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Sisaret Urges You to Organize

Sisaret is a Rock power quartet, each of it’s members is a songwriting force in their own right. Their music is a melding of diverse influences to a single stream of ideas, both collective and at times contrary. The band spun off from the Alternative/Indie band Vivian (founded in 2005) with founding members Jeff Brooks and Brandi Alexander.

Lupine Bell to Tempt London Listeners

Born out of frustration and unbridled fascination, LUPINE BELL formed in the summer of 2011 with 3 members of various other projects of years gone by. They now exist to play pop music loud and sad. All three shared a commitment and belief in common, often frustratingly not easily found amongst smaller town musicians. The band incorporate influenc es such as The Smiths, Teenage Fanclub and Saves The Day, and their unique style injects an exciting buzz to the genre.

Sweden’s Best Kept Secret Moves to London

The Glass Child, Charlotte Eriksson, is the girl from Sweden who left everything she knew to prove to the world what she can do and live her life on her own terms. Only 19 years old she moved all on her own to London to give her life to the music. In only a year Charlotte has started her own record label “Broken Glass Records”, produced and released 2 EPs with praising words form music-blogs and magazines from all over the world.

Dead Sara Music Review

Dead Sara, an LA based Rock band, has suddenly made their appearance in the music world. Making fans by the 100s with each show they play, Dead Sara will be a name you will hear frequently in the coming months.

Listen To The Music!

Music is a “hearing art”. There is an art to listening to music and musicianship is built upon listening, as the first step.

Learn Guitar: How To Remember Songs In 4 Easy Steps

Do you have trouble remembering songs? Do you suffer from performance anxiety or loss of motivation? You will be able to say goodbye to this problems when you read and apply these 4 simple steps.

How to Learn to Play the Piano on Your Own

The reason why children pick up playing the piano so easily is that they can turn almost everything in a game. And it is very easy to turn learning to play the piano into a game even if you are an adult; all you have to do is to start by playing your favorite song.

Learn the Violin

Playing the violin is not that simple. It is not considered as an easy art and it typically takes time and entails passion in order to learn violin playing properly. For some people, finding a way to learn violin playing is quite challenging yet a fascinating way to spend one’s time.

Bob Dylan Hits – The Facts Behind The Legend

While he is one of the best known musicians of our time, what are the actual Bob Dylan hits? Of all the songs he has written, which has performed best in the charts? And how many of his songs have reached #1? I did a little research and came up with these surprising facts…

Wedding Music – 10 Great Options For the Bride and Groom Entrance

Your wedding music has a very important role to play in setting the tone for the event. The appropriate music will help create the right ambience for the ceremony as well as the reception that follows it. It will also help build a sense of anticipation for the different events that take place during the wedding.

A Beginners Guide On How To Learn To Play The Violin

Have you ever thought about learning to play the violin but wondered exactly what was involved in the process. Well we are going to take you though each step of how you can progress to an accomplished violinist.

Wedding Music – How to Provide Entertainment at Your Wedding For Less

Are you very concerned about the rising costs of your wedding, especially when it comes to your wedding music? Given the rising cost of living these days, your dream wedding might definitely be out of reach before you know it. However, you will be able to afford all the things that go into making a wedding really special if you plan things well.

Role of the Composer in Film

Composing a score for a film goes beyond what one normally considers it to be. There is a special role a composer has so his music becomes an integral part of the film.

How Do You Make Your Own Hip Hop Beats?

Learn how to make your own hip hop beats. Produce beats and understand how using beat making software can give your sound the boost it needs.

Brighton: Where to Go for Clubbing and Drinks?

The culture of Brighton is reflected and recreated in the pubs, clubs and bars individual styles. There are a range of local pubs distributed along the sea front and in the heart of the laines. The White Rabbit is a favorite amongst Brightonians for it’s quirky style and candle lit atmosphere. Another popular is the Hand in Hand which is known for its brewing of its own unusual Kemptown ales, and is in fact the smallest Pub in Brighton. Kings and Queens, located close to the Brighton Dome, is a popular amongst students for its weekly 2 for 1 drink offers and football match screenings.

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