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The Best Yngwie Malmsteen Album – And A Few Highlights

Which is the best Yngwie Malmsteen album? The answer will vary greatly depending on who you ask.Yngwie himself always seems to say it’s his latest one, which is probably no surprise as he’s trying to sell the latest one. My pick, however, would be “The Seventh Sign”. Below I’ll say why, and also give you a few highlights from the album.

Learn Guitar – What Sort of Guitar Do You Need?

It is common for new guitar enthusiasts to get confused about the type of guitar to use in order to master the instrument. It is actually an individual choice, but it can depend on a person’s personality. This article will give you insights about guitars to help you pick the one that suits your taste and style in music.

Steve Vai – Music For Musicians and 3 Good Places To Start

Who is Steve Vai’s music for? If you are one of the lucky ones who enjoy the intricacies of complex music, Steve Vai might just be up your proverbial alley. The purpose of this article is to state the blindingly obvious, but also to help people who are new to Mr. Vai’s music. Because the problem is that Steve Vai music can be really demanding on the listener.

A Creative Way to Store Your CDs and DVDs

Are you one of those prolific collectors of CDs and DVDs who have so many they can’t locate a particular one they want to play at one time or another? Rest assured that you are not alone, millions of music and movie lovers have their discs so cluttered they lose track of what they actually own.

The Importance of Cleaning and Maintaining Your DVD Player

Just like any other electronic device, the DVD player seems to attract lots of dust, linger prints, pollen and a host of contaminants, all of which affect its effectiveness. Without regular maintenance and care your machine will not function efficiently. The DVD player is becoming the main movie theater these days as people opt to watch movies in the comfort of their own homes.

Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits By The Numbers

Bob Dylan hit the Billboard Top 40 charts far less than you imagine. In fact, he only did so a dozen times over his now legendary career. If you’re new to Dylan (and even if you’re not), here’s a list of all his hits in order.

Indian Music And Indian Singers Scaling New Heights

India is a powerhouse of talented human resources. We have shown our skills in every field. Our singers have not been left behind. They have scaled new heights. India has music very close to its heart.

Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry – The Old Violin

The Grand Ole Opry is 88 years old this year and a Country Music Institution. This article explores the origins of the “Opry” and Country Music in Nashville, TN.

Tribute Bands Are Keeping The Music Alive In The United Kingdom And In Other Countries Too

People like listening to music and live music seems to be particularly appealing and is gaining in popularity all of the time. In the UK tribute bands are very popular as they are very entertaining and remind people of their favorite artists.

Wedding Bands – The Best Form Of Wedding Entertainment

One of the most memorable days in your life is your wedding day, and making it a memorable occasion for your family and guests is also important. So when it comes to deciding on the wedding reception entertainment, it is important that you carry out research and put a lot of consideration into it, before deciding on a form of entertainment. One of the most popular forms of wedding entertainment is hiring a live wedding band. This article will give and insight into some of the things to consider when choosing a live wedding band.

The Different Types of Electric Violins

Electric violins have been around for a long time and in today’s world, they are available in different styles. There is the full electric type with built-in pickup and there is the electro-acoustic violin which has a separate pickup that is usually attached to the bridge, body and fingerboard. This piece will feature on full electric type and how you can find them.

Making Your Party Great With the Hiring of Party Equipment

If you have planned a party and you want to make it as exciting as possible, you may not be sure what you can do to spice it up and bring something to your guests that will be a little bit different than all of the other parties they have been to. If it is a party that is casual and you want to add some fun, you may want to think about a karaoke machine hire as it can be a great form of entertainment that may not be expected at all. Karaoke machines are a…

Songwriting – 3 Ideas for Writing Great Melodies

Writing a great melody may be the most important part of writing a song people will love. With that in mind, let’s look at a few concepts that are good to know when you’re planning out your next melodic masterpiece.

Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop – The Best Jeff Beck Album?

I was asked which is the best Jeff Beck album by one of my students. I bang on about his playing on a regular basis and my student wanted a quick way into the world of Mr. Beck. I thought I’d approach the question by comparing “Guitar Shop” to the rest, since it intuitively seems to have it all. Here’s my humble 2 cents.

The Steve Vai 10 Hour Workout – How Can It Benefit You?

Many of us who are into guitar noodlery have heard of the Steve Vai 10 hour workout. But how many people can truly say they practise that much? Most of us can’t, and simply don’t have the time. Besides a 10 hour workout can really drive you crazy. So how can us mere mortals benefit from such a workout?

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