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The 8 Most Engrossing Los Angeles 80’s Tribute Bands

Los Angeles is best known for its entertainment in the whole world. As the capital of the tribute bands in USA nobody can cast doubt on its potential and great talent. A large number of these tribute bands started as mere side ventures of local artists which eventually turned out as fully equipped entities in the music industry.

Kano – The Forefather of Grime and How His Latest Album Is Exceptional

Kano is widely regarded as one of grimes forefathers. But why is this? and what is it that makes his latest album ‘Made in the Manor’ not only a major success for himself, but grime as a genre?

Ringo’s Words Are Far More Relevant Today Than The Peace And Love Messages Of His Bandmates

Much of the late sixties work of The Beatles is filled with messages about peace, change, and hope. John Lennon sang All You Need Is Love and Revolution, while Paul McCartney contributed political ballads like Blackbird and The Fool On the Hill. Their solo albums, such as Lennon’s Imagine and McCartney’s Pipes of Peace, contain even more philosophical musings about improving the world.

Ten Unusual Foods Mentioned In Popular Songs

On Thanksgiving Day the local public radio station played Alice’s Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie, which in great detail describes an ordeal that befell the singer on the holiday of the last Thursday in November. Few other songs seem to fit the theme of Thanksgiving, especially if you are searching for songs about turkeys. John Lennon’s Cold Turkey is probably the most well-known, but it is less about the bird on the dinner table than it is about a personal struggle.

Revolution Radio – Green Day Is Back, But Is It a Revolution or Another Musical Flop?

Green Day’s Revolution Radio was released on the 7th October, their first studio album since their trilogy flopped in 2012. Has it revolutionised their style, or left much to be admired?

Syd Barrett: Genius or Madman?

There is a fine line between a madman and a genius. Which one was Barrett? Delve into his mind to find your own interpretation.

5 Useful Guitar Accessories

Most guitarists have their own personal collection of gizmos and gadgets to help play and maintain their equipment. The most popular accessories are there to help perform better, change strings quickly, or make it possible to sound unique.

How To Easily Clean Up Sloppy Guitar Technique And Make Your Guitar Playing More Accurate

Sloppy guitar technique is a major part of why you make mistakes and experience frustration in your playing. When you have sloppy guitar technique, you are unable to make fast progress and your playing tends to sound amateur.

6 Types Of Music You Should Know About

There are thousands of different types of music that have different features. The different types of include: Blues They originated from the African-American work songs. The songs are characterized by simple and plain designs. The first blues song was published in 1912 and was written by Hart Wand. Prior to 1940s, blues music was played unplugged but with the entry of electric instruments, most of the music now heavily relies on the instruments.

Taking A Look At The Differences Between Old And New Music

Music entertains, educates and informs. While it has been around for a long time music has gone through a number of changes that range from the instruments used to the style of composition. To help you out, here are some of the ways in which music has evolved over the years:

Tips to Get a Great Singer for Your Event

As soon as you know you will host a party with music, you need to get into action. Understanding how to hire a singer for a party will save you time and stress. It will get you the results you want in the least amount of time. Keep in mind many performers book fast so you don’t want to wait!

Festive Delights With the Best Known Christmas Songs

Enjoy the festive fun by singing some of the best-known Christmas songs and Christmas carols and enjoy the festivity with great joy and fervor. Merry Christmas!

A Beginner’s Guide to the Guitar Chord Chart

Do you find it difficult to get the precise finger placement on your fret board? Are you new to the world of guitar playing? If so, you might need to study up on the guitar chord chart. The guitar chord chart helps you identify specific chords that you’ll need to know once you start building your own songs or simply playing the tunes of your favorite jazz hits. You can’t get around the chord chart if you want to be a successful guitar player in any music genre.

Popular Songs That Mention Specific Journalists

One of Bob Dylan’s folk songwriting peers in the sixties, were he still with us, would probably appreciate an ironic result of the Nobel Prize For Literature being recently bestowed on Dylan. That peer is Phil Ochs, who died in 1976 after a career as a clever protest singer and political activist. Ochs had a unique sense of humor, so he would certainly find it amusing that Dylan was preceded in the award in 2015 by journalist Svetlana Alexievich, an investigative reporter from Belarus.

How to Be Creative With Your Songwriting and Stand Out

This article contains creative ideas about songwriting. Learn how to stand out from the crowd and be a goose among among a world of ducks.

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