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Why People Don’t Listen To Your Music

Promoting anything is a tricky endeavor, especially with music. Social media has allowed people to ditch the traditional means of promotion: touring, radio plays, and so on. I am certainly not an expert in this field, but my advice comes from the perspective of someone that creates and listens/consumes music.

Singing Waiters Bring Your Party Alive

There are countless things you can do to help make the party you are throwing different, that little bit more special and last but not least, unusual. Why not use singing waiters to put a bit of sparkle on your big event whatever it may be?

DJ Cam – Mad Blunted Jazz – Album Review

DJ Cam’s album “Mad Blunted Jazz” is a two disc set, which contains his two previously released albums “Underground Vibes” and “Underground Live Act”. It can be classified as a trip hop or downtempo recording, which has ambient and breakbeat influences.

Van Halen: Days of Future Past

Twenty-eight years after the original Van Halen line-up imploded, Dave and Eddie have managed to pound out an album that pumps jet-fuel into old demos and new gems. While the single, ‘Tattoo’, might have felt a little thin, by the time you get to ‘She’s The Woman’, you’ll believe it’s 1984 all over again.

Chickentfoot Drops the Big Foot

Whatever you think of the four individuals who make Chickenfoot roll, there are some great and adventurous twists and turns on this latest release. As supergroups go, these guys may be one of the most fun, most authentically artistic foursomes to come from other great groups.

Know How Music Software Can Be Used By Creative Composers

If you are a musician, you will be aware that your performance is an important factor that determines your success. When you are performing in front of an audience, you need to keep everyone engaged deeply. Your personal style and composition becomes very crucial at this point whether you prefer classical music, jazz or popular “pop” music.

The Outfield Knock It Out of the Park

The Outfield was one of the best-sounding outfits to come come out of the 80s. Lost in a wave of flannel, angst and 90’s sameness, the trio finds their way back and are sounding better than ever on ‘Replay’.

Can You Really Bust Out Beats Like The Pros With The DubTurbo Beat Making Software?

In this short article let’s take a look at some of the features of the DubTurbo beat making software. What sets DubTurbo apart from its competition?

Devin Townsend’s Multidimensional Genius

It takes a lot to make it into my Top 10 Vocalists list. 45 dollars and tickets to see Earth, Wind & Fire might get you into the top 30, but it takes something extra to get into those upper slots. Holding strong at number six is our neighbor to the north, the brain-boggling genius, Devin Townsend.

The Six Strings Of Rebellion

We all experience that indefinable urge to rebel during our teens, while most of us will grow out of it eventually, some never get over it. Even though the symbols of rebellion are many, however the one most teenagers relate best to is the Guitar!

Why Should A Singer Drink More Water?

This article addresses the special relationship between drinking water and a singers voice quality. Keeping our body well irrigated is a vital part of keeping ourselves healthy, our inner cleansing system effective and, for the singer, our vocal chords flexible and vibrant.

Sounds From Nowheresville by The Ting Tings

Sassy. Feisty. Loud. The sophomore album Sounds from Nowheresville by English duo The Ting Tings is shaking things up with even more fun than their last release (2008′s We Started Nothing). The new wave influenced pop songs Katie White and Jules De Martino write are undeniably catchy (remember their song “That’s Not My Name”?) and this latest release gives a taste of some of their best work, as well as some new sounds.

The Wave of the Future: Beat Making Software

Music mixing software is becoming something that just about any music maker, big or small, can afford. The prices are dropping at a steady pace and there are more types of software becoming available every day. So if you’re thinking that it may be time for you to step up and buy some music making software for your small business, not only are you not alone, but you’re definitely thinking the right way too.

How Players And Vinyl Records Create A Fun Experience

With today’s advancements in digital songs, it is easier than ever to find and buy your favorite music. You can get a new album in just a few short seconds. There are benefits to this enhancement; that is for certain. A long time ago, it was only possible to purchase songs on vinyl. Playing records on a player was one of the best ways to have something real that created a real experience. You might be amazed to learn that vinyl is making a comeback and bringing back that fun experience.

Online Radio As a Music Promotional Source

Music is an integral part of life. For those who know how to bring music from the mind to a page and then to life, sharing music with others is very important. Music promotion can be costly, time consuming, and often times discouraging without the right venues.

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