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A Brief History of the San Francisco Symphony

The San Francisco Symphony (SFS) made its musical debut in December 1911. The orchestra’s 2014-15 season marked the 20th season that Michael Tilson Thomas has served as the ensemble’s music director. The SFS plays most of its concerts at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco, located on Grove Street between Franklin and Van Ness.

The Sound Carrier

We have come a long way in the recording world since Thomas Edison uttered the words ‘Mary had a little lamb’ back in 1877 and re-recorded by him in 1927. For a while the cylinder was the carrier of sound.

Time to Say “Good Riddance” to Green Day Hit at Weddings, Graduations

There are two words I would like to say about the biggest hit by the band Green Day, and those two words happen to be the title of that very single. It is called “Good Riddance,” but it never seems to go away. At two graduation parties this summer I heard the song, which on both occasions accompanied a series of photographs.

A Brief History of Teatro Di San Carlo – Naples, Italy

The Teatro di San Carlo in Naples, Italy, is the primary home for opera in all of southern Italy. The house has been staging great music almost continuously since the mid-1700s. It has served as the original showcase for many operas by such great composers as Rossini, Donizetti, Verdi and Puccini.

The Secrets To Making A Great Guitar Practice Routine

How do you feel when practicing guitar for extended practice sessions and making few or no progress at all? Do you know why you are not making any progress despite the amount of hours you practice?

7 String Jazz Guitar – George Van Eps Played Like No One Else!

George Van Eps is considered by many to be the “father” of the 7 string jazz guitar. He not only designed the first 7 string archtop guitar but his solo guitar playing was truly ground breaking!

A Brief History of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra

Led by Kent Nagano, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra continues to reign as one of North America’s leading concert ensembles. The orchestra relocated to a new home in September 2011, known as Maison symphonique de Montréal, which is near-perfect acoustically and can accommodate up to 2,100 concert-goers.

A Brief History of the Paris Opera House: Palais Garnier

Numerous buildings have served as the home of the Paris Opera since Louis XIV founded the company in 1669. However, none has captured the opulence of the art form quite like the Palais Garnier. Inaugurated in 1875, the building is informally named for its designer, Charles Garnier, although its original official name was the National Academy of Music.

Free Radio Programs You Should Be Listening To

Listen up. As music lover, you should not be paying for satellite radio or any streaming services. There are a variety of radio programs that are very entertaining, all of which can be heard without charge.

Marquee Las Vegas – Meet the Nightclub (and Dayclub) That Is Raising the Bar in Las Vegas

Nightclub & Dayclub – the two simple words put right beneath the Marquee logo are best fitted to describe the club in brief. Whatever your initial feelings, rest assured that that is not all, and you can assume why.

Drai’s Nigthclub – Not Many Clubs Can Offer This Much Fun

If you are not really addicted to going to clubs or just like to appear on special music events, it’s OK if you don’t know the nightlife impresario Victor Drai. He is the man who is behind the Drai’s Nightclub – the club on the famous Las Vegas strip that makes you understand the striking difference between truly great experience and so called great experience. The club is placed on the rooftop of the prestigious boutique hotel Cromwell, at 3595 S Las Vegas Boulevard.

Be Bop Jazz Guitar Solos – Emily Remler Was Impressive!

Emily Remler was an excellent be bop jazz guitarist who died way too early at the age of 32. In an area of music usually dominated by male jazz guitarists, Emily was able to make a name for herself in a short amount of time.

A Brief History of the London Symphony Orchestra

In 2014 the London Symphony Orchestra celebrated its 110th year as a musical institution, having enjoyed a long and successful history as England’s top classical music ensemble. The orchestra is also known for its long history of recorded music, with the company creating its own label in 2000.

The Science of Music

The article gives the reader an understanding of how music is really a very important part of our society. It can be a very powerful tool that can help us and people around us achieve great things.

Rock Jazz Fusion Guitar Solos – Allan Holdsworth Is Dazzling!

Allan Holdsworth is one of the most incredible rock jazz fusion guitarists to ever be recorded. His dazzling guitar solos played at the speed of light are simply stunning to hear!

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