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Protecting Your iPod Touch For The Long Run

Thinking of getting the new iPod Touch? With the new features luring you to purchase one, you would probably reward yourself with this gadget. But before you go out and get yourself this portable entertainment device, ask yourself how you will be protecting your iPod touch to make it last longer.

Planning Your Own Music Event

As more and more musicians find that their money has to come from live gigs rather than through record sales, the more concerts and festivals are likely to grow. Take music into your own hands by planning live music events in your local area.

What Is the Difference Between Violin and Fiddle – The Words Are Interchangeable

In history there have been many differences between violin and fiddle but now the two are becoming one and the same. Although that will depend on the person that you talk to. Some violinists will be offended if you tell them that they have a fiddle because it is deemed as a lesser instrument.

The Advantages of Guitar Scale Mastery

If you are planning to learn playing the guitar then, Guitar Scale Mastery may be the solution for you. Here is my review of Guitar Scale Mastery.

5 Reasons Karaoke Players Are Popular at Parties and Family Functions

Everyone has their chance to shine. Some do it by maintaining impressive careers, and others do it by means of a kind favour each day. But, when it comes to parties and family functions, the lights dimmed and the mic checked, there is no one who shines more than karaoke players.

Karaoke System: What Every Player Should Have

Karaoke is a fun way to enjoy an evening of laughs and entertainment with friends. Often times people will frown while looking at the karaoke system but once the music starts people just seem to jump in front of the line. The key to having a successful karaoke party is to have a karaoke system that will get the job done correctly.

Why Folk Music Makes the Best Live Act

Music with soul moves people and when people venture out to see live music, they want to be moved. Folk music comes from the soul, it is the music of poor working class people who sang to describe stories of their people and traditions and who entertained each other through a love of music and song. They sang from the heart and nothing is louder than the heart in music.

Why I Chose a Cello As My Bass in the Folk Group

I really wanted to get back to playing music. The problem has been to find a musical instrument that I not only am able to play, but also that I enjoy playing. It’s not that I don’t enjoy playing a lot of different instruments. It is that I have some physical and probably mental reservations about trying to play different instruments.

5 Tips For Writing a Song

When it comes to writing a song every songwriter has a different approach. There is no right or wrong way but there are certain tricks which you can use every time to help craft your masterpiece. Keep on reading for 5 bread and butter tips on writing songs.

Elvis Made Rockabilly Music Seem Like a Natural Outgrowth of Rhythm and Blues and Country Music

Lots of people credit the great Elvis Presley with inventing rockabilly music. While many people will argue just as strongly against that hypothesis as others will for it, one thing is for certain: It was Elvis who brought the music to the attention of the world.

Carribean Rhapsody by James Carter: CD Review

The May 17 CD release by Emarcy celebrates a decade-long James Carter/Roberto Sierra collaboration. Jazz and classical styles meld into this stunning something-for-everyone recording.

Review: Foo Fighters “Wasting Light”

If you don’t like the Foo Fighters, you’re really not going to like them by the end of the year. “Wasting Light” is one of their superior releases and should prove itself by staying on the radio and album charts for 2011. Their current tour dismantles every pre-conceived negative thought one might have had about their music. Always notorious for having stellar opening acts, they pulled no punches by adding Motorhead and Scotland’s own Biffy Clyro to the bill.

Break Up Songs Referencing Superman

Here is a list of break up songs referencing superman. Why? Well I was really just amazed at how many of these songs are out there. Regardless of their references to superman, these songs will help you get through that break up.

Ludwig Van Beethoven – One of the Greatest Musicians of All Time

Beethoven, one of the greatest musicians of all time was baptized on December 17, 1770 at Bonn. His ancestors were originally from Belgium. His father was a musician and Beethoven was one of his seven children, but three only survived – among them, Beethoven.

Essential Foods to Eat Before Singing

Your voice is a product of the condition of your body. Feed your body the proper nutrition it needs in order for your body and voice to perform at its peak condition.

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