Beckett McDowell “Monster” | 1943 Gibson Southern Jumbo Sunburst at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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Play Scales Like Etudes

For those of you that are unsure what an Etude is, essentially, historically speaking, Etudes come out of the Classical music tradition. It is basically a “study” that is designed to help the musician perfect a specific technical aspect, often disguised as an actual tune. So what I am suggesting when practicing the scale examples in my book New Approach to Scales for Guitarists, is to treat them as a very short Etudes.

3 Of The Best MP3 DJ Mixers

MP3 mixers are no longer the future, they are here now! Gone are the analog turntables, vinyl and stylus and here are the iPods, memory sticks and hard drives. Which are the top 3 MP3 DJ Mixers? Find out here.

Steps To Make Sure Your Music Is Top Quality For Distribution

Every industry in the arts and entertainment field is changing for the better. Movies can now be shot with affordable high quality cameras and distributed online or through services such as Vimeo. Books may be purchased on the cheap through Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, or Barnes and Noble Nook, and read on each company’s pleasure reading device.

The Top 3 Best John Prine Albums – And Why

There are many John Prine Albums… but which ones are the best? In this article I discuss my picks for the top 3 Prine albums of all time.

Why Aren’t Bob Dylan Poems As Good As Bob Dylan Songs?

Bob Dylan is one of the greatest songwriters of all time. But what about his poetry? Get the scoop on why Bob Dylan Poems aren’t as good as Bob Dylan songs and why.

Electronic Keyboards – Understanding The Different Types

Portable electronic keyboards are a great option if you are considering taking up piano in future, but wish to get your feet wet with a much cheaper option first. Being a versatile instrument, often offering a wide range of instrumental sounds, the electronic keyboard is also suitable for anyone aspiring to be a one-man band or even for composing musical scores.

Play the Piano!

While the famous “Mozart Effect” study did conclude that listening to music can improve test scores in school, later studies have concluded that this effect lasts for less than two hours. Listening to good music is only the first step in a smarter, happier you. To be of permanent benefit to us, our musical experiences require our participation.

How to Play Guitar for Beginners: The 5 Minute Miracle

Let’s talk about the 5 minute miracle. I mean, sure you can practice for hours. That would be amazing.

Bill Gaither and the Trio: A National Treasure, A Last Days Beacon

As the darkness created by social upheaval and worldwide changes grip the world, there are a few lights across the globe that offer hope, stability and a view into the marvelous grace of the living God. Bill and Gloria Gaither along with the Gaither Trio and all the participants of the “Homecoming Series,” seen by millions all across the globe, are an unparalleled gospel music beacon of hope and encouragement in a world of sinking sands. Indiana born, Bill Gaither has become an unmistakable gospel music icon with numerous awards but in 2000 he and his wife Gloria, were…

How To Be A Successful DJ

DJing is an incredible job to have. When someone asks you what you do, you can tell them that you essentially party at night while being the center of attention!

How The Vocal Cords Work

Learn how the vocal cords work inside your larynx and how you can use this knowledge to become a better singer. This will give you a deep understanding of how your voice works.

Reissuing Catalogs of Vinyl Records

Reissuing catalogs of vinyl records gives music lovers the chance to enjoy albums that have not been in circulation since their original release. These records consist of artist that made their way into the hearts of music lovers everywhere. Some of the vinyls now being reissued through restoration projects include artist like Johnny Cash and Jimmy Buffett who made a huge impact on the music industry in their day.

Why Record Stores With Vinyl Records Should Support Reissuing Projects

There are several reasons why record stores with vinyl records should support projects that reissue albums that have not been in circulation since the originals were released. Imagine the response you’ll get from music lovers that have not seen these albums in years. They’ll be so excited they’ll want to tell everyone about their discovery.

How Independent Record Stores Benefit From Record Reissuing

Every so often, a project is launched where vinyl records are reissued. This is when albums that have been cataloged are now being reissued for the first time since their original release date. Independent record stores can benefit from record reissuing in several ways.

Is Singing A Natural Talent?

Do you have to be born with singing as a natural talent? No, and we tell you why anybody who says differently is dead wrong! Anybody can learn how to sing good, and that is a proven fact.

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