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JLS Facts

JLS facts are not hard to come by seeing as the band was established in a public manner via the television show, The X Factor. JLS stands for Jack the Lad Swing and consists of four members.

Tips for Dealing With Music Performance Nerves Part 1

The heart is pounding, the hands shake. Many people experience anxiety when they become the centre of attention. Specifically, many musicians are not able to perform their best as a result of an increased anxiety level. While some believe it is important to experience some performance anxiety to play their best, anxiety should not overwhelm the performer. The effects of excessive nerves may appear when a gap exists between what has occurred in practice and the actual performance. When anxiety prevents an individual from performing at their best, not only is the performer affected, but the musical experience of other instrumentalists and/or the listener also may be affected.

The Sixteenth Century: Golden Age of Imitative Polyphony

One of the most popular techniques composers use to create cohesion in their work is that of imitation. Imitation is that compositional device in part-writing in which one voice repeats a phrase stated by another voice. This may be used in a strict regulated and balanced pattern or otherwise.

Can a Mastering Studio Make a Bad Recording Sound Great?

Most musicians and bands think that they’ll leave any mistakes they make recording a song for the mixing or mastering engineer to correct. But can a Mastering Studio or even a mix engineer make a BAD recording sound world-class? Learn more in the article!

Why I Love The Crowded House Woodface Album

Produced by Mitchell Froom, who also worked with Elvis Costello, Suzanne Vega and Randy Newman, the Crowded House Woodface album is to many of the bands followers their zenith as a recording unit. Released in July 1991, many of the songs included on it were originally intended for a Finn Brothers solo venture, until Neil asked Tim if he could use their co writes on the upcoming Crowded House project. Tim responded, allegedly with tongue in cheek, that he would agree only if he could join the band.

The Paul McCartney Discography – Recommended Listens

Since the dissolution of The Beatles in 1970, Paul McCartney has gone on to release over 40 or so albums either under his name alone, under various pseudonyms or with his band Wings. It would have been nigh on impossible for any of the solo Beatles to come close to the unprecedented quality and success of the band, but all in their own ways made significant contributions to the pop canon, none more so than Paul.

Rockabilly Has Become A Universal Language For Fans of Rock And Roll

In the beginning, rockabilly was a uniquely American phenomenon. Having grown out of the roots of various American music forms including the blues, country, gospel, and rhythm and blues, it was American music through and through. But it didn’t take long before the language of rockabilly transcended borders and spoken-language barriers. It quickly became part of the universal language of rock and roll music.

Listing The Beatles Albums In Order Of My Preference

As anyone who has even a cursory knowledge of pop history will know, The Beatles released 13 albums during their time together as recording artists, on the EMI Parlophone label in the UK and on their own Apple label, towards the end of their career. Most people might even be able to list each of these releases in chronological order, such was the pervasive influence of the group on western culture in the 1960s and beyond.

Hard Rock With Ibanez Tube King Tk999 Overdrive Pedal

Why I love my tube King overdrive pedal, and it’s crunchy feel! I really enjoy hard rock and blues riffs! This pedal allows me to enjoy this stuff on maximum!

Christian Wolff Concert Review 4-7-11 at UVA

Christian Wolff is an experimental and classical music composer who was largely self-taught in his musical education. This being said, there are relatively few “traditional” compositional paradigms which he adheres to; creating both a unique and jarring listening experience for the audience.

The Steely Dan Mu Major Chord [And Beyond] For Guitarists, Part Two

The 2nd article in the series examining the jazz influenced harmony of the music of Steely Dan. Part Two looks at the Becker and Fagan song Home At Last from Aja and Green Earrings from Royal Scam and their use of mu major and minor chords, slash chords and quartal harmony, and how these chords can be played on guitar.

As Good As Lennon – The Best Paul McCartney And Wings Songs

There seems to be a common misconception, when anyone discusses the individual songwriting abilities of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, that Paul was the lightweight, melodic counterbalance to John’s freewheeling, tempestuous genius. My view is that they were both creative equals, capable of inspiring each other to explore avenues of musical expression they would not normally go down. Many songs they wrote individually, within the confines of The Beatles, are testament to this.

Advice About Making Hip Hop Beats

Hip hop beats are easy and fun to make. There are many free samples available online, but remember to try and be creative.

Introduction to Digital Music Recording: Part 1 – Finding a Space for Your Home Studio

If you’re a musician, at some stage you’ve probably considered the idea of recording yourself, or your band. Digital music recording technology has come a long way in recent years, and the best part is that you no longer need to remortgage your house to be able to build a decent quality home studio set up. The first step is deciding where you’re going to work. Are you a garage band with access to a real garage, or are you a solo act who neatly folds onto a single chair in your study? Before you think about shelling out for any equipment, you need to sort out where you’re going to be recording music. As the experts say, “location, location, location”. It’s pretty important. Here are the things you should consider.

Buying Drums

Confused about which drums to buy?? This guide will outline some of the main factors that you will need to consider when it comes to purchasing drums.

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