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Tim Foust Is The Next Great Country Music Artist

With charming good looks and deep, moving voice, Tim Foust is sure to be the next great country music artist of our time. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this next country sensation.

Music Education 101

Music education in schools is important – but learning about music should also be a part of our lives at home. Exposing our children to a variety of musical styles and artists from the very beginning can help them cultivate a love of music that lasts a lifetime. And it’s a great way to bond with them too!

Choosing The Right DJ For A Great Disco Party

If you are organising a party, no matter what the occasion, and you would like to make your party successful, you will have to be versatile in organising the whole event. If you are willing to base your celebration on the concept of a disco design, you will have to cooperate carefully with your DJ to ensure that you are happy with the songs that are being selected. It will benefit you to select the most skilled DJ that you can discover, therefore you, and your event can benefit from their knowledge especially if they are into disco style celebrations….

Booking Shows: Tips and Ideas

What places will book shows? What venue is right for me or my band? How do you contact them? Where do I start? These are some very important questions for bands and musicians who are just starting out and who are looking to play live shows. There are a few ways to get started and quite a few resources to help.

Luxury Gift Ideas for a Guitar Player

As hobbies go, guitar playing is not quite as expensive as yacht-racing or something like that, but there are still many high-end items that guitar players can indulge in. If you are looking for a high-end gift for a guitar player, you may have already become frustrated once you realized that guitar players tend to buy almost everything they need to pursue their hobby, from a multitude of guitars to the most wacky gadgetry. However, there’s always room for another guitar in the collection, and there’s always some gifts that can be experienced over and over again.

Why Listen To Jazz Christmas Music

When you are looking for some of the best Christmas music around it can be hard to find the older songs. This is when you should realize why you need to listen to the jazz Christmas music instead of some of the more modern music.

Magnificent Jazz Christmas Blues

Christmas is a time of great fun and sharing for lovers. The sound of festive music echoes all over the place.

Best Jazz Christmas Music

Send Jazz Christmas greetings and give your friends a holiday delight for the season. There is nothing as pleasing as Christmas jazz music playing soft and subtle on a winters evening.

“Knock on Wood” – Its Intro Is What Song Played Backwards?

When Eddie Floyd and Steve Cropper wrote and recorded a demo of “Knock on Wood” in 1966, they believed they’d come up with Otis Redding’s next hit. But Stax Records founder Jim Stewart disagreed and refused to let Redding record it. After months of persuasion, Stewart finally allowed the demo to be pressed and released as an Eddie Floyd single. It became the biggest hit of Floyd’s career and would be covered by more than 100 artists.

The Best Guitar Tonewood

What is the best guitar tonewood? Well, that’s a little like asking about the best flavor of ice cream. Even guitars which are mass-produced can still be unique in each individual instrument, and often the type of wood, even the particular piece of tonewood used in its creation can make a difference and add various flavors to the sound.

How To Make Money From Beat Selling

Beat selling is one of the new ways to make money online. Apart from the traditional make money online methods, this allows you to make money from your music in the comfort of your own home. This is good news for music lovers. Finally, they can make money doing what they love.

Japan in Crisis: Music and Recovery

As many people know, on the afternoon of March 11th, 2011, one of the world’s richest countries was ravaged by the largest earthquake in its recorded history. Minutes later, as the inhabitants of the Tohoku Region were still recovering from the shock, a tsunami – well over one hundred feet high in places – struck the coastline, demolishing everything in its path. Tsunami escape areas, supposed safe zones, were inundated.

How to Setup Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ Using MIDI Keyboards and a Computer

In this article, I will tell you how to setup a functioning Hauptwerk system, using MIDI controller keyboards. Introduction Many home organists often dream of playing a wurlitzer theatre organ or a Church organ to elevate their playing to another level, and for personal enjoyment. At one time this would be very difficult as you would have to have physical access to the instruments in order to play them.

Guitar Backing Tracks – Using Guitar Backing Tracks to Increase Speed

Guitar backing tracks are a very useful way to help you increase your speed. If you just can’t seem to get yourself to sit down with a metronome and play the same lick or scale over and over, you may want to try using a guitar backing tracks…

Drum Audition Advice – Top Ten Tips

Auditioning is a scary but necessary process for most musicians. It is a very unnatural and inhibiting situation into which you are thrust and asked to be creative and brilliant. However, there are some techniques and guidance you can use to give yourself the best chance of reaching your potential at every audition. Here are some top tips to help you get that dream gig!

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