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Classic Metal and Hard Rock – The Best Shock Rock Bands

Which bands evoked fear and excitement into your heart? From Alice Cooper beheading himself on stage every night to Blackie Lawless throwing raw meat into the audience; this is the list of the best shock rock acts! Who made the list of the most influential and controversial classic shock rock bands?

Joseph Arthur – Life Is A Traveling Masterpiece

Joseph Arthur is one of those rare species of artists whose entire existence seems mired in creating. Everything is potential inspiration, including the atmosphere itself.

Tinariwen – The People Of The Deserts

In 1979, out of the ashes of exile and uprising, a small group of wandering boys would create a new and radical sound in Tamanrasset. This is their story.

Living Beyond Addiction – The Layne Staley Memorial Fund

Layne was the lead singer of Alice In Chains – one of the biggest rock bands to come out of the 90’s. On April 5th, 2002, he died due to early on-set-old-age from excessive drug use.

Indie Reviews – Rotation 1

REVIEW OF “CRAYON POLITICS” – GESCHA. There is no rational reason as to why I like this record as much as I do. “Crayon Politics” is an interesting foray into contrasting dynamics. Gescha’s intense, yet relaxed approach to his rhythmic delivery, give the record a diversity rarely seen in mainstream hip-hop records these days. You get the sense that Gescha’s been stocking influences like canned goods in the basement.

Electric Guitar Tips And Tricks To Help You Get Started

If you are looking for electric guitar tips and tricks, but are not sure where to find some, you need to read on. I have some for you, especially if you want to start your journey as an electric guitarist. There are certain fundamental points that you need to take note of, especially when you are starting out.

Digital Innovations – A Guitar For The 21st Century

A man named Michael Zarimis is challenging what guitarists know to be right and true. He’s invented the Kitara digital guitar.

Apps To Help Promote A Mixtape Online

With all the social media sites out now it’s never been easier to promote a mixtape. But this can be daunting trying to manage all these sites too. I have highlighted some apps that will help you shout a little louder to help you promote a mixtape online.

Caring for the Voice Box Properly

People in general have to know how to sing well box properly. This part of the speech organ is called the larynx which is used for breathing, producing sounds and for protecting the trachea from food aspiration.

Five New Stars Of Country Music

Country music has a history of shifts in sound. In fact, recently there has been another changing of the guards in the music genre’s top stars. Five new faces are now leading the way with new sounds in Country songs.

Get The Latest And Most Popular Hip Hop Music Videos

There are innumerable hip hop music websites and it is difficult to keep a tab on what’s happening across all the platforms. When you are in love with hip hop music videos, you cannot do without a site that brings to you everything in the world of hip hop music under one roof.

Can a True Beginner Tune a Mandolin With No Ear Training or Music Knowledge?

In this article we examine why people believe that tuning a music instrument such as the mandolin is not possible without music or ear training, and we test their belief using tools available in the market such as the digital tuner to prove that they are wrong. Technology has solved this problem!

2PM: My First Ever K-Pop Group

This article is about my feelings and opinions about my favorite K-Pop group, 2PM. They’re a Korean boy band who debuted in September 2008.

Thinking Of Taking Up Basic Guitar Lessons?

Are you thinking of taking up basic guitar lessons? If you are, you need to read on. There are a few things which I would like to bring up before you do so. These are just points that are good to know beforehand.

Chick Corea Discography

Chick Corea started his recording career back in 1962 at age twenty one. The very first album in the Chick Corea discography was recorded with Mongo Santamaria Afro-Latin Group. Find out and discover the span of Chick Corea’s musical influence.

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