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Unearthing Hidden Indie Music Gems

If Indie music is where your heart resides in the sonic landscape, then you’ve probably listened to the bands “Death Cab for Cutie”, “The Decemberists”, “Bright Eyes”, “The National”, and “Mumford & Sons”, but have you heard of “Rocky Votolato, “William Fitzsimmons”, or “Great Lake Swimmers”? If you have, that’s wonderful, but I’m certain that you know of many bands and artists that my expanding ears never have been introduced to and would thank you immensely for. The problem is, how can local, emerging Indie bands have a chance at grabbing your soul through your headphones? Finding new music when you’re craving something new to listen to but you can’t find anything really is one of the most frustrating things, but when you do, it feels so great.

What You Can Learn From Songwriting Genius And Film Composer John Williams

Every aspiring film composer who is passionate about songwriting dreams of composing the hit song for that top grossing film that will immediately bring the movie scenes to mind. Think John-Williams, one of the greatest film composers in the world, five times Oscar winner, and the composer for more than 80 movies. These movies include some of the top movies of all time such as the Star Wars trilogy, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Jaws, ET-The Extra Terrestrial, and many more.

Organize Video Discs and Manuals Without The Help of A CD Case

If you are a serious gamer, then I am pretty sure that you have lots of CDs of video games lying in the floor of your room, in your bed, in the living room or in the gaming room. This may include video game, manuals and the likes. However, leaving them scattered in your house will not only irritate your mother, there is also a bigger chance that it will be broken or misplaced. With all the money you have spent on these CDs, I know that you do not want to waste all these. Plus, having a more systematized and organized system, you can lessen the clutter, keep them in a proper place and of course, you will not have to spend so much time looking for the CD that you will use.

Lohengrin As Dramatic Theodicy

The myth Wagner set to music in the opera Lohengrin is a marvelous portrait of romantic chivalry. The mystery of the enduring power of this story may be explained by analyzing it as a dramatic theodicy. A philosophical theodicy poses an answer to the problem of evil in a world supposedly controlled by a God who is good. How atrocities can be permitted under the sun by a benevolent and omnipotent God is a question that does not completely relent under logical analysis. Dramatic renderings of the issue have had wider appeal and greater staying power. One of the oldest examples of dramatic theodicy is the story of Job in the Bible.

How to Sing Better By Keeping Your Larynx Out Of Tension

One important aspect a singer needs to be cautious about when learning how to sing better is to keep his/her larynx completely tension free. The larynx, more commonly known as “The Voice Box” is nothing but a small piece of box that keeps our vocal chords in hold. It is made of a cartilage and is surrounded and supported by muscles.

When Justin Bieber Feels Jealous

Jealousy is really an annoying feeling. It bothers your mind at any time. Being jealous is much more distressing than being hungry. It’s such feeling which Justin Bieber tries to describe and tell in That Should Be Me song.

10 Awesome Ways to Use a Metronome

This report shows the reader 10 really cool ways to utilize a metronome during your practice sessions that you may never have thought of before. I can think of many good reasons to why you would want to use a metronome when you practice. People are born with perfect pitch, but have you ever heard of someone being born with perfect time? I haven’t. Time, as most people would agree, is something everyone needs to develop. This is where the metronome comes in handy.

The New Yardbirds – Jimmy Page In 5 Songs

In 1966, just three years since the band was formed, Jimmy Page took over as lead guitarist and Jeff Beck was out. This tumultuous time saw the band disintegrate, rebuild and transform into one of the greatest rock bands of all time: Led Zeppelin.

The Top Three Jackson Browne Greatest Hits Ever – And Why

Jackson Browne is undeniably one of the greatest songwriters of the 20th and 21st centuries who has made an indelible impression on the society, but what are his greatest hits? Get the data on the top three Jackson Browne hits ever.

Singing Tips

If you’re looking for FREE singing tips to help you sing better, please read this article! I think we all agree that breathing correctly is an important part of voice training. Breath is the engine that supports the job of the vocal cords to produce and sustain any sound.

Did You Know About These Obscure Gypsy Kings Song Covers?

The Gypsy Kings have been pushing the boundaries of Flamenco since their inception in the 1970s. But did you know about the obscure Gypsy Kings song covers? Find out about the unique and unknown 3 songs in this article.

Have You Ever Wondered What Inspired The Lyrics To Coldplay’s Song Trouble?

Love Coldplay? Love their song Trouble? Ever wonder what the lyrics really mean? Find out here in this article!

The Top 3 Coldplay CDs Of All Time – And Why?

Whether you’re obsessed with Coldplay or just a casual listener you can’t deny their impact on the world. But what are their best CDs? Find out here just what are the Top 3 Coldplay CDs of all time.

How To Ensure Entry To The Best Nightclubs In The World

Getting into the best nightclubs in the world isn’t as easy as you would think. If you want to party like an A Lister in the trendiest clubs, surrounded by beautiful people you can’t just turn up and hope for the best.

Here Are 4 Reasons Why Sonic Producer Is Better Than Other Beat Makers

It is very difficult to find a good beat maker that actually makes quality beats that won’t cost you, an arm and a leg. If you aspire to make your own beats, you can either invest $1000’s on studio equipment that you will have to spend months if not weeks to set up and master, or you can find a beat maker that allows you to make quality beats right from your computer.

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