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Songwriting – The Power of an Effective Title

In this article, I want to take you through the effectiveness a title can have through the lens of the song “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room,” by John Mayer. Let’s look at what makes the title, and consequently the rest of the song, work so well.

10 Top Hip Hop Albums (West Coast)

This is an article outlining 10 top hip hop albums that originated from the west coast predominately LA. Based on popularity and influence on the industry and social structure.

Find Professional Disc Jockeys For Your Wedding

Anybody who has a computer or an mp3 player may plug in some speakers and offer some sort of music playing for a certain event. However, if the occasion in question is already a special event just like wedding, doing it alone may not be appropriate. That is why you may want to consider hiring a professional who will be in charge of your music needs during your special day.

Best Wedding Songs: Make Your Day More Special

Best wedding songs don’t have to be the perfect, but they should make your day perfect and memorable. A wedding is not complete without playing a romantic song. It can still be called a wedding, but it’s a ceremony that has no life, with no magical moments worthy to remember. Not everyone has a long list of songs in their heads. However, whatever song you choose, it should make your day complete and amazing as this is your very first day of being a married couple.

Things to Consider When Scouting for DJs for Your Wedding

People make mistakes when looking for DJs for their wedding. It is because they don’t know the things that need to be considered. If you don’t want to end up having a ruined night, know the factors that set professional disc jockeys apart from those who do not have sufficient skills and knowledge about the job. Most people who have tight budget look for professionals that offer low fees. Well, don’t get fooled by cheap and reasonable prices as the quality of these professionals’ services still depends on how renowned or reputable the DJ is. On the other hand, don’t choose expensive services from other disc jockeys as not all pricey are the best. Make your own research and try considering these tips.

Hire a Disc Jockey and Bring More Life to Your Wedding

Anyone has probably experienced the enjoyment brought by a disc jockey playing in a certain event. They’d become really popular these days because humans, by nature, really love hearing music. It becomes an antidote whenever someone is feeling bored and sentimental at times. Many events require a particular disk jockey that will operate all types of music that will be played during the event. One of the events that require a disc jockey or DJ is a wedding event. Such event could really become more memorable and a full-blown celebration with the help of a DJ.

The Stories Behind Adele’s “19”

Adele’s debut album broke hearts everywhere. But it takes one to know one and Adele’s heart was broken pretty badly herself. Find out the stories behind her broken relationships.

Guitar Tips and Tricks – How You Can Learn Basic Guitar

Are you interested to learn basic guitar playing? I hope you stick around, because I would like to share with you some guitar tips and tricks today.

The Best Workstation Keyboards And Synthesizers For Hip Hop

Are you a producer who needs more sounds? Are you a musician that feels limited with the VST’s or keyboards you currently have? We all have been there and most musicians still are, as being a musician, I am never satisfied with what I have. I always look for what’s new, or what’s better than my current setup!

Tips For Buying a Guitar

A guitar is a musical instrument that you can choose to learn if you possess the passion and talent to play it correctly. Your talent can be polished with the help of a few lessons from a professional. Make sure that you genuinely want to learn to play a guitar before you buy it because it can be a little expensive.

Songwriting Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block

Anybody can run out of ideas when trying to pen a song. Here are some songwriting tips to get your creative juices flowing.

Blues Guitar Scales – Breaking Out Of The Minor Pentatonic And Blues Scale Licks

A great many blues guitar players, and indeed rock guitar players, will stick to the tried and tested scales to create their solos and structure their improvisational skills. But with a bit of extra knowledge you can boost your repertoire of ideas, expand your sound and break out of the traditional licks and tricks you may getting tired of playing. Here are three alternative approaches to try instead of the usual blues guitar scales that you may be over using.

How Can Using Beats For Rapping Bring Out the Master Musician Within You?

Click for beats for rapping secrets on how to master the music industry. One of the coolest advantages of being a music producer of the information age is that you have access to thousands of beats for rapping instrumentals online that can increase your creative firepower by adding new weapons to your songwriting and music production arsenal.

Using The Best Hip Hop Beats to Develop Your Songwriting Skills

Click now for pro tips to pro status using the Best Hip Hop Beats. How important is it for you to develop your songwriting skills and to learn how to use the best hip hop beats and other turnkey grooves in order to get on the fast track to success? You are probably already aware that you can buy instrumentals off of the Internet and actually use them to create your next hit record.

Three Ways You Can Learn Basic Guitar

Are you interested to learn basic guitar? Well, do you know how to do that? There are a number of ways to learn how to play the guitar. Today, I will be sharing with you three ways you can do so, one of which you may not want to go for.

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