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Loretta Lynn: Singer, Songwriter, Author, Women’s Advocate and Standing Up for What She Believed in

Loretta Lynn at one time had received many awards. Some of the more prominent ones are as follows. In 1972 she was the first woman to be named “Entertainer of the Year”. In 1977 she was the first female country artist to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame In 2010 she received the Lifetime Grammy Achievement Award for her 50 years in country music. And in 2013 she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. More importantly however is that this story is about her personal life and the ups and downs that come along with being a celebrity. It delves into her character and the principles that she believed in given the tragedies she endured. Her character and attitude about doing the right thing is quite a story. Once you read it your respect for her will grow immensely for her accomplishments.

Experience Music

How to listen to music. How to enjoy and experience it to the full.

“Pillow” Songs That Will Comfort Your Head

The feathers were flying in Sioux Falls last week, even more than the pigskin flew during the game between South Dakota and South Dakota State. Several activities were designed to intensify the rivalry, highlighted the world’s largest pillow fight. According to Thursday’s USA Today, former boy-band singer Joey Fatone hosted the pillow fracas, which featured more participants than the previous record.

How to Practice Singing – 3 Easy Tips

Read this article to get three easy steps to help you practice singing. These tips sound easy to do but many people seem to forget to implement them. If you take these tips on board, you will most likely be able to improve on your singing.

Mobile DJ Makes It Much Easier to Find a Good DJ

There are many different types of ways that people will hire a DJ. A mobile DJ is able to bring their own sound and lighting to the stage. This is something that is very efficient when hiring for certain events.

How To Know If You Can Become A Great Guitarist Part 1: How Bad Do You Want It?

What is the one thing that will stop you from becoming a better guitarist? You’d be mistaken if you thought it was a lack of talent, not enough guitar speed, not having knowledge of music theory or countless other musical factors.

Bring Warmth and Flexibility to the Voice

Whatever the genre of music you want to be singing and certainly when you want to sing across genres your voice needs both flexibility and a measure of warmth. You don’t want to sound like a wooden statue yapping out some notes. You want to be able to sing a wide range of songs, consistently.

Best 14 Albums of ’14

2014 Albums – The year is not nearly over yet, but Christmas songs have already started playing in department stores. Actually, it was playing as I shopped for some last-minute Halloween candy. When you tire of being bombarded by all the carols and jingles, consider listening to some of the best music released in 2014.

New Zealand Music Festival Survey

The rise of Lorde and electronic dance music, or EDM, across the world has brought a new level of attention to music festivals in the country of New Zealand. The country is currently producing a number of leading popular musicians and acts and is the birthplace of the latest worldwide pop sensation, Lorde(1). The music scene supported the rise of acts Gotye, The Naked and Famous and Mt.

Of Moods and Music

For many decades I have been fascinated with the mood spectrum that springs from music, chords in particular. That spectrum can range from despair to euphoria. I will attempt to attach a certain chord to a corresponding emotion and explain why it all works within the grand equation of life.

Writing Rap Lyrics Like A Pro

Writing lyrics is the most important part of crafting a great rap. Whether you’ve been writing lyrics for years or are just starting out, check out these tips to help you perfect your trade.

Sarah Vaughan

In the world of American jazz legends, there are many nicknames. Dizzy. Satchmo. Count. Yardbird. Lady Day. The First Lady. But only one can lay claim to the contrasting yet complimentary monikers “Sassy” and “Divine.” She is the one, the only, the incomparable Sarah Vaughan.

Diana Krall

Diana Krall began playing piano at age four. Diana’s father had a passion for record collecting; he was also a stride piano player, and in the evenings the family would often gather around the piano and sing together and everybody played.

Ella Fitzgerald – First Lady Of Song

By the time Ella’s career ended, she had recorded over 200 albums and 2,000 songs, and her record sales exceeded 40 million. Among her many awards and honors, Ella won 13 Grammys, received Kennedy Center Honors, the National Medal of Arts, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Get Your Kids Excited About Gospel Music With Gospel Piano Lessons

Do you love music? Would like your children to love music as much as you do? Enroll them in piano classes today.

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