neck is a bolt-on variety that easily comes off for compact packing and traveling purposes.

What Are Hymns?

Hymns are merely, “Songs of Praise.” Exactly what does this imply though? Are hymns unique from other types of songs of praise?

Learn the Guitar Fast

Is it possible to learn the guitar fast? A lot of people would like to learn the guitar, but less people are willing or able to invest a significant amount of time in learning the guitar. So a direct answer to this question is somewhat hard to answer.

Tubes or Solid State? A Real No Brainer!

Think you’re getting the best sound with a solid state amp? Think again! Get tube amps for solid state prices!

10 Great Hip Hop Artists Who Changed Their Name

Over the years there have been many many great hip hop artists, but did you know that most of them were born with a different name? Did they hate their original names or did they just trade it in for something a bit cooler sounding?

Piano Practice: The 1-Minute-A-Day Practice Technique For Busy Adults

When I mention piano practice, it almost always gets most students of the instrument to cringe a little…especially adults who took lessons as a kid and are thinking about starting piano lessons again. The memories, good or bad, inevitably start to resurface. However, if you had a bad experience with the piano at some point in your life, that doesn’t mean the next experience has to be a negative one as well. Learning to play the piano can be enjoyable. Piano practice doesn’t have to be boring and tedious if you have solid, realistic goals and a proven, time-tested method of practice.

Learn the Guitar As Online Student

  Maybe you ever took guitar lessons from a guitar teacher, maybe not. Fact is that the quality of teachers divers widely. Some teachers are great, have a solid method and stick with that method. But unfortunately, the vast majority of teachers will not get the full potential out of you as a guitar student.

Finding Your Groove

It all comes down for me to the expression “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!” Translation: Music in the end is all about the pocket – the groove, the rhythmic flow that captures our souls, gives them a spiritual shower and transports them out of the normal time zone of the physical universe and it’s trials and tribulations to the universe of no time and problems – the thought or spirit universe where our souls come from – our Home Universe!

Hip Hop Beats – From Then to Now

How do hip hop producers make beats using old samples and new software? Through the history of hip hop, legendary producers like Dr. Dre, Grandmaster Flash, and Kanye West have defined their eras through innovative combinations of sampling and technology.

Music Theory for the Non-Musician

Music theory is the collection of explanations for what sounds good in music, what doesn’t, and why. Music theory could also be described as the “rules” of music. It’s an interesting thing to think about, art having rules.

Three Things To Consider When Choosing a Beat Maker Software

Beat making software applications are as many as the beats they create. Some beat maker are good for making Hip Hop, some are good for making Rap, while others good for making Reggae beats. The beat maker you choose will depend on what you are trying to do. Do you want to create simple beats for some personal project or whole songs for the airwaves?

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