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Why Manchester Live Music Is Still Proving Popular

When you think of high profile venues, what do you think of? If live music Manchester is the first thing to come to mind, then you are not alone, there is guaranteed to be many people thinking the same about Manchester music.

Visiting the Music Venues in Manchester, and What They Have to Offer

Liverpool may have begun the musical revolution in the 1960’s with The Beatles but Manchester most definitely surpassed its scouse counterparts in the latter decades. Most noticeably, the 1980’s and 1990’s as Manchester became the coolest city on earth. The likes of Joy Division, The Smiths and The Stone Roses, all originated in this vivacious city. These bands set Manchester apart and created a holy trinity of alternative rocks bands that would change music venues in Manchester, along with the face of music forever. All of these groups illustrated a desire to buck the current trends and create new ones, to rebel and to wreak havoc. These connotations with Manchester rock bands have not altered as Oasis and later Noel Gallagher’s’ High Flying Birds and Beady Eye, have continued the ritual of becoming the bad boys of popular music.

Electronic Press Kit or EPK – Why Do I Need One?

An Electronic Press Kit or EPK as it is commonly called is all your promo kit on one page that can be sent by email. The EPK is a 21st century version of a traditional press kit that is sent through the post.

Keyboard Yamaha PSR, YPT and YPG Models

Yamaha has been building musical instruments and audio equipment for an extremely long time now, and over the years, this dedicated company has never stopped creating pioneering solutions for people who want to learn and play great music and has introduced the keyboard Yamaha PSR, YPT and YPG instrument models. As you may know, Yamaha manufactures a whole assortment of portable keyboard models for every need, and for every budget. Not everybody is able spend $600 to $1,000 for a new piano. This is the reason why portable keyboards have become so popular in recent years.

The Clash Is the Most Popular Punk Rock Band From Britain

They were one of the most exciting and explosive band in the history of rock music. The band played a very important role in creating and defining punk movement. The Clash became the central voice of punk movement, after the sex pistols disbanded in 1978. In Britain, they were recognized as one the most renowned punk rock bands.

Tips for Creating Your Ultimate Wireless Home Sound System

Music is a huge part of our daily lives and it brings us so much pleasure, so why not create a system in our home which will allow us to listen to all of our music wherever and whenever we please? With the flexibility of a wireless sound system, you can bring your favourite tunes to any room in your house with high quality portable speakers.

Mosaic Music Festival

The Mosaic Music Festival is an annual festival in Singapore that takes place in and around the Esplanade Theatre for ten days. Started in 2005, Mosaic began as a jazz and world music festival but has since grown to feature a wide variety of music styles. The festival is a celebration of music as art and as such is less likely to feature chart-topping pop stars.

Wedding Music Band – What to Look for

Wedding music will set the scene on how you’re special night will unfold. A great band of professional musicians can make all the difference.

Get Custom Cases Made For Your Instruments

There are many manufacturers that have emerged with customized casing options for your musical instruments. There are an ample amount of designs and materials to choose from that will match your taste. From custom guitar cases and flute cases to tuba cases and drum cases, there are designs and colors galore to pick from. Some music custom cases offer patented humidity control systems that protect your instruments from the external fluctuations in temperature and humidity that can rust and corrode your instruments.

What You Need To Know About Basic Guitar Lessons From Home

Are you considering learning to play the guitar? Did you know that you can learn basic guitar lessons from the comfort of your own home? In our modern day and era, that is possible! Read on as I will tell you what you need to know about learning to play the guitar from home.

Attack on Memories By Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings is an indie rock band founded in 2009 by then teenager Dylan Baldi. What started as a basement solo project for his own amusement, turned into a full time gig when a couple of songs Baldi posted to a fake band’s MySpace page he crafted started to garner enough attention to earn him EP release offers and bookings for shows in New York. Just over three years later Baldi’s near prolific levels of output coupled with a fierce and youthful exuberance, have resulted in not only a collection of early EP’s and singles, but two full length albums as well. The most recent, Attack On Memory, was released in January 2012.

Playing a Benefit Show: It’s All About the Money, Or Is It?

“There won’t be any pay but it’s for a good cause.” No one likes to play for free but sometimes there are rewards that can’t be measured in $.

Tips And Resources For Playing And Buying A Bass Guitar

The bass is the back bone or the heart beat in a band. The bass is the instrument that hold things together, creates consistent cohesion. The bass requires a player who can stay focused and steady. There are times where a bass player will get the chance to solo or jam, but unlike a lead guitar or other instruments the majority of time the bass plays the same notes over and over through out the tune. Everyone in a band, an orchestra, quartet or most any other group of instruments playing together, will depend on the bass as a guide, if the bass makes mistakes it can throw everyone off. The bassist propels the tune along by aligning each chord so that the other players move smoothly through the cord changes in the music.

Learn Blues Guitar: How To Play Killer Blues Guitar Solos

Ok you can play all your scales and chords, you’re practicing five hours a day and you’ve just bought the best blues guitar you can afford but still your soloing sounds like an exercise; what could possibly be the problem? The answer is simple.

Guitar Playing Secrets – How To Become A Master Guitarist

Do you want to become a master guitarist? Well you need to start from somewhere first, don’t you agree? Don’t worry about that though, because just because you are not great today does not mean you will never become great. This is a journey you will have to take. Read through my guitar playing secrets, and hopefully you will be motivated to never give up, but persevere on your quest to become the very best.

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