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All Kids Will Want to See the Lion King Musical

A visit to London is incomplete without making a trip to the legendary West End Theatre District. This fabulous area has been the center of the English theatre world dating back as early as the 1500s. This is just too much history to miss. So what to do with the kids? Bring them with too, so they can soak in the opulence of the area. Getting tickets to the Lion King Musical are the perfect way to combine the best of both worlds so plan a night out with dinner and a trip to the theatre for a treat the whole family will remember!

Make Your Own Beats Now

If you have the skills for creating crazy beats, you can really get your foot is the studio fairly easily. Don’t worry about it if you lack the resources in the beginning.

Buy Rocket Piano To Acquire The Benefits

Have you ever wished that you have the skills in piano? Having the skills in piano makes you feel happy and alive. However, today because of the latest technology it’s not difficult to learn the piano without opting with traditional piano lessons. There is an alternative way which can help you to learn the piano in an easy and fast way. The most interesting feature of this new method is that you don’t need to enroll for music class or hire expensive piano tutor. You can learn to play the piano at the comfort of your pace.

The Phonograph Cylinder – The First Records

Commercially available music recordings began with the wax cylinder. This wax (or phonograph) cylinder was known as a record long before the more familiar record albums and 45 singles were called records or even existed. In fact, music cylinders could be purchased as early as the late 1880s.

Considerations Before Buying Your First Time Guitar

If you belong to the people who are called music lovers, you are one of the people that are really fond of playing music, and also hearing music. There are different determinants for you to be said to be a music lover. Some music lovers are contented of hearing music but some are not contented about it. They want it to be that they are the one who is making the music that they are hearing. In today’s time, you can notice that guitar playing is a very in trend.

Kanye West – The Multi Talented Man

Kanye West, as we all know, is one of the most popular rappers we have today. ‘The Blueprint’ was out the month of September in 2001. One of the leading singles of all time called ‘Izza’ has also featuring some of his works as well.

Undertaking to Download Free Music and MTV Videos

In case you are looking for free audio or visual music, then you can be certain that the place to go to is the internet. This is mainly because there happens to be seemingly endless supplies of visual clips available for downloading for absolutely no charge whatsoever from the widest varieties of online web sites.

Top Five Acoustic Guitar Songs for Your Valentine

When one thinks of Valentine’s Day, the mind almost always gravitates to red roses and boxes of chocolates. But if there is one thing that will warm the heart and touch the soul more than anything else are acoustic guitar songs played for your significant. Perhaps, if you are a good singer, it is your voice; perhaps it is the time and effort put into learning the piece; or perhaps it is the thought that goes into selecting a song that represents your feelings for them. But there is nothing like a simple love song to bring out the true spirit of Valentine’s Day. To help you in your quest for the perfect Valentine’s Day song, we have put together a list of our favorite acoustic guitar songs that celebrate love; hopefully one of these songs is the perfect one for you.

Hip Hop Beat Maker Software – What You Need to Look For to Make Hits

Hip hop beat maker software is essential to make dope hip hop beats. Learn more about what you should look for in order to start making hits quick!

Why Singing Is Good for One’s Health

Singing as one of the most ideal forms of entertainment significantly contributes to the totality of a person’s wellbeing. Aside from providing the pleasure and winning the crowd’s approval, singing is definitely a healthy and engaging activity. Learn more how this favorable enjoyment endows life with an added zest!

Helping The Pinoy Music Industry In Your Own Little Ways

Filipinos have an innate passion to music, and singing becomes integral in their bloodstream. For Pinoy singers, band performers, composers and producers, music is life.

Is ‘Classical Music’ Dead in the Water?

On various blogs and message boards I’ve read lately I’ve encountered a lively debate over what we should call Classical Music. You know the kind of music I mean: a conductor at the front, a group of musicians scraping, blowing, plucking and striking a variety of instruments ranging from the ‘fit your pocket’ small, to the ‘I need a dump truck to move this mother’ behemoth; everyone reading from printed scores, most likely formally dressed, seldom smiling, earnest in their endeavours. Polite applause ripples around the auditorium, usually initiated either by the ‘I know my stuff, so follow my…

Beat Maker – Online Beat Making Software

If you are an aspiring artist what is the one thing that you need to produce ear popping beats? Beat making software allows you to make your own beats in the comfort of your own home. There are lots of digital audio workstations out there, so how do you go about choosing one? Great question read on…

Rocket Piano Scheme – Real Methods For Teaching Yourself To Learn To Play Piano

Playing the piano makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Because of this, most of people may hire the services of piano tutor just to learn the piano lessons. In addition to this, taking the services of a piano teacher can be very costly plus some of them are not specially equipped with latest techniques.

How To Use A Metronome – Basic Technique, and a Five Step Method For Practical Application

The method for using a metronome is relatively simple, and I follow a five step process when using it as a practicing tool. This article will give a basic explanation of how to effectively use one of these marvelous little devices.

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