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Tom Petty – Learning To Fly

For Tom Petty, Learning to Fly has become an unsuspected highlight of his solo career. For all its success, at first glance it can seem as though there really isn’t much there. Simple song structure, basic melody, straightforward lyrics – does anyone know exactly how this song became a hit?

Music And Dance – Like A Horse And Carriage

Music is a part of everyday life. Perhaps there is no time of the day when people wouldn’t want to listen to music. It is often called the universal language because people can relate to music, even if the lyrics are foreign.

Things To Look For When Buying Car DVD Players

Long drives can be extremely boring, especially if you don’t have any source of entertainment in the vehicle. Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch your favourite movies or listen to your favourite songs during your journey? These days, more and more people are buying car DVD players so they can have some sort of enjoyment when they go on long drives.

Three Alternatives To The Usual Guitar Blues Scales – That Most Guitar Players Don’t Know About

In another article I discussed some ideas to those guitar players looking to break out of the traditional guitar blues scales, such as the minor pentatonic and the blues scale itself, by offering some easy alternatives. However, if you are a more seasoned player there are other ideas that will further expand your sound and give you even more options to play with.

Basic Guitar Lessons – Be Sure Not To Make These Mistakes

Are you interested in taking up basic guitar lessons? Well, today, I would like to share with you three mistakes that some beginners make, and hopefully you will not make them when you start learning how to play the guitar.

Four Top Vinyl Record Cleaning Tips

Why do I get white sludge on my stylus after cleaning my vinyl records? And more importantly what can I do about it? So you have spent time cleaning your precious vinyl, begun to play it and after a few minutes the sound quality deteriorates. Upon inspection you notice that your stylus is covered in a white sticky crud. Why is that?

Don McLean’s “American Pie”: What Was He Really Writing About?

Don McLean’s American Pie is one of the greatest lyrical achievements ever. It’s so rich in symbolism and imagery that it practically begs you to try and interpret it. But what was McLean really writing about. Find out what’s true and what’s not in the writer’s own words.

I Want You – Elvis Costello and the Confusion of Love

Love is a feeling that has confused human beings since the first sidelong Neanderthal glance across the camp fire. In his song “I Want You”, Elvis Costello captures this confusion very well, but how does he do it?

Top 5 Best Justin Bieber Songs Of All Time

Justin came in 2009 at first time in front millions audience. He soon became extra ordinary pop sensation. He charted 15 singles in less than two years. He is Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist may be some times as a Music Composer. That means he is a great rising super star in the future. Today he is the inspiration millions of teenagers and youngsters. I do not know what say about him. I like few songs about the Justin. They are as follows. However, it is so hard to answer that which is the top five best Justin Bieber songs of all time. It is like choosing a kid from your family.

Chopin’s Musical Biography

Chopin’s Second Piano Sonata in Bb minor was written around a Funeral March composed several years earlier seems to tell the story of a stormy life, with moments of rare beauty. In this enigmatic work of art, without a dedication, Chopin achieves mastery of the large scale form and perhaps tells the story of his own stormy, tragic yet poignant life.

Rapsody’s Idea Of Beautiful

The rise of rapper Rapsody, a contemporary to these aforementioned artists, seems particularly interesting. Similar to Little Brother, Rapsody, whose love for Hip-Hop culture is anything but ironic, is a North Carolina native whose career and sound have been heavily shaped by legendary producer 9th Wonder.

Drum Machine Software for the Newbie Music Producer

The drum is an essential instrument in music performances. There is no doubt about it. The drum was able to make music quite colorful and diverse. Therefore, almost all the concerts (usually pop and other similar types of music) use drums for entertaining the crowds. If you are a DJ, how can you further entertain your audience with drum beats? The drum machine is the answer.

Blues Guitar Lesson: 3 Easy Steps For Learning Blues Guitar Chord Shapes

Rather than learning random chord shapes a much more effective way to learn blues guitar is to select the best chord voicing for your particular musical application and then use voice leading techniques to create additional chords shapes than (a) produce the smoothest musical sound; and (b) are physically easy to play. Step 1: Stylize the chord progression With this first step what we want to achieve is to create a starting point, a place that will not only set…

Buy Beats for Intriguing Music Production

The internet is continually advancing, and creative shopping options coming out every day. It caters to the needs of buyers worldwide, and product range is huge. You can have anything from a tiny common pin to big vehicle.

How Do We Inspire Lyrics for Songs?

Where do we find lyrics for, when writing a song? What events lead up to them being created? Why is it that one day, you can write the lyrics to an entire song in under an hour, when another time, it can take weeks – or even never be completed.

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