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Writing a Song

Writing a song is made easier when you understand the fundamentals of writing a song. Whether it is pop, hip hop, rap, or rock a few basic elements of songwriting are constant. Some of these structural components are discussed below.

Lyric Writer

A lyric writer is a the creative driving force of music groups. Without the lyric writer, there is nothing for the singer to sing and the musicians such as the guitarist, bassist, and percussionist will lack focus and will not have a message to bond and lead their audiences. Lyrics are so important because they give people a message and something to relate to.

Lyric Writer

A lyric writer is known for writing beautiful lyrics. Many consider and believe that these lyrics, as written by the lyric writer, do not involve much effort. This concept is wrong.

Lyric Writer – Songwriting

Lyric writing is an art and is the spontaneous flow of a lyric writer. Writing good lyrics is not what every lyric writer does. It requires a significant understanding of the elements of a song.

How U2 Made “Achtung Baby”: Getting It All Wrong

Recording an album is usually a ton of work. But things don’t always go this badly. Before they even started writing and arranging “Achtung Baby” U2 faced a catalogue of sometimes comical disasters. Read on to find out just how wrong it all went.

An Introduction To Reggae Music

Reggae music is known to have originated in the country of Jamaica from two identical styles known as Rocksteady and ska. This genre can be identified with its simple chord progressions and backbeat rhythm.The lyrics are generally sung in Jamaican patois. There are professional musicians in this field and even though it is a mixing of the two styles mentioned earlier, it is also influenced by the Jamaican Mento, American jazz and American Rhythm and Blues music.

How and Why to Tune The Guitar

What you should avoid when embarking on the journey of tuning one’s guitar. A brief overview of some of the techniques used when tuning your electric or acoustic guitar.

The Beach Boys: History and Album Guide

This article provides an overview of the career and music of the great California pop music group, the Beach Boys. The article examines the best recorded work of the band and provides insight to the reasons why this work is worthy of attention.

Guitar Chords – The Easy Way to Play Scale Tone Seventh Chords on Guitar

With the addition of just one extra note to the basic triads you can create about 75% of harmonic textures you need to get your musical point across to the listener. Major 7ths, minor 7ths dominant 7ths, major 6th etc., are all four note chords.

How to Improve Your Voice in 15 Minutes a Day

If you are finding time to practice a major hurdle then I have, as your singing coach; 5 simple ways to improve your voice in only 15 minutes a day. Practice problems are one of the major reasons people stop singing over and above finances. In fact, when we are seeing improvements, setting goals and achieving them we’ll walk over hot coals to keep going!

How to Listen to Ambient Music

Discusses various ways to use ambient music in daily life, including meditation, massage, deep listening and background ambience. Detailed information on recorded music formats, types of headphones ideal for immersive ambient music listening, and other features of the ambient listening experience are presented in this article.

5 Great Ways to Save Money on a Wedding Music Band

Discover 5 great ways to save money when booking a live wedding band. Learn how to avoid spending more money on an inferior wedding band.

7 Ways to Know That Professional Music Lessons Are for You

For some people, they just seem to be born with a musical talent that comes naturally to them. Others struggle a little more, but they want to learn to try a new instrument all the same.

Selling Your Music Online For Maximum Profits

Selling your music in today’s competitive market is not easy. You need to know the ins and outs if you plan to be successful.

How to Hold a Guitar Pick Correctly

A brief look at the things you should be thinking about when deciding on whether or not to use a pick. Should you decide that a pick is for you, this guide will help you to avoid the most common mistakes.

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