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What Makes James Taylor’s “Carolina In My Mind” a Great Song?

What are the ingredients necessary for a great song? James Taylor’s “Carolina In My Mind” has all the answers: melody, mood, chorus and strong lyrics.

LL Cool J: Multi-Talented Artist and the Prayer for Whitney

James Todd Smith was born in January, 1968 and is from Bay Shore, NY. He is better known by his professional name LL Cool J which is an abbreviation for Ladies Love Cool James. He is a multi-talented artist who has had an expansive recording career with 12 albums over 23 years. He has written four books and been in several television shows and movies.

How An iTunes Organiser Could Help You

Ever since the release of the iTunes digital music player and iPod, Apple’s popularity has steadily grown. This has caused a number of different programs to be released by separate companies that improve the overall quality of the original software. iTunes is now the most used music player on the planet, with people that don’t even own an iPod using it as a media player for all of the different files on their computers.

What Can You Do With iTunes?

Although a lot of people have been using iTunes, most have not really used it to its maximum potential. Free iTunes tips are available online, so it is surprising that many people fail to use the media program. Apple is constantly updating iTunes, so the techies out there should stay tuned.

Why Not Get Some Music Producer Software To Make Those Cool Beats?

Hey mom listen to what Frankie did he made some sick beats with his music producer software. The whole neighbor hood showed up, and they are dancing in the streets. lol! Maybe your music producer software won’t stand up to that, but that doesn’t mean you ain’t got talent. Check out the hottest beat maker software on the net.

Learn How to Sing Better With These Great Tips!

Every singer – both amateur and professional – wants to learn how to improve their singing. While there are people who are indeed born with the gift of perfect singing and pitch, most have to work hard to achieve the voice that they desire to have. Some are even tone deaf, and yet they have risen above their handicaps to develop voices that are a level up from amateur singers.

Important Tips on How to Sing Harmony

Nothing can be more awe-inspiring than to hear soaring voices in perfect harmony. Just watch episodes of “Glee” and you will have a very good picture. Unfortunately, many have the erroneous belief that singing in harmony is a lot easier than singing solo.

5 Ways To Tell A Complete Stranger That You Don’t Like Their Music

“What did you think about my song”?… Sounds like a simple question, until you have to answer it. What if you hated it? What if you thought this person should pick a new career? Some people are very cruel and have no problem delivering this “feedback”, but for us folks that prefer a little more tact here are some ideas to deliver criticism.

6 Reasons Why Your Songs Suck

You can usually tell after listening to an artist for a few minutes if their music sucks. There are a few probable causes for bad music. These are some of the reasons I say, “This sucks”.

What Makes Iron And Wine ‘Such Great Heights’ Such a Great Cover?

Iron and Wine’s Sam Beam is known for his hushed vocal performance, acoustic instrumentation, and organic, poetic lyrics. So his decision to cover a song by the indie-techno band the Postal Service seems out of left field. But he makes the song his own. But how did he do it? What makes Iron and Wine ‘Such Great Heights’ such a great cover?

Music Promotion – Sell Music Online, and Gain More Fans With Instagram

An app or application is a software program that is designed to specifically work on a device such as a smartphone, iPhone, template computer, iPod, iPad, and other high-tech gadgets in the market today. Since most music listeners get their fix of music from their gadgets, an artist or band should capitalize on this, specially for selling songs.

How to Record an Album Using Some of the Best Recording Software for Free!

Nowadays, recording music seems easier than ever before. With so much sound editing software out there, music production has become like online trading: everybody can do it from the comfort of his/her home. But sometimes these recording software are expensive, especially the highly professional ones. Nevertheless, there is a way you can use audio editing software for free and you can use the following strategy to record an entire album for you or your band.

Some Great 15 Watt Amp Options For Players Of All Levels

When looking for the perfect 15 watt guitar amp, the process can often time be very stressful and overwhelming. After all, with all the information out there it can be hard to know what is quality and what you should just look over. However, with the right information finding the right 15 watt amp for you can painless and even rewarding.

Some Great Cedar Guitar Options For Players Of All Levels

When first beginning the search to find the perfect cedar guitar for you, the task can seem very daunting. With all the information out there it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed. However, with the right information the process of finding the perfect cedar guitar for you can be painless and even very rewarding.

Community Drum Circle

The many benefits of Group Drumming in a Community setting such as a Drum Circle can promote an increase in self-confidence, build upon the individual’s socialization skills, build self-esteem and provide a place to just connect with others who share a love of music. Most people that come along to a Drum Circle are a little unsure of what to expect at first. Many say that they have no sense of rhythm or musical knowledge; people often need reminding that we ALL have rhythm inside of us and all around us…

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