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The Computer Drum Machine – The Key to Professional Sounding Beat Creation

A good computer drum machine will provide a way to creating professional sounding beats sending you on your way to a creative and successful beat producing career or hobby. Here are some hints and tips to keep in mind concerning the computer drum machine.

Are Cheap Guitars Worth It?

Many people purchase expensive guitars reflexively without looking at other options available. This isn’t absolutely necessary.

The Effects Of Using An Audio Compressor

Audio Compressors do more than just change the dynamic range of a song or track. Audio compressors do allot more than you think they do and I’ll explain what some of these things are. When using a compressor during tracking (hardware compressor if your recording into a program like pro tools or sonar) it will allow the engineer to record the track at a higher level than normal.

Quick Guide To Remixing

With every remix, time is often the underlying factor, so it’s important to decide which samples stay and which should be left out within the first couple of hours (or days, if you’ve got a longer deadline). In every track there’ll always be two or three hooks that make the track what it is. This can be the main riff, the vocals or a specific effect that’s used throughout.

Fingerpicking Songs – 24 Great Songs to Try

Singing and playing the guitar is really a wonderful thing. It gives so much joy and peace. This article is about making it to the next level; Try Fingerpicking Songs.

Playing Chords on the Guitar

Playing chords on the guitar may seen like Mission Impossible. But with amazingly few chords you have the means to play literally hundreds of songs.

1963 Fender Stratocaster, Fender’s Signature Model

Almost all who are interested in music know that the Fender Stratocaster guitar is the most popular solid body electric guitar ever created. Each of its models from 1954 to 1965 also known as ‘pre-CBS’ models since CBS Broadcaster Company bought Fender in January 1965 is the most beautiful collection. It is originality and condition that makes Fender Stratocaster guitars unique ones.

How To Mike Acoustic Instruments

The majority of traditional acoustic guitars utilized by electro-acoustic bands have built-in pick-ups, so they can go through the PA via a backline amp, or direct, normally via a DI box. But you might be utilizing your acoustic for just one or two numbers, then changing returning to electric, therefore it is barely worth having a pick-up fitted – in this case stick an instrument or general purpose mike (should you have one – the majority of vocal mikes will deal if you haven’t), on a boom stand and point it towards the body end of the guitar’s neck from about six inches away.

5 Tips On Recording Vocals

If you’ve got a storming vocal on record you’re halfway towards a fantastic production. Even if all the music you’re making is produced via MIDI, the probability is that sooner or later or other you’ll have to record vocals while using the traditional tools of a singer plus a microphone. The vocal line is invariably the focal point of an song, therefore it really needs to be good, and because a persons voice is the natural sound with which we are most acquainted, any weaknesses in a vocal recording are usually instantly evident.

5 Delay Effect Tips

A well used favourite of my own will be a very uncomplicated as well as crude technique: recording on reel-to reel tape the exact same source and offsetting each play point to produce my very own, natural and organic sounding delay. It may be a guessing game, nevertheless get it right and it’s really commonly a lot more rewarding than simply placing a source through plug-ins or hardware effects units.

8 Reverb Tips

As an alternative to attempting to make just about everything in the mix in the identical acoustic setting, why not use a variety of really diverse reverbs to provide some unusual depth to your mix? A really dry, upfront vocal will work nicely alongside quite a ‘drowned’ string section or even a small bright room environment on the drums.

Piano For Beginners – What To Learn In Beginner Level?

If you have learnt piano beginners in school, you will be familiar with notes such as half note, note and whole note and would have also studied do-re-mi. You will also be familiar with the F-clef or the Bass clef and G-clef or the Treble Clef. If you have studied music as a subject, you will know the basic theories and will no doubt be acquainted with the standard notes.

Get A Great Deal On A Vintage Gibson Guitar

Having a great vintage guitar collection is incredibly hard to attain these days. There are many different brands out there that people are trying their hardest to get their hands on. In order to get the very best deal, be sure to look around for a true vintage Gibson Guitar set at the right price. There are many great benefits that come along with this particular brands so start looking right now.

Jamiroquai With “Rock Dust Light Star” – Back to Old Glory!

Jamiroquai are a British jazz funk and acid jazz band formed in 1992, They are fronted by singer Jay Kay, a groovy cat with groovy hats who’s loved and loathed in equal measure. He formed the band in 1992 and remains the sole permanent member; although some people perceive Jamiroquai as Jay Kay’s pseudonym, it is actually a full band with other members. Jamiroquai have sold more than 25 million albums worldwide.

You Can’t Get That Perfect Pitch? New Way Of Learning That Will QUICKLY Improve Your Voice!

Learning to control your pitch and developing a better singing voice is NOT difficult as long as you have the right guidance and teachings. However if you’re tired of reading endless books and articles on breathing and voice exercises, it’s time to stop.

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