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The 5 Heaviest Black Sabbath Songs

Black Sabbath has long been regarded as one of the heaviest of heavy metal bands. After 40 years, their monstrous riffs still echo through the brainpans of hard rock fans worldwide. Sabbath were always a lot more than just a heavy rock band; acoustic interludes, jazz phrasings, pop melodies and blues riffs are just a few of the textures that can be found in their music. Still, their overall sound has always been rather unrelenting.

5 Ozzy Songs That Deserve Another Spin

Ozzy Osbourne is one of the most iconic figures in the history of rock music, particularly that of hard rock and heavy metal. In the 21st Century, much of his fame can be attributed to MTV’s popular reality show, the Osbournes, which ran from 2002-2005. But what has he done for us lately (musically speaking)? Here’s a list of post-Sabbath, post-Randy Rhoads Ozzy songs that stand the test of time.

5 Van Halen Songs You Might Have Missed

Everyone knows “Panama”, “Jump”, “Right Now” and “Runnin’ With the Devil”. With David Lee Roth belting out vocals once more on “A Different Kind of Truth”, it’s about time to dig up some of the greatest Van Halen songs you might NOT have heard.

Singing Techniques, Heavy Metal Singers – “Vocal Health Tips for Heavy Rock Singers”

“What can you teach a heavy metal singer?” I’ve often been asked that question in various ways by “legitimate” singing teachers. What they are actually saying is “all heavy rock singers do is scream and yell and growl.

Songwriting – How Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” Uses Rhyme As an Accelerator in Its Lyrics

When you write lyrics, they tend to work best when the meaning of your words is directly tied into what’s happening musically. Rhyme can be an incredibly powerful tool for tying the meaning of your words to your music. One way to do this is to use rhyme as an accelerator. We’ll talk about how to do that in this article.

Understanding Live Sound

Live sound applies to both the musician and the DJ. The first thing you need to learn about sound is sound itself. What is sound? Sound is nothing more than waves of changing air pressure that cause your eardrums to move.

Find the Right Recording Studio

Finding a recording studio to put all your hard work as a musician together is not as hard to accomplish as it might seem at first. It is important to focus on finding a high quality studio since this experience will result in the finished product that other people will have access to. For this reason, you want to take the time to make sure you use a professional and top quality recording studio. Here are some crucial points to keep in mind when you are searching.

My Husband Has an Acoustic Electric Guitar

Though it will depend on what type of music you play, acoustic guitar can almost always be a great addition to any live show. There are some kinds of music that it won’t fit in with very well, but there are also many types that depend on it to get the perfect sound.

Greater Vision

One of today’s most popular and inspiring Southern Gospel Trios is Greater Vision. Greater Vision had their beginning in 1990.

Drum Sets For Sale: What Role Does Each Part Play

Novice drummers should appreciate the fundamental parts to drum sets for sale. This information can also help you make a decision about which types of drum sets for sale would be the most beneficial for your current playing status.

Wedding Bands – Live Band or DJ

We enjoy going to a wedding and there are many interesting factors that make up a wedding complete and they include food, cake, flowers, people and the most interesting part is the music. We are all attracted towards music and dance and this is what brings life to any party. Even if the decoration might not be a priority factor in your list, you cannot have that same approach towards the music as it is soul of the wedding. It is therefore every essential that you make the right choice of the wedding band.

The Healing Powers of Music

A music composer is someone who plays with beats and turns out a piece of melody. This music could be soothing or unpleasant. It is said that what a composer produces greatly hinges on what they feel while composing the music.

Why Comparing Guitarists Makes No Sense

It is interesting and funny to see how so many guitar players worldwide through channels like for example YouTube, are spending a great deal of their time comparing their favorite guitarists to each other like it is a competition. My favorite guitar player is better than your favorite guitar player!

Live Music Versus a DJ at a Wedding Reception

What advantages does a DJ have over a band at your wedding? I explore the myths and truths of having a band at a Wedding. I also offer my insight on what the flexibility of a DJ means for your Wedding day.

Chinua Hawk “Finds His Way Back to Life”

It’s “gonna be alright” is the underlying theme of Chinua Hawks dynamite new release “A Beautifully Complicated Life”, produced by Joseph Patrick Moore (Earl Klugh, Stewart Copeland, Bob James). In his fourth full length compilation, Mr. Hawk sings of heartbreak and finding his way back to life. A songwriting partnership with Wyclef Jean and studio support work with Kanye West has led Chinua Hawk to “A Beautifully Complicated Life”. Listeners will be captivated by Mr. Hawk’s unique blend of pop, gospel, R&B and classic soul.

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