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What It Takes to Be an American Idol

Do you think that the American Idol is the life-changing platform you would like to try? Why not? For the lucky few, it becomes an ultimate fast track to celebrity status.

American (or Asperger) Idol

American Idol finalist James Durbin has one mad talent and two diagnoses, Tourette Syndrome and Asperger’s Syndrome. He’s an inspiration to people with and without diagnoses as he follows his passion.

Do You Have What It Takes to Master the Violin?

Assuming you have these qualities or willing to gain them, you can become a great violinist. You may find it difficult or it may seem natural to you. Find out what it takes to master the violin.

Breathing Exercises and Useful Insights For Singers

Not everyone agrees on what good breathing means for singers. In fact, there are almost as many explanations about good breathing for singers as there are teachers of singing. In this article, I try to clarify the information in order to help singers.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Tickets From a Reputable Ticket Seller

This article outlines the dangers of buying tickets from ticket touts. This articles concludes that you are much safe buying from reputable outlet.

Sun Records’ Rockabilly Sound: Often Emulated-Never Duplicated!

So many definitive rockabilly recordings came out on the Sun Records label that the label has come to be synonymous with rockabilly. Although the label didn’t release rockabilly exclusively–lots of blues and country recordings were released on Sun too–it’s those pioneering rockabilly recordings that put the label on the map. Rockabilly musicians the world over have been trying to duplicate that distinctive “Sun sound” ever since Elvis’ “That’s All Right” changed the course of pop music forever. While other labels turned out records that you could say were equally as great as the Sun releases, no one has ever really been able to nail that original Sun sound.

Creating Hip Hop Beats With Your Computer

Hip hop beats are used in combination with samplers, sequencers, drum machines and other instruments to create the background for rapping or instrumentals for dance clubs. Some artists use music maker software like Cakewalk or MAGIX. The programs make it possible to create the sounds without the more expensive equipment.

Sing and Make Money – Become a Local Singing Sensation

So you never became an international singing sensation. That doesn’t mean you can not earn a very comfortable living as a local singing superstar. Their are plenty of opportunities at local events that will keep you busy years into the future. You’d be surprised to know how many opportunities are out there. Here are just a few ideas for you to consider.

Wah Wah Pedal – What Is a Wah Wah Anyway?

The wah wah pedal is a foot sized pedal that is used to change the sound affect of the notes played on a guitar. It changes the tone of the signal, and creates a “wah-wah” sound as the player rocks their foot back and forth.

Know the Components of a Piano and What They Do

If you are someone who plays the piano or if you wish to learn, it is always best to buy an instrument from a reputable piano dealer who will help you learn about the various technical aspects about the instrument. There are many different options, styles, shapes, sizes, and materials available when choosing a piano. If you are serious about playing the piano then you need a quality piano that is made with the finest of craftsmanship.

Eminem – The Artist of the Decade

As the biggest selling artist over the last decade, Eminem is at stratospheric heights as far as the sales go. In this article we introduce you to his life, and the top Eminem albums of all time.

Hot Hip Hop Software For Your Very Own Beats!

In my opinion the best in the music world is the hot hip hop beats. Almost all the people possess the special interest for music. But in the latest trend it is seen that the hip hop beats are becoming more and more popular among the people.

Indian Instruments Age With the Human Race

Along with the development of Indian music are the changes to classical Indian instruments. For a country retaining the good reputation for being among the oldest civilizations of the world, India can easily pride itself due to having an abundant and diverse musical history that has acquired worldwide standing.

Needed Equipment for Your Karaoke Player

What should you have to begin your karaoke player experience? Well, first of all you must have quality microphones. You can certainly purchase cheaper ones but I have noticed a significant difference in the overall quality of music with poorer makes and models.

How to Make Hip Hop Beats in Minutes

Learn how to make hip hop beats in no time. It is easier than you might think!

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