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The Existence Of Analog Music Solutions

Music has been a great form of entertainment for many people worldwide. In fact, there are lots of people who are looking for the best solutions that will make them feel relaxed all in whatever things that they do. It’s a good company for traveling regardless of how long your trip is or a team mate as you work overnight.

Come Dancing – How The Kinks Found A Smash Hit Out Of The Blue

By 1983, legendary rock band, The Kinks, hadn’t produced a top 20 single on either side of the water in over 10 years. Despite moderate recent album success in The States, singles chart success seemed a distant memory. Suddenly, Come Dancing by The Kinks was at UK#12 and US#6. This was their joint highest charting US single ever! How on earth did that happen?

Musical Experimentation Gave Rockabilly Music Its Unique Sound

Rockabilly music should maybe have never come into existence. After all, the music is a blend of country, blues, rhythm and blues, and gospel styles all mashed together to create a unique sound. And who would have ever thought to combine these varied styles, let alone thought that the resulting music might actually become popular and eventually be responsible for millions of record sales? Well, luckily for rockabilly and rock and roll fans, there were people back in the 1950s who were willing to do just that type of experimentation and they’ve left us a wonderfully rich musical legacy!

Adam Lambert – Down the Rabbit Hole Indeed

Adam Lambert may be the most astounding male vocalist of the last ten years. Poised for absolute greatness, Lambert’s live show is captured in absolute clarity with his new CD/DVD package: ‘Glam Nation Live’.

How To Make Beats – Simple Steps To Get You Started

There are some simple steps to follow if you are learning how to make beats. The process of making your own beats is fun, however, it can be frustrating if you don’t know where to start. Here are some ideas to help you when trying to make your own beats.

Top 80s Songs: Artists Who Never Let Us Down – Part 1

‘Top 80s songs’ can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. But there were some artists who could seemingly do no wrong. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of these artists.

How to Choose the Right Software to Make Music on the Computer

Starting your first home studio can be a bit confusing with so many options on the market. This article may help you better understand some of the pro’s and con’s of each option and what to look for.

Who Was the First Lead Guitarist?

How did the simple “flat-top box” ascend from aural obscurity to global hegemony? Who was the first musician to step forward and perform a single note guitar solo in the manner of a fiddler or a horn-player? Evidence strongly suggests that it was New Orleans-born bluesman Alonzo “Lonnie” Johnson (1899-1970).

Get Your Drums Ready For Recording

Recording acoustic drums is one of the most difficult studio tasks. Here are some tips to get your drums ready before you enter the recording studio.

UK Soul Music Guide To 2011

There are a growing number of brilliant artists either representing soul music or fusing soulfulness with pop, indie, electronic and funk, creating something refreshing and new. So, I compiled 10 artists/bands from the UK in 2011; Adele, Clare Maguire, Corinne Bailey Rae, Bluey Robinson, Daley, Joss Stone, Sade, Plan B, Jessie J and Jaynee.

The History Of The Acoustic Guitar

The bowl designed harp, or the ‘tanbur’ marked the inception of the stringed instrument era we currently recognize as the guitar. Prehistoric societies built these instruments out of tortoise shells and animal intestine for strings.

The 3 Best Kinks Singles Of All Time – And Why

The recording career of The Kinks generated a huge catalogue of singles, which are quite rightly regarded as some of the most important and significant in the history of popular music. But which ones are the best Kinks singles from this huge list? I think you’ll be surprised at my choices.

How Do You Listen To Music?

There is music everywhere. You have so many choices when it comes to listening to music that at times it can be overwhelming. Has music lost its charm from overexposure or are you in control of your listening?

Rockabilly Music Generated Profits For Major Record Labels As Well As Small Independents

Most people who know at least a little bit about rockabilly music from the 1950s realize that small independent record labels–most notably Sun Records, Starday Records, Jaxon Records, and a few others–drove the phenomenon called rockabilly. It was these small labels that were willing to try something new and unproven. They gave unknown musician after unknown musician their chance at becoming a rock and roll star. But although the big labels weren’t about to be the first to take a chance on these unknown rockabilly cats, it didn’t take them long to jump on the bandwagon once those rockabilly records started selling in real quantities!

Are Online Piano Lessons An Effective Source For Learning How To Play The Piano?

Think of it this way. You can either take private lessons for $40-$100 an hour, or you can get instant access to a set of videos that will teach you the exact same thing for 1/10th of the price.

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