10 Things That make the Stratocaster LEGENDARY!

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Learn to Make Your Own Dubstep Music

Dubstep Music has grown in popularity in recent months. The great part about this type of music is that it can be made digitally with some simple, inexpensive software. All you need is a computer and a little imagination.

Carmen the Beguiler

The opera Carmen has beguiled audiences for more than 150 years and they still love her. It’s not a new story; it’s been played out in real human lives countless times. It is a fascinating tale of passion, romance, and betrayal. Oddly, it flopped when first performed in Paris in 1875.

Are You Taking Advantage of the Ultimate Ear Training Exercise?

This ear training exercise will multiply the results that you are already getting from your ear training. You will wonder why you haven’t been doing this the whole time when you see the results of a few short weeks working with this exercise!

Do You Know Where Chords Come From?

The aim of this article is to illuminate the primary nature of the triad from its diatonic basis. This explains where the different chord qualities come from and why we have the different types of chords in an easy-to-understand way.

How I Fixed the Harmonic Curve of My Folk Harp With Fiberglass and Epoxy Filler

While sailing with my family in Mexico, my harp developed a crack in the Harmonic Curve (instruments don’t like saltwater environments–that’s a ‘no-brainer’). Being a bit handy with boating fix-it projects, we decided to fix the harp with fiberglass and epoxy which would make it even stronger than before. A Harp has an incredible amount of pressure from the tension of the strings and we thought this kind of fix would be the best for strength. This takes you through a fairly ‘step by step’ process of how we accomplished this task. The fix was done 4 years ago in La Paz, Mexico and is still holding after 10,000 more miles at sea.

Learning the Electronic Keyboard

Each individual has his own tastes in music, and some individuals develop their taste into passion by trying to learn a musical instrument. However, they get confused when it comes to choosing an instrument. In this article, a special emphasis is made on learning the most popular instrument, the electronic keyboard.

DJ Spinderella: Technology Is A Great Tool But Don’t Let That Be Your Foundation

I mean who could deny their hits and it was always something special about the lady behind the turntables: DJ Spinderella. I remember me and my friends would argue about who was the sexiest member of the group, and someone would always say “Salt N Pepa are cool, but Spinderella is the baddest.”

Pickmaster – Your Solution for a Lifetime Stock of Guitar Picks

Guitarists understand how elusive their guitar picks can be. However, thanks to the innovative Pickmaster, you can finally play the guitar without worrying about losing your plectrum or spending money on a new one. Find out more about this device here.

The 3 Best Paul Simon Songs of All Time

Paul Simon is a songwriter in a class by hiimself. I posed myself the near-impossible task of naming the 3 Best Paul Simon Songs of All Time. It wasn’t easy.

Toto: Tambu and the Unbeatable Band of All-Stars

You will be hard-pressed to find a more solid, creatively-adept band than Toto. Made up of some of LA’s premier studio gun-slingers, we revisit an obscure Toto classic: ‘Tambu’.

Interested in Learning the Bagpipes? A Must Read Guide

If you are interested in learning to play the Bagpipes, there are many things you should know first. Learning the bagpipes requires a good quality practice chanter, a tutor book, and formal lessons with an instructor.

The Story Behind the Dylan Song “Like A Rolling Stone”

After covering the song “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan, I decided to look more into the history of this song. It’s pretty cool what I found out about Mr. Dylan.

Shopping For The Right Piano

Well today the selections are a lot better starting with vertical pianos of different sizes going up to the horizontal grand piano. Starting with the vertical types there is the tallest, fifty two inches tall, called a professional upright.

5 New School Rappers Tupac Would of Liked

Since the passing of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G., I have heard so many times how if they were alive a lot of the new school rappers who are now in the spotlight would not exist. See I come from an era where if you had a record deal, you could actually rap and you had more than just a “cool swag.” Anyway, time changes and I have always been the type to embrace the movement of sound. However, I wanted to share with you 5 New School Rappers that I believe Tupac would have definitely appreciated.

Best Trip Hop Albums – 5 Evergreen Records

This article presents five evergreen records, that can be considered as best trip hop albums. In addition to their commercial success, these records have received warm feedback from critics and fans alike, forming a quintessential part of the trip hop history.

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