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Best 8 Features of Yamaha YPG635 – Read Full Yamaha YPG635 Review

Every once in a few decades an instrument comes along that you either grab or regret not getting. Just like when you first start falling in love and you want to shout it to the world, I need to rave about my new Yamaha YPG635. Review is based on my own purchase of the Yamaha YPG635.

California Shines and Sings About the US Capitol Christmas Tree 2011

California has long been an inspiration to many artists, writers, and musicians. The state is filled with many creative people of all age groups.

Mobb Deep Mixtapes – The Early Years

Even the biggest acts in the hip hop industry often put out a few records that do not perform well before reaching stardom. There were many Mobb Deep mixtapes before the duo finally became one of the most popular acts in the business. It took some hard work and perseverance for this group to make a name for themselves, but they are now a fan favorite among people who buy mixtapes.

5 Best Musical Instrument Apps for Android

Music means a lot to people. In as much as people have various personalities and preferences, many genres of music exist to soothe, entertain and amuse.

Why You Can’t Miss Gathering of the Juggalos Music Festival 2011

 Get ready Juggalo family; it’s that time of year again. Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic Records’ 12th annual Gathering of the Juggalos music festival in 2011 will be held from Thursday, August 11th to Sunday, August 15th in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois.   The largest Juggalo convention and only Juggalo music festival in 2011 will feature many of the same events that have become Gathering of the Juggalos staples over the past 12 years, all of which do their part to ensure that Gathering of the Juggalos remains one of a kind among music festivals in 2011.

Do You Miss Michael Jackson?

When I was younger, nothing beat the excitement of the Thriller album. It was 1982, I’ll never forget sitting in front of my 32 inch tube television with Atari cords flooding the area waiting for the premiere of the Michael Jackson Thriller video.

The Best Spanish Guitar Songs Ever – And Why?

Ok, let’s get real for a second. I could say I know what are the best Spanish guitar songs ever simply because I like Spanish guitar. BUT, if I was to say that I can actually play these songs?

The Best Coldplay Songs Of All Time – And Why?

No one can argue that Coldplay is one of the best bands of today. But what are their best songs? Find out here in this article on the 5 Best Coldplay Songs of all time!

How to Get Into Death Metal

Death Metal is a genre that is both widely appreciated in the Heavy Metal community, but simultaneously very controversial outside of that small circle. Amongst the reasons of these controversies, much concern the music: the very discordant sound, the harsh vocals, the fast drumming, where others concern mostly the morbid, and sometimes anti-religious lyrics. Yet, Death Metal is a very captivating Heavy Metal genre because of it’s technicality and the musical skills it requires.

Goldfrapp Felt Mountain: A Charming Escape Into Both the Past and Future!

Goldfrapp Felt Mountain, is one of the finest, most elegant, charming and gracious debut albums I have heard. But what are its best songs? Let’s revisit this masterful work.

The Best Tips On Buying The Right Budget Electric Guitar

Buying you very first electric guitar can quite easily prove to be very daunting, especially as some models will definitely be a much better buy than others. Here I take a look at a few useful points to consider.

How To Sing Using Head Voice

In singing, there are many types of vocal registers. To name a few, there’s the chest voice, falsetto, and head voice. In this article, you will learn more about how to use the head voice.

DIY Production – A Killer Recording?

STOP, think about what you’re doing and what you’re actually trying to achieve. What do you need to make a killer recording? Do you already have everything you need?

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Used Guitar

Buying a guitar used can be a very cost effective exercise. New guitars can be expensive and buying a second hand guitar for less money can be a very attractive prospect. But purchasing a used musical instrument does have its risks and you really need to know what to look for when making your choice.

What Is The Best Way To Tune A Guitar?

One of the hardest things every beginner faces when just learning how to play guitar is how to tune it. There are many helpful articles and websites that show and explain how to do it. Yet still almost all of the beginners get so confused and frustrated that some even quit learning guitar because of it. So does it mean that you should give up as well? Is there no way for you to learn to tune a guitar?

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