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What Are HandPans? – The New Percussion

HandPans, and not the type you might fry an egg in or boil some beans, are a family of instruments descended from the Steel Pans of Trinidad and Tobago. Including the Hang drum, Caisa, Halo, and more, HandPans are perhaps the only true 21st century musical instrument invented (to date).

Coolness From Canada? Justin Bieber ‘Doing a Beatles’

Unless you just returned from interstellar travel, you’ll have heard of Justin Bieber. The young singer with the curious hairdo is taking the world by storm. Like him or not, this young man is definitely on the make.

Guitar Tone Wood Basics for Buyers

When thinking of buying a solid body electric guitar, there are many factors to take into account. These factors can include: What styles of music you play, how much you can afford, experience level, construction materials, most importantly the wood.

Teach Yourself Guitar: Stay Inspired

Every one of us has an inner musician. The thing is that not a lot of people know how to release this inner musician or how to use their own inspiration in creativity to create unique music. Same goes when playing the guitar.

Ghostface Killah Mixtapes Feature Many Impressive Names

There are many respected stars in the hip hop world and many artists that newcomers would love to be able to collaborate. Ghostface Killah mixtapes have given many up and coming stars the opportunity to collaborate with one of the legends of hip hop. Some of the best hip hop songs ever recorded have included Ghostface, alongside many other important artists.

Waka Flocka Flame Mixtapes Made The Rapper Famous Long Before His Debut Album

When a young hip hop artist is first trying to make a name for themselves, a common strategy is to release a hip hop mixtape that features the best of what they have to offer the industry. If they are lucky, the mixtape will catch the attention of music fans and help them build a reputation. Wacka Flocka Flame mixtapes helped a rapper formerly known as Juaquin Malphurs make an impact on the hip hop community even before his album debuted.

Method Man Mixtapes Help Keep The Rapper Relevant

Every now and then, an artist makes such an impact on the hip hop scene that they are able to keep the interest of fans even when they have not been releasing albums. Method Man is one of those artists, and he has been keeping hip hop fans captivated for more than fifteen years. Method Man mixtapes are just one of the ways that he has managed to keep himself in the spotlight over the years.

Usher Mixtapes Keep Fans Waiting For More

It is nearly impossible these days to turn on the radio or a music video station without hearing at least one song by Usher. When it comes to hip hop songs, Usher has released some of the biggest selling singles that the industry has ever seen. When he is not in the studio working on a new album, his fans stay hungry for new music with the Usher mixtapes that he releases.

Webbie Mixtapes Have Fueled A Successful Rap Career

When an artist wants to get noticed in the hip hop game, they need to find a way to get their music out to the public. A mixtape download is a method that many rappers choose because it makes their hip hop tracks available to the fans that will eventually buy their albums. Webbie mixtapes were instrumental in setting off what became a very successful rap career.

Raekwon Mixtapes Help The New York Rapper Stay Relevant

In an industry like hip hop, there are new artists coming out all the time and it can be difficult for someone who has been in the game for a while to hold an audience’s attention. Raekwon mixtapes have helped the rapper stay relevant in the hip hop game for over fifteen years, making him one of the most respected rappers out there. By appearing on new tapes, he guarantees that his fans will never forget him for long.

Young Buck Mixtapes Will Keep The Rapper Going

Breaking into the competitive world of hip hop is nearly impossible for most people and, even once they do it, success can be fleeting. Young Buck mixtapes just may be the thing that will keep this rapper in the public eye even though his success may start fading. When he does not have a major record deal, new mixtapes will give him an outlet to release new hip hop songs.

The Miley Cyrus Discography

Although the young pop superstar was born in 1992, at an early age her music career already has an extensive discography which consists of 3 studio albums (Meet Miley Cyrus, Breakout and Can’t Be Tamed), two live albums (Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert and iTunes Live from London), an extended LP (The Time of Our Lives), eight singles, the same number of released music videos and two soundtracks. Read more…

Using Trance Music to Supplement Meditation

Meditation is a necessary exercise. Many of us during these modern times incur a great deal of stress in our day to day living. Trance music is a very useful tool to help one relax, meditate, and relinquish stress.

Customize Your Trance Music With Beat Software

Music is very personal, trance music is even more personal. Now there is a way that allows everyone to easily and professionally create their own unique music using beat software. By using this beat software a person can make music that is specifically catered to his/her exact tastes.

The Versatility of Modern Beat Software

Nothing is more invigorating than using beat software to produce your own unique music. When you use music composition software to make music you have an infinite number of sound combinations at your disposal. You can completely tailor your music to your own tastes and style.

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