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Saxophone Giants: Lester Young

Middle Man Although throughout the history of jazz there has been a large number of incredibly talented saxophone players, it is a well accepted fact among jazz scholars that three of the most important to the evolution of jazz saxophone were Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young and Charlie Parker, in that order. Lester Young bridged the gap between the early jazz improvisations of Coleman Hawkins and Charlie Parker and the bebop revolution. Coleman Hawkins was considered the King of the tenor saxophone players during the early Swing era with his big tone and mastery of…

Saxophone Giants: John Coltrane

One of the undisputed giants of the tenor saxophone was John Coltrane. His total dedication to the mastery of his instrument of choice and his immense, innate talent made him a formidable force in the world of jazz during the 50’s and 60’s. His horn has been silent for many years now, but the music he left us with is thriving and continues to have a major impact on the world of jazz

How to Play the Euromillions Lottery and Your Chances of Winning

Those of you that are aware of the lottery, the Euromillions lottery is drawn every Friday in Paris but the show is on different times in each country. For example, in the UK the show is at an evening time on around 11pm on the BBC channels. Each country has their own shows.

Making the Most of Microphones

Finding a great sound from a mic is key to getting a great-sounding recording. To do this, you need to use the best mic for the application and place it where it can sound its best. This requires not only knowledge of the different types of mics that are available but also an understanding of how these mics are used for a variety of instruments.

Things To Try To Soundproof Your Room

One of the concerns that you (and your neighbors) are probably going to have when you start recording in your home is the amount of sound that gets into and out of your room. Sound waves, are nasty little buggers. They get through almost any surface, and you can’t do a lot to stop that from happening.

Choosing an Electric Drum Kit

Need an electric drum kit? This article will tell you all you need to know.

The ABC’s of Piano Books

Contemporary music, slow music and even blues and jazz are one of the favorite tunes all over the world. The uniqueness and sensibility of the tunes are made possible through the tickling of a musical instrument – the piano. So, if you feel like playing the piano is your calling, you better practice and learn its basics.

The Best Way to Get Noticed By Record Companies Is Promotion and Marketing

When it comes to the best ways to get seen or noticed by record companies, promotion and marketing by a publicist is what you need. Many people think that if their band plays a lot of places that someone will see their talent and sign them.

See the Jersey Boys Musical in the West End

Jersey Boys is a musical based on the story of the four original members of American pop group The Four Seasons. It opened on Broadway in 2005 and has since been seen by over 4 million people worldwide. The musical made its London debut in 2008 and remains one of the most popular West End shows.

All You Need to Know About J Pop

J Pop or J-Pop or JPop is the abbreviation of Japanese Pop. The J Pop musicians have been known widely in the world. There are numerous musicians have toured in Europe, Asia, and America.

Everything You Need To Know About J Rock

J Rock or Japanese Rock is part of J Pop music. The Japanese rock music has started during 1960s. It was actually influenced by the rock music in United States. The rock music has started to change in 1970s. It was influenced by the folk music. During 1980s the rock musicians change their looks. The visual look of the musicians was updated into genuinely self-made style.

The Glitz and Glamour of Chicago the Musical

From South Africa to Sao Paulo, to Moscow to Mexico City, it is no big surprise that Chicago has wowed spectators across the globe. It has “legs;” and not just the “eye-popping” kind. Every performance proves why this amazing musical has successfully run for more than a decade. The cast is a first-rate team of Broadway veterans who consistently receive thousands of nightly standing ovations. The musical was honoured with two Olivier and six Tony Awards, as well as a Grammy.

The Best Singers – Who Are They?

Aspiring singers often ask me if those who seem to be naturally gifted singers are actually the best singers. In this article, I try to explain more fully what is involved with those singers who seem to have been gifted with natural talent, and answer the question, “Do these singers have more success than the others who are not so naturally gifted?”

Burn Tummy Fat – Awesome Tips for a Sexy Midsection

There many people who put on some belly fat with time and want to get rid of it. Are you one of them? If yes, then let me tell you that this is never easy. Am sure I am right when I say that the biggest question on your mind now is this; Which Belly Fat Diet do I go for? Hold on. Before you make that choice friend, there are so many things to consider.

Kids Guitar or Travel Guitar – Many Advantages

To buy a kids guitar is of course the right thing to do instead of a standard size model. These guitars can be use as travel guitars and easy to bring wih for the traveler.

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