Michael Monroe Goodman with Chad Watson “Only If It’s With You” at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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5 Ways To Make Money In Music And Pay Your Bills

The music industry is very competitive and very few people are able to make it big in it. If you have always wanted to make good money in music here are some of the ways in which you can do it: Sell Online Many people are using programs such as Rhapsody, Mp3, iTunes, eMusic and many others to play music. You should take advantage of this and start selling your music online. All you need to do is to put up your music on the internet selling sites. It’s also wise that you create a website and put a link from where people can buy the music.

Cool Jazz Guitar Playing – Jim Hall Stood Above The Crowd!

Guitarist Jim Hall helped define cool jazz and hard bop jazz guitar playing! He was one of the most creative artists to ever be recorded.

Learn Guitar Chords Online – How to Cheat at Guitar Chords and Get Away With It

Even wondered how experienced guitarists seem to navigate their way through even the most difficult chord changes? What they are playing does not seem to be physically difficult; in many cases the shapes look strangely familiar. So what’s the deal?

Fingerpicking Blues Guitar Solos – Big Bill Broonzy Is A Legend!

Big Bill Broonzy was one of the first fingerpicking blues guitarists to become famous on a worldwide basis. His innovative blues guitar solos had an influence on many of the early jazz guitar players as well.

Eric Clapton: As a Singer, Songwriter and Musician He Has Success Because He Uses The Golden Rule

Eric Clapton as a guitarist studied his craft relentlessly. He started playing an acoustic guitar in his early teens and practiced long hours learning to play chords of Blues songs by playing along with the records. Some of the more notable groups that he played with were the Yardbirds and The Bluesbreakers. Following that he joined the band Cream and they had large commercial success selling millions of record. Eric had many interesting comments regarding the group called The Band. He stated that with them the guitar was put back into perspective as being an accompaniment in the song since the priority was the song not the instrument. Over the years he worked with so many artists such as George Harrison and The Beatles, Duane Allman, The Who’s Pete Townsend, Dr. John, Leon Russell, Stephen Stills, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, Bob Dylan, Jeff Beck, Phil Collins, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and many others.

Country Blues Guitar Solos – Stefan Grossman Plays With Style!

Country blues guitarist Stefan Grossman is one of the premier performers and educators of this style of music. His record albums as well as instructional books and DVDs continue to be best sellers worldwide!

The Superficial Expectations of Music and Art

What is the real purpose of art and music? Is it simply to make us feel happier?

Hard Bop Jazz Guitar – Robert Conti Is The King!

Hard bop jazz guitarist Robert Conti is a living legend and virtuoso player! He is also a prolific author who has produced dozens of outstanding instructional guitar DVDs and chord melody solo books.

Learn Guitar Chords Online: How To Create Totally Awesome Jam Sessions

If you have been playing guitar for a little while I’m sure you will be able to relate to the following situation…

My Take On Some Bob Dylan Quotes

You know those two kinds of people that are in the world? Well, when it comes to Bob Dylan, I’m the “love him” kind. I have always been a fan, and his music has been very influential on mine.

Flaming Lips Front Man Enjoys Time With Miley Cyrus, The Beatles, and Dark Side of the Moon

For a guy who has never had a Top Ten single in a musical career that spans over twenty years, Wayne Coyne sure seems to be in the entertainment news quite often. His recent collaboration with Miley Cyrus has even brought the 56 year old Coyne to the attention of a much younger generation, some of whom are hearing his music for the first time. Cyrus joined Coyne on a cover song of The Beatles for a project he did involving a remake of the Sergeant Pepper album, which included a wide assortment of stars revisiting…

Musical Narratives for Visual Art

In the realm of action art especially, music can add to the viewing experience by offering a narrative. Music can suggest to us a progressive storyline leading us into the painting’s moment and beyond. Even when we disagree with the music’s idea, our own imagination is stimulated to create alternate scenarios, and our appreciation for the art is deepened as a result.

Learn Guitar Chords Online: Really Cool Way To Learn New Chords

Here’s a very simple idea that will enable you to quickly find new chords on your guitar. Actually, it’s a game that’s fun to play while you explore the magic land of harmony on the guitar fretboard. Here is how it works.

Fantastic Albums That Peaked at 15 on the Billboard Chart

Mariah Carey is due to release a new album in 2015, which is exciting for even those of us who are not big fans. It will be a unique release because it will mark her fifteenth album, giving her the distinction of being the only artist to make number 15 in ’15. This fifteenth album, which is a collection of number one hits, is slated for a late May/early June release date.

Music Plays and Comedy Shows – Nutritious Food for the Famished Soul

Let us delve into the vast ocean of arts and entertainment to analyse its healing properties. The music plays of yore and the much modern ones that have taken the world by a storm and shows that appeal to the funny bone. Such is the world today.

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