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Modern Classical Music

Classical music in strict terms is music that was written and composed during a very specific time period. This time period is 1750 to 1820. What is it that sets this particular period apart from the Baroque period which comes right before or the Romantic which is the period right after? These are not just random dates that some forgotten historian chose, but rather refer to the actual way that the music was composed.

Review: Cut Copy “Zonoscope”

Over a meal, I had a friend wax philosophic about this new band “Cut Copy”. He said it was this great French band that sounded a lot like Joy Division. Once I got home, I noodled around on Google and saw a video of them performing on the Jimmy Fallon show. These guys were performing some amazing music, but there was this guy wearing a gorilla outfit. I’m not sure what that was about, but he was going nuts on the tom toms. I think it distracted a bit from the song, but it definitely got my attention, so I decided to do some more digging.

Getting Help to Choose the Best Musical Instruments

Are you a music lover? Most people either love listening to music or playing it. If you are a fan of listening to music, you need quality headphones to make your music sound as good as the artist intended it to sound.

The Top Female Rock Songs – May I Surprise You?

When I ask my friends to name their top female rock singers they always name Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Tina Tuner and maybe also bands like Heart or even the Pointer Sisters. While there is nothing to say against these nominees I am all out for presenting you upcoming and recent talent. Before reading on, close your eyes and think of the first two or three female rock singers that have emerged through the past decade. What do you come up with?

Parts Of A Song – Made Easy!

The main parts to a song are the INTRO, VERSE, PRE-CHORUS, CHORUS, BRIDGE and OUTRO. Each part has a job to do and when used correctly will give you a coherent song. Let’s look at each part of a song in more detail.

Rockabilly Weekenders Provide a Bash to Remember!

The rockabilly community thrives throughout the world and on almost any given weekend of the year, you can find a rockabilly festival going on somewhere. These festivals, known as rockabilly weekenders, range from small to epic in size. They combine music, cars, vendors of retro clothing and products, and more to create a rockabilly experience that rockabilly “newbies” can enjoy just as much as hard-core enthusiasts.

The Shocking Truth About Effects Pedal Boards

This article outlines the common mistakes musicians make when buying guitar effects pedal boards and how to avoid them. It provides an easy solution so you can find the best effects pedal board for yourself.

What Everyone Ought To Know About Guitar Pedal Boards

Save yourself time hassle and money by avoiding these common mistakes people make when buying a guitar pedal board. With effects pedals more popular than ever, guitar pedal boards are becoming an important piece of equipment for musicians.

Flamenco Guitar Music – Origins and Innovators

No music is unique: All musical styles are influenced by, and build on, the achievements and contributions of other genres. Obviously, location, history and tradition are some of the main factors that contribute to this cross-pollination.

3 Critical Things Your Beat Making Program Must Have That Make Your Beats Stand Out From The Crowd

Making your own beats has never been easier than now. You just need to have the right beat making program to make your own beats. Most of these beat makers allow you to do it online.

3 Keys to Killer Drum Tracks When You Don’t Have Any Drums

If you are a solo musician recording out of a home studio, and you don’t have drums but really want drums on your recording, you can use virtual drums and MIDI to get some good drum tracks. Here are three tips to making MIDI drums sound awesome.

Methods To Make Your Own Beats

As you may already know making beats can be quite expensive nowadays. If you want to produce quality tunes, then you need to have the latest audio recording equipment or ideally a full professional studio with all the necessary tools for getting the maximum out of every sound. However, it’s obvious that not everyone can afford such things, so what should you do then?

Bass Guitar Types – Which One Is Right For You?

A bass guitar is primarily a four stringed instrument that produces sound, usually through amplification, by either being picked, slapped, or most commonly plucked. When people think of a bass guitar most often the image they get in their mind is a longer four stringed version of a guitar. However, that is an all to common fallacy, in fact there is a large number of types of basses out there each with their own unique feature.

Let’s Buy An Acoustic Bass Guitar!

Not many people are familiar with acoustic bass guitars. You should check out these great instruments, they create wonderful sounds.

Frank Sinatra – The Icon Lives On In Vinyl

Frank Sinatra was mentioned by various names in his heyday, and though he is best recognized for his voice, he was also a reputable thespian and an icon. In 1954, Frankie even won an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in ‘From Here to Eternity’. Coming into the world on December 12th, 1915 in Hoboken, New Jersey, Francis Albert Sinatra did not finish high school and never learned how to read music, but was still able to grow into one of the most cherished performers in entertainment.

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