Epiphone ‘Inspired By Gibson’ Hummingbird – Legendary Dreadnought Without The Gibson Price Tag!

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How To Be A Skilled Piano Player

There are several ways to know how to become a skilled piano player, but the first thing you need to possess is a gift for music and be able to comprehend written music and have passion in your soul that will transfer through the keys. To be skilled at piano, you will need to invest time and money into professional lesions. Set aside time each day to practice and be consistent.

The Easy Way Of How To Become a Skilled Guitar Player

If you are aspiring to be a skilled guitar player, then you can accomplish that goal with the least possible time if you have the help of a skilled guitar instructor. This is the most single most important piece of advice for beginners out there.

Make Money With Hip Hop Beats

You don’t have to be a beat maker to make money with hip hop beats. On the Internet today there are many producers who will make the beats and let you split profits with them to make yourself a nice commission promoting their beats. Great thing is many of them will pay out 50% or more for your marketing efforts.

Online Free Music And Entertainment Classifieds Will Surely Appeal To Your Penchants In A Big Way

The inventory during the fun portion on the India classified web portal is rising really fast. The list of beneficial services that is made of the classified ads placed by designers, actors, writers and every day pleasure editorials will surely appeal to your penchants. The World Wide Web is the best place to search for entertainment and music related searches.

Man Raze: Beyond Def Leppard Rock

Man Raze is a mix of Def Leppard rock and Sex Pistols punk! Featuring Lepp guitarist Phil Collen on guitar and vocals, Pistols’ Paul cook on drums and Simon Laffy from Girl on bass and vocals, this is proto-punk-metal at its best!

Sax Reeds – Choosing the Right One

The sax reed is one of the most important components of any saxophone. This is why it is of utmost importance that you choose and buy the best one available. Here is a quick guide on picking the right one that will give you the best tone and performance.

Guitar Tabs and Chords for Beginners

The key to getting good and playing a guitar is simple. If you are not enjoying what you are doing then it will make your progression process slower. What you need to do is find the tabs and chords for songs and play to them.

Why Everyone Should Listen to Gospel Music

In conclusion, everyone should listen to “Gospel Music” because it has the power to lift the spirit and transform one to both power and purpose. Gospel music has not only been a spiritual force behind many physical revolutions in this world, but it has also been a spiritual force behind countless revolutions in the individual lives of countless people.

Adjustable Piano Benches – Three Features That Will Improve Practice Skills

It is of paramount importance for pianists and musicians of all ages and playing levels to take advantage of the best seating possible for practice and performance purposes. A good practice environment and the correct seating such as the features an adjustable piano bench has will improve and facilitate musical skills.

The Most Influential Tori Amos Lyrics – And Their Meanings

In female singer-songwriter history, Tori Amos definitely tops the charts. Her songwriting was just as powerful as her voice, so what are her most meaningful lyrics? Find out the meanings and reasoning behind the top 3 most influential Tori Amos lyrics to date!

Was Elvis Presley More Famous Than Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is certainly famous, no doubt about that, but “Fame” is a relative thing. She has done interviews where she has spoken about “Decay” and how people today like to see people fail. She speaks of how we live in a time where we crave for drama.

How To Tune A Guitar By Ear

Tuning A guitar is an essential skill for any guitarist. Learn to tune your guitar by ear from only one correct note!

Rockabilly Rages Strong Almost 60 Years Later

Rockabilly has never faded away. There are many fantastic rockabilly bands throughout America, Europe, Australia, and even Japan. 60 years later, the music that started a revolution still rocks the world over. Not bad for a trend started by a bunch of brash young kids with guitars and a few new ideas about what music should be!

Tips to Learn How to Dance From Home

Do you want to learn how to dance? How to do the moonwalk, maybe? Don’t worry.

Baritone Sax – Making Waves in Jazz and Ska

Although the baritone saxophone is not a popular as its alto, tenor, or soprano counterparts, it has made significant impacts on a few musical genres. This article provides insight on the various artists that have made names for themselves with the baritone sax and the genres they have done this in.

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