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How Tube Guitar Amps Work and Why Players Love Them

Even with the affordability and ever improving sound of solid state amplifiers, many guitar players still prefer using tube amplifiers. This article gives a high level overview of how tube amps work and discusses what it is about them that guitar players love so much.

Using A Beat Maker To Make Your Own Beats With Ease

Finding the right beat maker to make your own beats is crucial if you want to make professional sounding beats that rocks people’s socks. Being able to make any other electronic music that you want without having to have any musical production knowledge is an added bonus if the said beat maker allows you to do it as well. Where can you find such a beat maker?

Tom Petty Wildflowers

Tom Petty is one of the most celebrated singer songwriters of our era. Though he’s been responsible for a ton of classic songs, for Tom Petty Wildflowers is a career high water mark.

The Delights of Baroque Music

The Baroque style of classical music, is a dynamic reflection of the human experience. This is music for the spirit, uplifting and inspiring. A pearl of musical treasure waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

How To Maintain Guitar Frets

The fretboard is another important part of a guitar, the fretboard is what holds the strings together and it makes up almost the entirety of the guitars mass so it is very important and it is just as important that you maintain it, and that you keep it in good condition. Here are some of the equipment that you are going to need to maintain a good fretboard and some of the tips to follow to keep your guitar’s fretboard all nice and shiny. You should note that cleaning will vary a bit depending on the material with which the…

Singing From the Diaphragm

Individuals who would like to sing most often hear some pieces of advice such as singing from the diaphragm. But what does it really mean and how can one do this? Singers should know how to control the volume as well as the quality of sounds that they produce.

At Last Someone Is Listening! And Not Just to Mp3 Players…

In a recent survey by the charity Action on Hearing Loss, 4 out of 5 people didn’t realise that loud music can cause tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or damage your hearing. Or both.

How to Use Social Media To Discover Your Next Favorite Song

Discovering new music that you love is an amazing feeling. Find out ways to use social media to discover your next favorite song (or band).

Def Leppard: Ballads, Beverages and the Sparkle Lounge

Def Leppard has been carving their own niche for over 30 years now. With ‘Songs from the Sparkle Lounge’, the band crafts massive rock, big ballads and a collection of songs that is as risky as it is recognizable.

How To Make Music Like Bonobo – 3 Tips To Start With

This article points out three simple tips on how to make music like Bonobo. Although it is probably impossible for anyone, except for Bonobo himself, to create this kind of music, following are some suggestions that outline the basic elements needed for producing something similar.

4 Reasons Why Many Guitarists Never Become Great

Do you have a hard time improving your guitar playing even though you spend a lot of time practicing guitar? Do you wonder what causes some guitar players to progress more quickly than others? Conventional wisdom might suggest that the better guitar players must spend more time practicing, but the reality is that there are quite a few struggling guitarists who practice for hours every day (and there are also highly advanced musicians who practice less than 1 hour per day).

Phillip Phillips – Superstition and Beyond

Phillip Phillips creates a new model for American Idols, taking classics like Superstition, Have You Ever Seen the Rain and making them hip. His vocals, somewhere between Sting and Dave Matthews are a world away from the Kelly Clarkson win we saw a decade ago. What is it that makes Phillip Phillips work?

Evan and Jaron: A Musical Powerhouse

Evan & Jaron are an unlikely musical success story. With hits that found their way into heavy rotation in 2000 and beyond, the duo found its beliefs tested, its creativity rewarded and a place in pop history firmly secured.

The Van Halen Singer No One Ever Heard About

In between Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone, there was a Van Halen singer named Mitch Malloy. But that’s not all, Mitch is an amazing singer, songwriter and vocalist who deserves your full attention.

Joss Stone: Voice of an Unknown Generation

With a voice that comes from beyond, Joss Stone leaves a trail of high-octane soul in her wake. But is this the new voice of pop music, or the sound that pablum pop will ignore?

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