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How to Play The Guitar for Campfire Songs

The article instructs aspiring guitarists on how to read guitar sheet music. It also gives advice on selecting simple songs to learn on the guitar.

How an Electric Guitar Works

Have you ever wondered how an electric guitar works? In this article we’ll explain the basic principals at work.

Female Reggae Artists – Getting Their Voices Heard In A Man’s World

you’ve heard of Bob Marley, maybe even Peter Tosh or Ziggy Marley – But how many female reggae artists come to mind? There must be some great female Reggae artists out there.

The Benefits Of Artistic Obscurity

Being discovered late in life for one’s artistic output has the benefit of being able to edit out the pieces that you wouldn’t want the world to see or hear. Few of us aspiring artists or musicians ever stopped to contemplate this.

The Art of Singing

No matter what style of singer you may wish to be, it is very important to understand how to look after your voice and most importantly understand how your voice works. You wouldn’t dream of entering a Triathalon without months of training for the event, and yet with singing many of us just expect our voices to be able to tackle anything we throw at it without any training at all.

Adele’s Musical Journey Has Just Begun

This is a Review Article of Adele’s Short, but astonishing Musical Journey. Adele is a Musical Sensation and watching how she commands her audience, with pure Vocal Range and Strength is something to behold, and the images will stay with you as much as the Music does. So young, her influence on the Music Industry has just begun.

Lady Gaga Versatility, Jam Session With Jennifer Nettles, The Hardest Working Woman in Show Business

Lady Gaga’s versatility in singing Jazz with Tony Bennett, doing a Jam session with Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland, and one of the hardest working woman in showbiz. Her song titled You and I from her Born This Way album and a song titled The Edge of Glory about her grandfather’s passing away have been huge hits from this multi-talented artist.

What You Should Know About Vocal Mixing

There are 3 different types of vocal mixes you can receive when recording music, no matter the genre. Hip Hop, Rock & Roll, R&B, doesn’t matter these mixes apply to any kind of music. I have named these mixes ‘the get you out of here mix,’ ‘the good but not mastered mix,’ and ‘the professional mix.’ Let me explain first.

Best Beat Making Software for Beginners

If you’re interested in making your own hip hop and rap beats but don’t have any prior experience, it’s a good idea to start with a low cost, beginner software program. This allows you to “get your feet wet” with making your own music loops without shelling out several hundred dollars for one of the professional grade options out there.

Violin Extended Techniques Notation – A Glimpse On Pizzicato Technique for Beginners

Every musical instrument has fundamental rules on how it should be played. Musicians internalize these guidelines to be able to express themselves by playing their chosen instrument.

At the Heart of Guitar Playing Is a Trained Ear

Aural skills may be the most important that a guitarist can have, yet this basic ability to train and use one’s ears is often overlooked. A guitarist who possesses a well-trained ear has an advantage over one who does not: the ability to name any musical note or chord by ear. To play music, you must listen to music- hear the music.

The Growth of Live Music

While the music industry blamed the internet for easing the distribution of pirated music, it also helped established artists reached new horizons. The internet also helps non-established artists find their grounds with much less expenses. On which side of the story are you?

American Music: Reflection of the Contemporary Era

The article gives a glimpse how American music reflects the era it belongs to. It relates the music to the era.

Stress Relief and Discos

When we feel stressed and exhausted, we look for something that will somehow build our strength, right? Yes there are many events that challenge us every day so the least that we can do is to live lightly as possible. You can for instance, think of positive thoughts; these thoughts will make you happy enough to get you going.

Introducing The Yamaha DGX 640 Digital Piano

The Yamaha DGX-640 digital piano is claimed by Yamaha to be “Yamaha’s most piano-like portable grand piano ever”. This is a pretty big claim, especially coming from a company like Yamaha. Yamaha commenced operations in Japan back in 1887 making reed organs, (then known as Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd). Since then, Yamaha has become the world’s largest full line manufacturer of musical instruments. Let’s see why they they would make such a claim.

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