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How To Select Your Own Popular Karaoke Songs

On the Internet, you should experience no difficulty finding sites to buy popular karaoke songs and if you have temporary cash flow problems, YouTube showcases a large variety of karaoke videos you can view and use for free. You could find the task a little challenging, though, if your musical tastes run off the beaten track and what you really want to perfect, is an album track from an obscure 1980s band that did not quite rise to stardom. The answer is to create your own karaoke tracks and there are several online tools that can help you to complete the task.

Looking At Some Of The Stories Behind Some Popular Karaoke Songs

There are reasons why people would select some popular karaoke songs over others. We identify very strongly with the meaning behind the lyrics of certain songs as they stand for situations we may face or recognize. The rock composition ‘The Eye of the Tiger’, originally written for the movie Rocky 3, catapulted the band Survivor to the number one position in the U.S. charts. In the movie, Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone faces a moral as well as a physical battle against a powerful challenger, James “Clubber” Lang, the character portrayed by Mr T. Because of the film’s content, the song has gone on to serve as a theme for both wrestlers and boxers. The deeper meaning behind the song lies in the quest to prove your worth, usually against overwhelming odds. Its distinctive opening riff and positive message has turned it into a regular choice with karaoke fans.

How The Culture Of Singing Popular Karaoke Songs Spread Around The World

For more than thirty years, people around the world have gotten to understand each other a little better through the practice of joining to sing popular karaoke songs. There have been numerous new innovations in the world of karaoke, since its humble beginnings in Asia.

What Is MIDI Good For?

MIDI, or “musical instrument digital interface” can be a confusing topic. Its main uses have changed over the years to the point where anyone with a home music studio pretty-much can’t live without it. Here is a short explanation of what MIDI is and its many uses.

Justin Bieber: A Global Phenomenon

Few years ago, not many people knew Justin Bieber. However, as he started posting home-made videos of him singing on YouTube, he immediately captured the attention of the whole world. Ever since, there had been lots of people who were attracted by his talent and wanted to sign him to their respective labels.

I’M Here and I’M Fabulous

Miki Howard was born in Chicago as Alicia Michelle Howard. She is also known to some as one of the greatest singers that ever lived. In the 1980’s, she had a series of hit records.

Tips On How To Play Power Chords

One simple way to learn playing guitar is by learning power chords. When you know how to play power chords you have a good ground on how to play a whole barre Chord. When you know power chords you can basically play what sounds like any songs you like

Iron Maiden Will Rock Your World On “From Fear To Eternity – The Best Of 1990-2010”

Wow, can you believe that heavy metal’s heavy weights Iron Maiden have now been cranking out memorable heavy metal tunes for almost 30 years? Damn, that’s a long time if you’re keeping tracking of every song and album they’ve ever committed to tape.

Billboard Music Awards Background

Billboard is considered the creator of the most reliable music charts in the world, compiling its charts each week from sales data collected by Nielsen Soundscan and airplay data collected by Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems. From 1990-2006, Billboard Magazine sponsored the Billboard Awards each year in December to honor the past year’s successes within the music industry, based on its year-end music charts, and therefore, on popularity. From the outset, awards included Top Album, Top Artist, and Top Single in every genre.

Learning How To Play Guitar – Why Acoustic Guitars Are Best For Beginners

Acoustic guitars have been around for over 4000 years, which is quite amazing seeing as they haven’t fallen out of popularity as the main lead instrument of choice in modern bands. Historians are still unsure whether the oldest form of guitar originates from Spain or goes back even further to the reign of the Romans.

Using a Beat Maker to Make Trance Beats

IF you want to learn the correct way to produce beats then read on. We will learn the tempo and how to structure your beats in a beat maker.

3 Easy Tips for Buying Studio Monitors

Whether you are upgrading a current pair of studio monitors or are preparing to purchase your first set, determining which monitors are best for you can be a confusing and cumbersome task. Often times, people search for the best value for their money, but are unsure what monitors they should choose.

How to Get More Subscribers on Your YouTube Musicians Channel for Beginners (Part 1)

If your a musician and want to start gaining more subscribers on YouTube and build an online following elsewhere here are a few tips you should know. Here are some suggestions that will help increase your traffic (subscribers).

4 Easy Tips To Help You Promote Your Music

Internet marketing is probably one of the most valuable skill sets a musician can have in their arsenal nowadays. No matter whether you are a producer who makes urban pop beats or a  rock and roll guitarist, you have to have your marketing hat on!

How to Improve Your Home Recording Studio

Having your own recording studio is a wonderful thing, it gives you freedom of musical exploration and creativity and there are no expensive fees involved like there would be if you were recording at a big major studio – it is completely yours. However the equipment that you buy is very important, this can really determine whether the sounds you are creating actually sound good or not on other systems. This is where some important decisions come into play on what your budget is and how big you actually want the studio itself, because home studios don’t have…

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