What’s The Deal With Line 6?! – 8 Awesome Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Line 6!

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The Lyrics To Coldplay’s Song Sparks Are Truly Beautiful – But What Do They Really Mean?

You can’t deny that Coldplay’s song Sparks is one of their most intimate and beautiful songs ever. But what do the lyrics to the song really mean? Get the scoop here in this article.

Now This Is Wild: Before the Troggs, the Wild Ones’ “Wild Thing”

While the Troggs pioneered Neanderthal rock with 1966’s “Wild Thing,” the song was first written by Chip Taylor for the Wild Ones, the house band of New York discotheque Arthur. The Troggs reinstated the primitive sound of Taylor’s demo, added an ocarina and hit number one.

Full Sized Headphones

What is the difference between open and closed ear headphones? How do you know which one is rite for you? Find out about full sized headphones now!

Choosing the Best Karaoke for Your Voice

You have made the choice to go to a specific bar on a specific night just because they advertise karaoke. You probably did not mean for you to go up and sing, but to rope some unsuspecting friend into volunteering for a few songs. But, somehow, you ended up the one next up to sing.

How To Get The Best Start With Your Yamaha Guitar

Yamaha makes guitars that are affordable and reliable for musicians at all skill levels including a superior quality line for beginners. This article gives specific info on the silent Yamaha guitar for practice and the classical Yamaha guitar for beginners.

Finding The Right Guitar Teacher For You

Evaluating guitar teachers is a lot like evaluating a musician’s ability-it’s highly subjective, and there are no “right” answers. Actually, finding the perfect guitar teacher is more of a combination of your needs, the guitar teacher’s teaching abilities and approach, and a host of other issues thrown in for good measure.

Online Beat Makers for Beginners

If you love music and are looking for a great way to enjoy your hobby, then you would almost certainly love to make beats online. Using an online program is a great way to play around with the idea of creating your own music.

Crooner Dean Martin – Reminiscing With the King of Cool – The Timeless Music of Dean Martin

Everybody Loves Somebody sometime, and that somebody is none other than legendary crooner Dean Martin. With cigarette in hand and a lady by his side, the King of Cool served up his sensual love songs to the world for over four decades. Dino had found his own voice and went on to have legendary hits, like; Memories Are Made of This, That’s Amore, and Everybody Loves Somebody. His songs are still heard in movies, television shows and commercials today. Dean Martin’s songs are downloaded on iTunes by a whole new generation of song lovers.

Learn How to Setup a 5 Piece Drum Set

Each and every drummer has his own different preference regarding the setting of spacing as well as angles of the 5 piece drum set. The main reason behind this is the comfort level and the drum beat you may wish to produce. This set is made up of brass drum, floor tom, snare, two upper toms and a drum seat.

Make Your Own Beats On Your PC

Making your own beats is something that many people aspire to do, and with the help of music making software more people than ever before are making their own music and beats. No longer do you need to get into a recording studio, or pay many thousands of dollars on expensive equipment.

Steven Tyler – Sell Out or Just a Lead Singer?

Steven Tyler, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, charismatic front man and lead singer of Aerosmith, has somehow landed in the seat of “Talent Judge” on American Idol. We look at the good, the bad and the ugly of such a move.

CD Review Amos Lee Mission Bell

Mission Bell, Amos Lee’s latest, is testimony that his work has evolved to become more grown up and contemporary. This has been noticed and commented by many music critics, reviewers and fans. In this article we discuss the pros and cons of that as well as reviewing Mission Bell.

Voice Recorders – 10 Tips to Choosing One That Is Right for You

If you plan on recording Music Material like concerts or band rehearsals, choose a one with good quality Stereo Mics that can handle uncompressed PCM audio as .wav files. However, if you are using the it only for personal note taking, you can skimp on High Quality Stereo Mics and choose one with a basic Mono Microphone that offers lower quality mp3 audio instead. (If you plan to use an external Mic, make sure your Mic and connectors are compatible with the device you choose).

The Danger Of Using Online Video Guitar Lessons

If you have ambitions to become the next Gary Moore or Eric Clapton then you need two things. Firstly, you’ll need a guitar. Secondly, you’ll need someone to show you how to play it. The first bit is relatively easy – there are plenty of guitars available to buy either new or second hand either online or in the high street. The second point might be a little harder though, and unless you happen to know someone who’s very accomplished at playing the guitar, and who has plenty of time to help teach you the right techniques, then you have three choices.

Before the Blues Brothers, the Chips Served a “Rubber Biscuit”

The Blues Brothers’ hit “Rubber Biscuit” featured hyper-speed scat singing about crazy cuisine like cool-water sandwiches and Sunday-go-to-meeting buns. First recorded by the Chips, the song became a favorite of East Coast disc jockeys in 1956. Written by lead Charles “Kenrod” Johnson while housed at a reform school, “Rubber Biscuit” became a 1978 smash when it was covered by the John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as brothers “Joliet” Jake and Elwood Blues–the Blues Brothers.

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