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The Top 5 Best Female Rappers Of All Time

Many female rappers have tried to leave their mark, but only a select few have been able to earn the respect of their male counterparts. Find out who make up the top 5 best female rappers of all time.

Other Lives Create Dramatic Soundscapes at Mercury Lounge in NYC

Early shows in the summer always feel strange to me, since it’s just so bright outside. Last night (or day), I checked out the early show at Mercury Lounge where Other Lives played, with Ravens & Chimes as support. Even though I was going out to a show when the sun still seemed too high for that, Mercury Lounge was dank and dark as if it the moon was out, and the bright side to early shows is that there’s plenty of time to catch another show after that if you’re feeling so ambitious.

3 Easy Tips to Climb SoundClick Charts

It is widely known that producers have been able to make 1000’s of dollars selling beats online via SoundClick. Recording artists have been able to build tremendous buzz on the website, too.

Bob Dylan Albums – Which Are The Best?

I was drinking at the local bar last week when someone asked me this question: “If you were to be isolated in a jungle and could only bring 3 Bob Dylan albums, which ones would you choose to bring?” If you are even remotely aware of American pop culture over the past 4 decades, then it would be really hard to miss the great impact of Bob Dylan’s songs. He is considered as one of the greatest dynamic artist in modern American history music. Yes, I need more time to get back in touch with all things D-Y-L-A-N! Here’s my list.

More And More Musicians Are Finding It Beneficial To Buy Beats

You can easily discover why so many artists, musicians and rappers buy beats online by reading this article. You will learn plenty about buying beats and how it works.

Finding The Right Piano Teacher For Learning To Play The Piano

Learning how to play the piano can be fun and exciting way to get into music. Learning how to play music will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Top 3 Tips for Writing Songs That Sizzle

I have been a musician for years, and I have heard many of my contemporaries lament how songwriting causes great anxiety and how that anxiety outweighs the feeling of contentment or gratification. Have I just described you? If yes, then get a load of these top 3 tips for writing songs.

Tips on Songwriting: How to Incorporate Discipline and Make More Time for Music

Here’s a bit of trivia for you: The first songwriter to have 7 singles, sung by different artists, hit the Billboard charts is Diane Warren. This exceptional songwriter has written a lot of hit singles for popular artists like Elton John and Meatloaf. How does she manage to pull it off? In an interview, she reveals: “It all boils down to how I discipline myself.” Writing the best songs that you can doesn’t only involve applying some great tips on songwriting; it also means that you have to make time for music in your life. Music should be one of your top priorities in the day. Here are some tips on songwriting that can help you do just that.

How to Become a Songwriter – Break Those Bad Habits

Do you consider yourself a real songwriter? If yes, then you should learn how to become a songwriter by breaking your bad habits that hinder songwriting. Real songwriters write songs as often as they can. Although they are aware that most don’t make the grade; they keep on keeping on.

The Best Bob Dylan Albums Ever

Most Bob Dylan albums include songs that were heavily laden with influence from his exposure to blues, folk and country music. I have been an ardent Dylan follower for over 30 years since I was introduced to his songs by my music teacher back in grade school. I was instantly hooked to his songs, and found myself spending my evenings listening to his recordings; enraptured by his original, strange and compelling music. If you are a big Dylan fan like me, then you probably are a big fan of these albums, which give a glimpse of his greatness.

One of the Best Bob Dylan Albums

Bob Dylan has created so many great albums in his time; it is a big task to choose the greatest Bob Dylan albums ever made. All of his albums differ, giving his listeners a glimpse of the pride of Hibbing, Minnesota. Below are my top 3 picks.

The ’80’s: Death of a Legend and the Birth of Three Stars

I hate it to begin on a sad note, but the fact is, if you’re gonna write about music in general or just the 1980’s in particular, you cannot ignore the following information. At the close of 1980 on December 8, former member of the legendary group the Beatles, John Lennon and his wife Yoko, were returning to their apartment building in Manhattan, New York. The couple had been at a recording studio, where Lennon was working on the follow up to his just released album, “Double Fantasy”.

Jack White’s Dead Weather Project

The former White Stripes icon has been keeping busy since retiring his former label, instead of flying off to some decadent Rock & Roll playground for the rest of eternity, Jack has opted to stay active by keeping his talented paws busy with two well-established bands (Raconteurs and the Dead Weather). The one defining aspect of Jack White is that his work ethic is a hard wired machine that lives deep in his artistic soul. In his own words he states “…if you call yourself an artist, you have a responsibility to that liberty that you’ve given yourself. You don’t have a day job where you work 9 to 5 at a factory because you’re an artist? Well, okay, well then you better make some art. That doesn’t mean you can sit around all day and do nothing”. The man is driven, and along with his talent for music has made him so successful in the music world.

Rat Pack Impersonators Offer a Night to Remember

If you want your party or event to be truly special, consider hiring Rat Pack impersonators. Truly talented tribute singers like Tony Sands, Dave Michaels, and Geno Monroe will make any room seem like 1960s Las Vegas showroom! Read more…

Why You Shouldn’t Make Your Own Pedal Board Case

Are you planning on making your own pedal board case? If you are then it is a bad idea. Often, many guitarists who try and make their own pedal board case end up damaging their guitar pedals. What you should do instead is…

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