Alice Howe, Freebo, and JT Thomas “Let Go” at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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Best Gorillaz Songs – Top 5 And Why

Looking for the best songs by The Gorillaz? Look no further! The article lists the top 5 best Gorillaz songs and gives some information about what to listen for in each.

The Best Fleetwood Mac Songs You Probably Never Heard About

The list of Fleetwood Mac songs is legion but within their most famous albums are some terrific songs that received virtually no radio airplay. You’ll want to give these songs a listen… that is once you find out what they are. Read on to see what commercial radio overlooked during the band’s fabulously successful career.

Great Electric Guitars – The 1954 Gibson Les Paul Custom

The 1954 Gibson Les Paul Custom is without a doubt among my favourite electric guitars. Here are 5 reasons why.

Best Tame Impala Songs – Top 5 And Why

Tame Impala hit the indie rock scene in 2010 running and have been rocking out ever since. This article picks out their top 5 songs and explains what is great about each song.

Why Laura Veirs’ ‘July Flame’ Was Ahead Of Its Time

‘July Flame’ by Laura Veirs is a hugely underrated album, which is a strange thing to say, because I’ve never met anyone who heard it and didn’t like it. It’s underrated because it was not hailed as indisputably one of the masterpieces, one of the must-listen-tos of 2010. It deserved a crown, and instead it garnered some modest acclaim.

Classic Rock: How Sounds Have Changed Over the Decades

Classic rock has become a study in evolving sounds and technology. With 50 years of history in its annals, it catalogs an ever-expanding growth in sounds and recording techniques.

The Best Simon and Garfunkel Songs – Top 5 And Why

A list of the top 5 best songs by Simon & Garfunkel. The article also briefly justifies each pick.

Song Craftsmanship: What Makes A Song Good?

While the definition of “good” may be subjective when it comes to music, we can at least establish that there are well-crafted and poorly-crafted songs. In this article, we’ll look at the differences and help you towards writing a “better” song.

Moneykat – Self Titled Album Review

Representing two entirely different continents, Oakland’s Mighty Joe and Queanbeyan’s Omar Musa together have formed Moneykat, a Melbourne based hip hop group with a unique and distinctive sound. The album is a combination of tracks recorded both in Melbourne with various local producers, and Seattle with Geoff Stanfield.

One Direction: From Start to the Logo

One direction is a famous band. Their booming success is an incredible journey.

Piano Technique – What It Is, and How You Can Develop It

This article identifies the vital ingredients of good piano technique: touch, rhythm, fingering, dynamics and pedalling, and provides expert tips on how to improve in these areas. The mechanics of the piano, and physical mental aspects of playing are touched on, and practice suggestions are also featured.

How Much Should You Pay For Beats For Sale?

Pricing beats for sale online can be a pain. In general, when we’re pricing, the price for any given product from different companies is about the same. When it comes to buying beats online, this all changes as producers’ prices are obnoxiously varied. In this article I will dive into some of the estimated base prices you should be looking at when pricing instrumental beats.

Mixing Basics

Have you ever turned on the radio and been immediately hooked by a song? Well, mixing is an important part of how a song is produced.

Strategies for Digital Recording: Mixing

Greetings. I’d like to once again share some experience based tips in the digital recording category. I plan to cover some ideas I’ve tried during the mix-down of several musical works I had tracked. These ideas served me well and perhaps they may work for you.

Supporting Your Child’s Music Practice

Probably the single most challenging issue for parents is how and how much to encourage their child to practice. Here are a few pointers that have helped me as a parent and as a teacher.

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