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Piano Shoppers Should Avoid High Pressure Sales Tactics – Buying A Piano May Not Be Necessary!

Piano shopping can be a nightmare of pressure! But if you are new to pianos – don’t be pressured into rushing in. The needs and concerns expressed by the average or first time piano buyer are often at conflict with the advice they receive while shopping. So, where can you turn for advice without feeling pressured into making a buying decision “right now” that might not fit into your present comfort zone? To answer that question, let’s examine the mindset of some typical piano buyers, who I shall call Jim and Mary Forte for purposes of this article.

Proper Pronunciation in Singing – How to Pronounce Song Lyrics Correctly

Pronouncing the words in a song is as crucial as performing the song with a great voice. If the singer has a great vocal range to die for but has bad pronunciation of the song lyrics, chances are, the song is a real let down to listeners.

A Simple Guide To Learn Guitar Solo

Think you have what it takes to learn guitar solo? It’s not as hard as you might think. If you’re ready to take your guitar playing to the next level, this article will give you some valuable suggestions to step up your playing.

Grover Washington Jr: Smooth Jazz Influence

Anyone who has ever picked up a saxophone within the past 40 years and was ever interested in the world of jazz or cool jazz as their musical calling, had to be in touch with their inner Grover. This man brought smooth to a whole new level in the jazz world. Although many people don’t consider smooth jazz as a true art form, they couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Is the Electronic Drum Now More Popular Than the Acoustic Drum?

In order to answer the title question, I have outlined the benefits of both an acoustic drum kit and electronic drum kit. Weighing up all the pros and cons I have made my decision as to what the answer is. You may not agree.

How to Pronounce Vowels and Consonants Correctly in Singing

For singing to become a very effective tool in entertainment, the singer should have the ability to evoke or convey emotions and meaning to the song. This can be done through a heartfelt performance and good diction. So if aspiring singers want to learn how to sing well, proper diction should be addressed and studied as well.

Easy Lessons to Learn the Guitar Online

Most people have New Year’s resolutions, I know I do. For some people is to learn the guitar online, or any other musical instrument. For others is to quit smoking or joining a gym. It is a fact tough, that inside the top ten resolutions for2011, one of them is to learn something new.

Rockabilly Essentials: Female Artists You Have to Know About

Many people assume women played an insignificant role in the birth of rockabilly and rock and roll since they’re often overlooked. Absolutely not so! Several women were instrumental in those formative years and in this article I’ll talk about some of them.

Essence Music Festival Lineup

How has the Essence Music Festival lineup changed over the past 10 years? After 17 years of concerts, has it changed much?

Young Jeezy Mixtapes – The Early Years

Some artists spend years trying to break into the hip hop industry without ever getting their chance, and others are lucky enough to get their music into the right hands. Young Jeezy mixtapes were lucky enough to be found by the right people to start off a successful career in rap. Without them, Young Jeezy may never have gotten the break he needed to become one of the biggest stars in the industry.

Is Fruity Loops AKA FL Studio a Serious Beat Making Software?

It seems that Fruity Loops or FL Studio, depending on your naming preference is one of those love it or hate type products. Developed by Belgian company Image-Line Software, and originally created by Didier Dambrin it has lasted the test of time and the company is currently selling version 9 of the software. The hoards of loyal Fruity Loop users and followers will defend Fruity Loops as an easy to use, cost-effective DAW that does the job just as good as any of the other more costly DAWs.

Bryan Ferry: Dylan and More

Bryan Ferry…Dylan. While they may seem worlds apart, Ferry’s album ‘Dylanesque’ is a superb homage to the folk icon.

Best Opeth Songs

Opeth is unique. Their songs mix progressive splendor with heaviness in such a way that you can recognize the band immediately after hearing just a couple of notes. I’ve been a fan of the band for more than 10 years and consider Mikael Akerdfelt to be a musical genius. Even if I think their music is too complex to fairly make a list of top songs, I’m willing to give it a try. So there you go…

Discover Music With The Native American Style Flute

Playing a Native American style flute can enhance your life experience. Playing the flute is easy and fun. Help yourself and entertain others.

What It Takes to Master Your Vibrato – How To Learn To Sing With Vibrato

Mastering your vibrato takes a lot of practice and a lot of time, but if you stick to it, you’ll be rewarded with complete mastery over it and the ability to insert it into any phrase you wish, as well as leave it out of any phrase. Always remember: Vibrato cannot disguise a dull voice and should be used sparingly, but can make a huge impact when you do decide to use it.

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