Can I Use Electric Guitar Effects Pedals With An Acoustic?

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Smithsonian Musical Treasures to Tour Through Five States

The Smithsonian is known to hold treasures from history and its musical treasures are indeed some of the most relevant to music history. Luckily for those within Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio and South Carolina, the Smithsonian is bringing a musical history tour called New Harmonies to those areas.

Pedal Board Gig Bags

Outlines the advantages of using gig bags for guitar effects pedals instead of flight cases. These following points should be taken into consideration before making a decision and where to find quality gig bags: your budget, usual method of transportation, size of your pedal collection.

Guitar Humidifier: Keep Your Instrument In The Best Of Shape

A guitar is a string instrument which is generally played with a pick or fingers. It consists of a body and a neck to which strings, usually 6 in number, are fastened. Traditionally guitars were made of wood. However, the modern version is made using various polycarbonate materials. Guitars can be broadly classified into two main categories: electric and acoustic. The acoustic guitars are usually made of wood and have been used for more than a thousand years. The electric guitar is a modern version and was introduced in 1930s.

Beat Makers Software – The Most Crucial Elements To Look For When Choosing A Quality Beat Maker!

If you are looking for good quality beat makers software that gives you proper professional studio sound, then you need to clarify that it offers the following as this will ensure you get the best quality program. One of the most important criteria is that it must use and have .wav files.

Amazing CDJ-800 For The Musical Aura Around You

Pioneer Corporation has brought many digital revolutions into the entertainment industry and one of their latest trademarks of success is CDJ-800. The descendant of CDJ-100, this product has attracted many people throughout the world not with its charm and looks, but with its superb functionality. The pro-DJ’s around the globe has found its new and unique feature quite helpful.

Cheap Electric Guitars – Great To Have As A Performance Back Up

Getting cheap electric guitars is not really such a bad thing, as hopefully this short article will confirm. A few years ago my little brother used to play in a pretty decent local band. This was around the time of so-called ‘Brit Pop’ and some his band mates have gone on to bigger and better things. Of course, I went to see him quite a few times and being the aggressive guitarist that he was, he was forever breaking strings and dropping picks (to the point now where he tends to use only finger techniques).

Electric Acoustic Guitar Recording – How Can The Best Results Be Achieved?

An electric acoustic guitar is a fantastic instrument and easy instrument to use as accompaniment to either the songs you have written or those you wish to cover. Therefore knowing how to record professionally when playing is something that many people, including myself, are interested in.

Mastodon DVD

Mastodon, a live beast I’ve seen Mastodon live once. Before that I knew their work thanks mostly to “Crack the Skye”, an album that had an impact on me and made me think one thing: This is how the 21st Century sounds like.

Make Sure Your Name Is Written In The Book of Life Before Anything Else

This is an American contemporary Psalm filled with melodies from Children as well with Adults. It emphasize the beauty of putting a lifetime focus on pleasing God before anything else as a worthwhile commitment to have an a forever life with joy, love, and prosperity knowing that One’s name is written in The Book of Life.

The Jackson Rhoads – A Heavy Metal Icon

The Jackson Rhoads electric guitar is one of the most iconic and recognizable guitars in existence. Combining drop-dead gorgeous looks, superb build quality, playability and ferocious sound, the Rhoads is absolutely one of the best rock and Heavy Metal guitars ever made.

Save Money Using Mog for Your Music Listening

Over the years, I have ordered music through a variety of services. Amazon MP3 Downloads, iTunes, emusic and most recently, eMusic has been a great site for finding independent artists, and they offer a subscription model.

Jackson Guitars – Screaming Heavy Metal Machines

The history of Jackson Guitars is the history of the creation of one of the most highly revered guitars in the history of Rock and Heavy Metal music. Jackson Guitars’ contribution to the music has forever enriched the industry.

If You Learn to Play Violin You Won’t Regret It

You have the option of playing almost any kind of music with the violin. Uncover the benefits of learning violin here.

Music Icons And Their Place In Music History

There are so many music icons that have entertained millions of fans over the years and left some really great and outstanding performances that will be remembered for a life time. Some of these music icons will take their place in history as being the best.

Cheap Electric Guitars – How Can I Effectively Care For Them?

After I had owned my very first cheap electric guitar for about 6 months I thought about changing the strings and as I had only been cleaning it with a damp cloth (without using any specific cleaning product) I thought it was be a good time to do it properly. OK, I know I should have done it before, but I was too busy learning! So, after removing the strings, I watched a video on the net about how to clean a guitar.

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