Ibanez JIVA- Nita Strauss’ Epic High Performance Signature Guitar! – Review & Demo

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Learn How You Can Sing Better By Using Techniques That Expand Your Vocal Range

Are you frustrated about having a limited vocal range? You can’t seem to find that voice that you want so badly. You see other performers out there just throwing out high notes and perfect pitch with ease.

Optimum Performance Guitars Fender Stratocaster and Gibson ES 135

Gibson ES 135, a semi-acoustic and semi-hollow guitar, is the one that can compete with the Fender Stratocaster. This guitar was initially launched in 1956, but the production was discontinued in 1958. It made some noises – almost like barking – that were not preferred by some musicians. Later in 1991 it came back with slight changes.

Dallas Karaoke

When it comes to live entertainment in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Dallas karaoke stands out as one of the incredibly popular and exciting forms of having fun. For some people, singing loudly with a mic in a bar can be ridiculous, but it can be compulsively funny and very addictive for even the most serious looking man who dislikes the idea of letting his hair down every once in a while.

All About David Gilmour, the Pink Floyd Guitarist

Welcome to the David Gilmour Biography. The vocalist and guitarist for Pink Floyd was born in Cambridge, London in March 6, 1946. When a teenager he went to Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology and met Syd Barrett and together they used to spend their lunch times playing guitar.

Concert Review: Forever the Sickest Kids

Hot after the release of their first installment of a three part EP, “The Weekend: Friday”, Forever the sickest Kids’ tour stopped in at the Blue Note in Columbia Missouri. Forever the Sickest Kids has one of the largest Facebook fan bases of any band to come to the Columbia area.

Top 20 Hall and Oates Hits

They met during a gang fight, but America’s favorite male duo didn’t start singing together until five years later. Here’s their interesting story and twenty biggest hits.

The X Factor Announces Tour Dates Across the UK

The X Factor is touring across the UK starting in February. Gear up kids, it’s always full of surprises. Will all the same judges return? Find out in February. Find X Factor live tickets 2011 and join in the fun as it happens, right in front of you!

Concert Review: Badfish

At first I was unsure how I was going to be able to review a Sublime cover band, or any cover band for that matter. But now that I have finally seen Badfish in concert, I don’t know how I couldn’t write about them. Sure you may think you know what to expect because you have listened to every Sublime album and know all the words by heart. But the songs and lyrics are only half of the experience. Hearing it live is another phenomenon entirely.

Katy Perry Announces Her UK Tour Dates for 2011

Tickets for Singer-Songwriter Katy Perry’s UK and Ireland portion of the 2011 “California Dreams Tour” went on sale this past October. The demand for the UK leg of Katy Perry Tickets 2011 was so high that the 11 dates announced sold out shortly after going on sale. In response to the overwhelming demand, Katy added an additional 12 dates in October and November to the latter part of the tour.

Top Pop Concerts of 2011

The concert industry is in full swing in the UK, with many top acts expected to perform hotly anticipated shows and tours. Concert tickets are available on many online outlets, but are sure to go quickly. Some of the hottest shows in 2011:

Vinyl Fever For True Music Fanatics

Music that is rare, as well as cover art that’s hard to find, plus a deep appreciation for the way music ought to be enjoyed. Vinyl is a lost art form that some still select over digital due to these reasons. In today’s standards of music, digital is all the rage and its encouraging to note there still exists a vinyl-loving population.

Vinyl Records: Getting Approval From The Young And Old

Continuously refuted belief that only old music is marketable in vinyl will eternally remain erroneous. High-quality sounding plates remain a spinning wonder in current times. Both once upon a time and at present, LP records are ever more appreciated and preferred regardless of the pressures attached to the progressions and modifications in digital age.

Concert Review: MC Chris at Mojo’s With Shaffer the Darklord and MC Lars

When the MC Chris show was announced here in Columbia, I was excited in a really big way. Not only was MC Lars and Schaffer the Darklord coming with him, but the show was happening at Mojo’s, essentially a bar with its seating removed. Cheap beer and small venue aside, I also missed MC Chris when he came last year to Columbia’s Blue Note, so this was an excellent chance to see what I missed. Did the concert live up to the hype? Three words: Oh hell yeah.

The Art of Singing Great Karaoke

The art of singing great karaoke is an art can simply be grasped with a bit of effort. There are a couple of different places you can practice your singing. Karaoke is popular in bars and there are even home machines available to make it a family affair.

The Best VST Plugins for a New Musician

With so many options when it comes to VST plugins, how do you know where to start? If you’re a new musician, the possibilities can be overwhelming. Whether it’s learning the technicalities of drum instruments or mastering the perfect vocals, there are many downloads to get you started. However, the best VST plugins will stand out for several reasons. Here are a few questions to ask when you’re considering your options…

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