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The Melody of Memory

This article investigates the different ways that songs are remembered. An argument is made that exposure of a song, what was heard in youth and composition are all different ways that a song impacts the memory.

Vocal Preparation

When you sing all the time, your vocal chords and throat muscles are constantly being stretched and exercised. And like any muscle there are keys to keeping your throat and vocal chords in good shape. I want to share with you what I have learned about vocal preparation over the years.

Producer Vs Beatmaker

Here is the scenario, One day you and your boys are hanging out and you guys are spitting some rhymes to the latest Jay-z, Ludacris and Lil Wayne tracks. You guys are sounding pretty good, but you know you especially got mad skills and your boys know it too. So they say “Yo Tim’s brother has a studio and he has got some hot tracks, you need to hit him up”.

The Basics of Polyrhythms

Learn how to understand technically how the 5 most basic polyrhythms are broken down. The ‘formula’ is explained. This primer on polyrhythms is geared towards anyone wanting to become a more proficient musician, drumset player and songwriter. These rhythms transcend style and can be used in an array of musical settings. Get ready to understand polyrhythms once and for all.

Controlling Stage Fright

Stage fright is an extremely common problem for many musicians, even professionals. The symptoms range from getting slight “butterflies” in the stomach to freezing up and being unable to continue a performance. Fortunately, there are techniques you can use to get past these debilitating fears. In this article I will explain some of the ways to alleviate stage fright, as well as how to use it to your advantage.

Learn How To Become A New Rap Artist

If you are really interested to become a new rap artist, the primary things you will need are talent and a readiness to know the industry. Becoming a rapper isn’t for all. Know that a rap career needs diligence and also perseverance to succeed.

Just How New A Rap Artist Advances

A new rap artist should have the right attitude in order to stay in the business. Before, people used to look down on rap music and the hip hop culture.

A New Rap Artist With The Exceptional Skills

A new rap artist should have the love for the art form. The love as well as the passion distinguish the true artists from the one-hit wonders.

How To Remove And Replace The Strings On Your Violin

Replacing violin strings is easy. It is very important to ensure that you do not remove all the strings at once. Proceed one string at a time and you will have no trouble.

Read My Review of the New Karen Carroll Recording Before It’s Released

I have just received a preview of the to be released recording by Karen Carroll called ” Karen Carroll’s Blues Mix”. This recording is totally different from what I have heard in the past from Karen an I really like it. Karen has a very dark and mysterious voice and she uses it very productively.

The Drifters: The Best “White Christmas”

First performed by Bing Crosby, more than one hundred versions of Irving Berlin’s classic “White Christmas” have been recorded. For many, the 1954 R&B version by the Drifters remains the gold standard.

A Guide to Choosing Cymbals

The huge array of cymbals on display at a good drum store can be baffling, even daunting, to the novice drummer… the various cymbal manufacturers offer a massive selection of types, weights and sizes, so its difficult at first to know where to start, even for experienced players. Cymbals generally can be split into a few groups or types – Ride Cymbals, Crash Cymbals, Hi-Hat Cymbals, and effects cymbals such as the china or splash.

Tips For Finding Great Deals On Used Upright Pianos

A piano is an instrument that is not only going to sound amazing, it is also visually striking. This is what a lot of people love about the upright models, but at the same time they may feel that this is the kind of piano they would simply never be able to afford. That is why you might want to consider the kind of value that you can find when you instead choose to shop for a used upright piano which can give you that same classic sound without the extremely high price tag.

What Are The Best Quality Pianos Available?

When it comes to pianos and all things piano, one name rules the roost: Steinway Pianos. The company has been in the piano manufacturing business for almost two centuries now. Every piano that passes through the product line is subjected to personalized attention to detail and this, along with exceptional materials, accounts for the products superior quality.

Tuning Your Own Piano

While professional piano tuning fees vary by region, a basic piano tuning may cost US $75 to $150. Fees can add up quickly for a piano owner who wants a well-maintained piano. Naturally, this may lead a piano owner to wonder if tuning it themselves is an option. It is possible for some piano owners to tune their piano, however there is a lot to consider before making that decision.

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