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The Best Paul McCartney Band Guitarists, 1970-2010

Paul McCartney is one of the greatest multi instrumentalists to have ever inhabited the world of rock. His prowess on all the main rock ‘n roll instruments, from drums to bass guitar, keyboards and lead guitar – notwithstanding his all encompassing vocal abilities – mark him down as an unusually gifted person.

Five Essential Paul McCartney Albums You Should Have

As an integral part of The Beatles, it is widely acknowledged that Paul McCartney is one of the most talented, versatile and hard-working pop composers that has ever lived. Since their break-up in 1970, ratified by a court ruling some 12 months later which dissolved The Beatles as a business partnership, McCartney has continued to produce music on a regular basis of a consistently high standard, although perhaps not scaling the heights he achieved with the Fab Four.

The Five Best Vocal Performances Of Any Paul Carrack Songs

Could someone within the realm of pop music sing the telephone directory and make a successful career out of it? I feel that ludicrous statement could be applied to the wonderful English rock/pop vocalist Paul Carrack who, over a varied career spanning 30 years or more, has proved himself to be an outstandingly gifted singer (and no mean songwriter). As a solo artist or in bands such as Ace, Squeeze and Mike and The Mechanics, he’s applied a meticulously crafted, spine-tingling delivery to practically everything he’s worked on.

How Can You Sing Better? – The Importance Of Recording Your Voice

As a singer and musician with almost thirty years of musical experience, I am often asked by people I meet, “how can I sing better?” Most of the time people who ask this question are not professional or even semi-professional singers, but everyday folks who just enjoy singing and would like to know what they can do to improve their singing voice. So, aside from taking lessons or a formal course of study, how can you sing better? There is one very basic thing you can do that is likely to significantly improve the quality your singing: that is to record your voice, and then listen back to the recording.

Washburn Electric Guitars – For Discerning Guitarists Everywhere

Washburn design and build guitars in a traditional style whilst embracing modern technology to provide today’s guitarist with innovative sounds to enhance their playing experience. Washburn guitars really are great value for money, provide a great selection and are most certainly meant for everyone.

Cheap Electric Guitars – Some Details For You To Have A Look At Before Parting With The Cash

When you come to buy your first guitar there are some general rules that are going to apply, however the number one is going to be taking your time. There is generally no need to rush into it and it is best to find a guitar that best suits your playing style and pocket.

A List Of Good Guitar Accessories To Have

The six string is a wonderful instrument and one that is going to provide you with years of enjoyment and maybe even a career. When you first begin to learn there are certain good guitar accessories to have that will really help you progress faster.

Rockabilly Music Followed a Simple Formula to Create a Revolution – And Also Broke The Rules!

In some ways, different flavors of popular music have been all over the board stylistically. There are big differences between Sinatra and Hank Williams! But in other ways–structurally speaking–it’s surprising how closely different pop styles follow similar structural patterns. In that respect, rockabilly music shares much in common with many different genres of popular music.

Beat Shop

If you are a aspiring hip hop artist and you are required to buy beats from a beat shop, you should know before buying beats from these shops about the different styles of beats. It will take time to find the absolute right beat shop that you need. You need to talk to people and ask around about the beat shop customer service.

Rockabilly Great Eddie Cochran: One Of The Most Influential Rockers of All Time

Ask any rockabilly fan to name their top-10 most-influential rockabilly musicians and it’s almost a guarantee that the name Eddie Cochran will appear toward the top of the list. As I sit down to write this article it’s the 51 anniversary of Cochran’s tragic death on April 17, 1960 in a late-night car crash while on tour in England. Eddie Cochran had only scored a few hit singles in his short career, but his influence on the future of rock and roll can not be overestimated.

Top 20 Bon Jovi Hits

The rock band from New Jersey holds the record for most Top 10 singles from one rock album. Find out which album and take a look at Bon Jovi’s twenty biggest hits.

Musicians Are Often Unreal

How many professional musicians do you know? If you know a lot you may have gotten to the point where you can accept them as members of the human race. If you haven’t been around any or many you might fit into a more popular category who think they are a strange lot and need careful handling.

Top 20 Lionel Richie and The Commodores Hits

Whether recording a s a solo artist, or with The Commodores, Lionel Richie has churned out the hits. Take a look at his career and sing along with his twenty biggest hits.

Modern Rockabilly Fans Turn to Vintage Clothes And Cars To Live The Rockabilly Lifestyle

Rockabilly music is alive and well after almost 60 years on the scene. Modern rockabilly fans keep the music alive by supporting the bands that play it. But these fans don’t just buy rockabilly records and go to rockabilly shows. Many of them live the rockabilly lifestyle. They dress in vintage clothing. Decorate their houses with vintage furniture, artwork, and color schemes. They drive classic cars. And of course, they listen to their favorite music on vintage hi-fi equipment. These fans are often referred to as “The Rockabillies.”

The Best Jay-Z Song Lyrics Inspire Fans To Succeed In Their Own Lives

The popularity of Jay-Z, rap’s most ambitious artist, has skyrocketed in recent years. News and gossip surrounding Jay-Z is always at a fever pitch but the strongest focus when it comes to the Brooklyn-born MC is on his song lyrics. Many of the best Jay-Z song lyrics are profound and serve as inspiration for his listeners who have great ambitions of their own.

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