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Canada Flocks to Sled Island: Summer Travel Destination

I just had a riveting interview with Lindsay Shedden, the Festival Director for Sled Island. Sled Island is a 4 day music and arts festival in Calgary that kicks off the summer, where hundreds of bands and artists get together to play in venues across the city.

Earning a Reputation

Reputation is something you earn, it’s not something that comes easy and it isn’t something you can force on people. It’s there because of the constant way you conduct your life and your affairs.

Being a Fan

Back in the day we connected with our favorite artists by buying all their records and going to see their concerts. In doing that we felt a close affinity with our heroes, it was like we had a part of them.

Guitar Amps

Guitar Amplifiers (or Amps for short) are used to amplify the sound of electric guitars, electro-acoustics and bass guitars. This article explores the different types of amps that are available.

Things To Consider While Looking at Keyboard MIDI Controllers

If you’re looking around at some new USB keyboard midi controllers you could be in for some serious shopping around time. They’re not just a two octave keyboard with a volume control anymore.

The ’90’s: The Rise and Fall of Grunge Music

In late 1991, an unknown band from Seattle released their first album, “Nevermind”. The first track on that album was, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

Thoughts On The Professor Green Album

From rap battle king to pop sensation Professor Green has surprised many with his recent release. Filled with social commentary, witty lines, epic beats and brutal honestly the Professor Green Album – Alive Till I’m Dead definitely ranks highly with some of the UK’s best. the most hard hitting and heart felt track on the Professor Green album is ‘Where Do We Go’ in which he revels a story and painful memories of a past relationship…

The Truth About Roll Deep’s Good Times

From their humble roots in the grime scene Roll Deep have quickly become one of the biggest urban acts in the UK. Their single “Good Times” featuring Jodie Conner, was released by digital download on 25 April 2010 on Relentless/Virgin Records.

Playing Guitar Is Fun AND Teaches Discipline

I got my first acoustic guitar for Christmas last year. It has been quite possibly the best material gift that I have ever received. If you, or your child, or your friend needs or wants a cool new hobby then try out guitar playing It’s a great way to learn discipline while having fun, and you can learn to play some of your favorite songs along the way.

The Ideal Time for Kids to Learn to Play Guitar

Forcing children to learn to play guitar may not be helpful to them during their formative stage of development. Instilling it to them can be done discretely by incorporating music in toys, and other things that will expose the kids early to rhythm, notes, and sounds. Arousing their senses with guitar sounds and videos can slowly be absorbed by the child, or even by leaving a small guitar in a room.

Voice Lesson and Singing Tips: How to Be a Better Singer

Many people sing for personal enjoyment and want to know how to improve their singing. Still others sing as their vocation and find themselves struggling at times to create the sounds they want and want to sing better. There are some key things one can do to improve their singing voice regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced singer.

Indie Art and Music – Headphones

When you listen to great music, it’s like…”candy for the ears”. You could easily put the repeat button on and listen to the same track over and over again.

The Varied Roots Of The Doors’ Members

The renowned late 1960’s group The Doors, who influenced so many people with its messages of open-mindedness, political consciousness, and peace, was organized in Los Angeles. It for that reason came to be closely connected to the West Coast rock landscape of the time. On a Doors vinyl record, an individual only takes in the sound of a highly unified outfit that could easily have known each other for a long time. Little does the general listener guess, though, that these men were from different regions of the United States and had dissimilar backgrounds.

The Astounding Durability Of The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are a British rock band that has existed a long time by any scale, with a career now spanning five ten-year periods. The band has both figured out ways to stay relevant and been extremely consistent. The vitality and passion present on a Rolling Stones vinyl from the classic rock era is still to be found on a CD offering from the last ten years. The unit still quickly sells out shows on its comprehensive world tours. It is the nearest thing to a rock institution that exists.

Voice Lessons and Singing Tips – How to Project Your Voice

Many singers struggle with voice projection. They all want to know how to sing with a powerful, loud, strong voice. Once you have established good breathing techniques here are some things a singer can do to improve their voice projection.

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