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Baritone Michael Minsky’s Ukrainian Recordings: A Historical Treasure

Michael Minsky was a European opera star who sang in virtually every major concert hall in the United States. Born in Russia in 1918, Minsky studied music at the University of Kazan and the Moscow Conservatory. On track for a brilliant musical career, his plans were derailed when WWII broke out and he was drafted into the Red Army.

Producers Vs Beat Makers: Is There A Difference?

People often use the terms ” beat maker” and “producer” interchangeably, however there are distinct differences between the two. To better understand these differences, one would have to first define what a beat maker is versus a producer.

How to String a Violin

Find out the best strings to choose for your violin as well as how to get them on the instrument. Included are some handy tricks to know in case a string is being stubborn.

Mark Lindsay – Paul Revere and the Raiders Charismatic Superstar – One on One

Paul Revere & the Raiders heroic Lead Singer/Songwriter/Producer – Mark Lindsay has impacted the music world in so many memorable ways. Mark’s voice and persona with The Raiders made him a 60’s and 70’s icon and a mainstay on classic hits radio. Not only did he obtain legendary status with the band, he was the object for affection for the world’s school girl population.

What to Look for in a Classical Guitar

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced player – this article will help you choose the best Classical Guitar for your budget! We will also look at different wood types and string choices as well as some basic care tips for your new guitar.

The Best 5 Guitar Solos Of All Time

There have been some truly amazing, brilliant guitar solos over the years from a variety of guitarists but which solos would make your top 5 list? Here I’ve attempted to make a list of my top 5 but it certainly wasn’t easy. See what you think.

Radio Imaging

A definative guide to the term radio imaging, and some examples of companies or individuals follows: The term radio imaging relates to different items depending on the region but broadly speaking, any time you’re listening to the radio you will listen to some kind of this at one time or yet another. Generally this is what exactly is played inbetween records within a broadcast setting or on the radio. The sounds normally like the station name and frequency are made up of the number of elements, namely, a voice above or voiceovers, some sonic, or put simply sound…

Considerations When Shopping For Instrument Cases

Your old guitar succumbed a poorly packed moving truck and a cheap soft case that you found up at a garage sale. That’s a mistake you do not mean to repeat. You’ve never searched for guitar cases before and when you began looking into them you were shocked at the number of brands and options available.

Tips For Working With A Wireless Microphone

No one can deny the convenience of a wireless microphone. It frees you from having to pick through a jumble of wires that seem to get tangled every time you turn your back. It also significantly reduces the amount of weight you have to carry, thanks to the fact that there are no wires. However, wireless mikes are more delicate than their wired cousins, and more prone to malfunction unless they are handled and maintained properly.

Points To Remember – Visiting A Guitar Store

Ok, so you have finally decided to chase your dreams and learn how to play the guitar. You are about to step inside a guitar store with firm resolve to walk out with that instrument that will help you achieve that dream. However, there’s more to buying a guitar than just waltzing in, picking the first instrument you see on the shelf, paying for your purchase and walking out. Buying an instrument needs patience and judgment. Here are some of the most important points you need to remember when you buy a guitar.

Tips For Practicing With Your Beginner Guitar

As far as musical instruments go, it’s hard to beat the popularity and the universal appeal of a guitar. It is an extremely popular instrument for good reason; it is simple, affordable and yet capable of creating extraordinary music. If you dream of being a musician, and you have already bought your first beginner guitar, here are some tips that will help you become a better instrumentalist:

Cool Guitar Images

Let’s face the fact that guitars are cool and can make even the nerdiest of people look really good. Women seem to go for men who play the coolest of all musical instruments. This article examines what makes a guitar appear to be really cool.

Adjustable Piano Benches – Information Regarding the Most Common Piano Benches Offered for Sale

Any musician purchasing a new piano bench should take in consideration the adjustable models currently available for sale. By reading this article the prospective buyer will find out the many advantages of the adjustable piano bench and can determine whether they would be practical for their usage.

Traktor Kontrol S4 Review – Digital DJ Equipment

This Traktor Kontrol S4 review can help you sift through the hype and make a decision on the controller you want. There’s a massive buzz on the web about Traktor Kontrol S4. I thought I’d wait to get better product feedback from real DJs before posting my review of this digital DJ equipment.

Digital DJ Equipment – The Gear For Pro DJs, Beginners And The Rest

To be a digital DJ, you can use a very smart piece of gear generally called the DJ controller or console that plugs into your laptop. It combines 2 decks and a mixer all in one and allows you to play digital (MP3, wave, wma, flac) directly from your Mac or PC.

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