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What Is Good and What Is Bad On Free Guitar Lesson

Many individuals who want to take up guitar playing look for free guitar lessons. But let us analyze a bit the advantages and the disadvantages of this kind of lessons. First of all, the positive side of things is that you obviously can follow these lessons even if your budget is very tight.

5 Things You Need To Be A Rapper

You’ve decided that you want to become a hip hop artist. But there are several things you need to learn before entering the hip hop world. Here are 5 tools that you absolutely cannot live without if you hope to be successful.

Vocally and Otherwise Speaking, The World Evidently Has Gone Crazy

Let’s examine what has happened to the world lately? What has happened is that nobody speaks, especially on the phone. Everybody is texting and e-mailing and practically nobody communicates otherwise. Not necessarily any of those people have a voice problem; and that’s why they are afraid to speak. But, all of them, however, independently, have a problem in common; they simply do not know how to communicate anymore, (voice problem or not).

Why Some Rappers Lose Money

Some rappers are getting sued and boycotted. Why is this happening?

The Man Behind the Curtain Pt2

This discussion started with the debate of whether music, or art generally speaking, is wholly inspired or if there is logical thought and design behind the artistic process. In phrasing the debate like this, what we have is really a false either/or argument. The false argument goes like this. Art (music) must be inspiration and emotion versus cold and calculating. Art (music) is spontaneous versus planned. In this article, I want to show that art (music) is really a combination of both.

Grunge Rock Bands – The Seattle Story

In the early 1990’s, Seattle was the epicenter for the most influential grunge rock bands in music history. Seattle has the Mount Rushmore of grunge rock bands as well as a few new all-start on the up and coming list. Grunge rock is an art the captures the mind, heart, and soul.

ALBUM REVIEW – KXM – (George Lynch From Dokken, Ray Luzier From Korn and dUg Pinnock From King’s X)

Another super group? Can members of Dokken, King’s X and Korn work together for the greater good of hard rock harmony? The new album from KXM will answer this question.

Acoustic or Digital Piano – Which Should You Choose?

How do you choose between an acoustic or digital piano? We address the pros and cons of both.

Interview: Michael Sweet – Stryper

Interview with Michael Sweet from Stryper. We discuss his thoughts on the new album, the changing music industry and his forthcoming solo album and book releases.

The Man Behind the Curtain Pt1

Do the best musical creative ideas just ‘seem to happen’? I believe there is on ongoing myth about artists and the whole creative process. We want to peel back the curtain. For a long time, the human race has had a group of people who have been actively and consciously trying to unravel and unwind this beautiful and wondrous thing we call music. All of us who love and appreciate music have benefited by these efforts. It directly affects the instruments we hear and play, the scales music is made up of, the physical spacings of the frets on the guitar, and the technology that reproduces the musical performances that we listen to.

About the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra – Interview With Dr Russell Steinberg

My wife Georja Umano and I are regular reviewers of LA Opera, and we lament that we don’t go to LA Phil often enough. We’re also fans of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and the Los Angeles Master Chorale. So you’d think we’d know there’s yet another virtuoso orchestra in town – the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra.

Red Dragon Cartel (Jake E. Lee) – Album Review

The triumphant return of a metal master or fallow meanderings of a lost soul? Which is to be for Jake E. Lee?

Choosing the Right Guitar Instructor

Just because someone plays the guitar well, doesn’t mean he or she can teach you to play well. Find out what you need to know about choosing the right guitar instructor.

Fun With Karaoke Players

In today’s world, direct download is everywhere! And since hi tech has moved to karaoke players you can get the ultimate in singing to your treasured melodies. This piece of writing shows some things to remember and whether or not this kind of software is the best for your singing satisfaction.

Yes They Really Do Use Those Chords

Way back when I first started playing guitar I remember using a minor seventh chord in one of the songs. One of the guys couldn’t believe it. You mean they actually use those chords he asked me. Yes I answered. They really do use those chords. I want to show some examples of songs that use some other, non-basic chords. Chords can improve your fingering technique. They can improve your playing. Believe it or not, they can improve your lead playing. If you write, they can improve your writing.

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