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Guitar Lessons For Beginners – Learning The Basic Guitar Techniques

Ever dreamed of playing the guitar? But having second thoughts because you don’t know where to start as a beginner? Don’t worry because today there are many available guitar lessons for beginners that you can use. In starting your guitar lessons, it’s important to know the basic guitar techniques to be successful in guitar playing.

How To Set Up A Pedal Board On Stage

This article discusses how to set up a pedal board on stage. Pedal boards are a collection of effects pedals that guitarists use to produce different sounds from their instrument. This article covers tips and advice on how to set up a pedal board on stage and get the best sound from your guitar.

The 5 Best Who Albums Of All Time – And Why

The Who are one of the greatest and most influential bands of all time. They had one of the finest songwriters of all time and they made one awesome sound! But which are their best albums? I present what I regard to be the 5 best Who albums of all time…

Dr Dre Mixtapes – The Early Years

These days, Dr. Dre mixtapes are some of the most in demand in the world of new mixtapes. However, just like every other artist in the hip hop industry, he had to start at the bottom and work his way up to the top. It was not always easy, but it combination of talent and determination helped him to eventually rise to the top of his highly competitive game.

Ciara Mixtapes – The Early Years

In an industry that is so saturated with talented female singers, it is difficult to imagine how anyone manages to make a name for themselves. However, Ciara mixtapes have helped catapult the young singer and songwriter to super stardom. Although she is exceptionally talented, Ciara had to work very hard to get herself a spot as one of the most in-demand hip hop singers in the business.

Chingo Bling Mixtapes – The Early Years

For every major hip hop star in the industry, there are tons of underground artists who are working just as hard to put out great rap mixtapes for the fans. Chingo Bling mixtapes have been favorites in the underground community for years, making him a star among true rap music fans. Just like everyone else in the game, however, he needed to start from the beginning and work his way up through the ranks.

Chris Brown Mixtapes – The Early Years

Today, Chris Brown mixtapes are among some of the most in demand recordings in the world of hip hop. However, just like every other big star, Chris Brown had to make the right connections and get a few lucky breaks in order to achieve his superstar status. There were a few setbacks in the beginning, but he continued to persevere and, in the end, it paid off.

Keeping Up With The News From Musik Messe – Top 5 Tech Picks From The Trade Show

In a fast-paced music industry, we take the strain out of wading through the huge range of products launched at Europe’s biggest trade fair by having a look at five of the best products to come out of Musik Messe in Frankfurt. We’ve focused on the tech side of the music gear, as this is the most dynamic and, frankly, complex stuff.

The Analogue Music Market – Top 5 Picks From Musik Messe

Musik Messe 2011 in Frankfurt has been a launch pad for a whole host of new products in the music industry. With so many now on the market we’ve chosen our top five new products to come out of the trade show that is Europe’s equivalent of NAMM.

Finding the Right Guitar for You

Do you love music? Do you love playing guitar? Do you want to purchase one? If so, read on and consider the suggestions mentioned below to find the right guitar for your needs.

James Taylor Guitar Hero

As a pioneer of the folk-rock, singer/songwriter movement so prevalent and influential in the late 60s and early 70s, James Taylor has enjoyed an accolade-strewn career spanning some forty years, comprising legendary recordings, concerts and sadly, personal travails. His work as a guitarist stands up to comparison with many other, lauded talents in that arena, so I feel it is not inappropriate to put forward the epithet ‘James Taylor Guitar Hero’. His technical proficiency and subtle fluency as a finger picker are second to none and there are many examples in his catalogue that bear witness to this.

Rockabilly Music: That Unlikely Mixture of Musical Styles Changed the Face of Pop Music

Rockabilly is a mixture of loosely-related items. A healthy dose of country music, a bunch of blues, a handful of gospel, and a heaping portion of rhythm and Blues, all topped off with a pinch of jazz for flavoring. But I wouldn’t really call the music a “confused” mixture of these ingredients.

My Five Best Frank Zappa Albums Of All Time

Any attempt to try and compile a best Frank Zappa albums of all time list would be met by any of his hardcore fans with disdain and scornful eyebrows (at best). Most of us realised long ago that to make any semi-worthwhile assessment of Frank involves taking into account his ENTIRE body of work – itself a gargantuan task with some 60-odd albums released up to his death in 1993, and many others from his family’s vault in Los Angeles since. I guess the only plausible reason anybody would begin such an exercise is one borne out of nostalgia.

J. Cole Concert at the Charlottesville Pavilion

This article briefly details my impression of J. Cole’s performance at the Charlottesville Pavilion on April 8, 2011, and discusses his contribution to contemporary hip hop music. On Friday, April 8, I attended a hip hop performance by J. Cole at the Charlottesville Pavilion.

3 Easy-To-Play Christmas Songs for Piano Beginners

It simply wouldn’t be Christmas without the carols we all know and love. Playing the piano is a great way to share the songs of the season with family and friends. Luckily, many Christmas carols are easy for beginners to play on the piano. Keep in mind that while these simple carols can be easily self-taught, it is always helpful to enlist the help of a piano instructor. The following three classic carols are an especially good place for the beginning piano player to start.

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