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Save Money While Buying Music Production Equipment

If you have a music hobby, somebody would have definitely asked you to have an amazing line of instruments and music production equipments. Most of us think that in order to have this variety, you must have to spend a fortune. However, you can still save money by buying these instruments.

How to Appreciate Music

There is no one who does not love music. But there are quite a few people who know how to appreciate music. Why don’t you try learning something about appreciating music?

10 Great Quotes on Life From John Lennon

Lessons from a Rock and Roll Spiritual Seeker John Lennon may have had more in common with the great thinkers of any age than with other songwriters who were his contemporaries. Certainly he was first in a cadre of rock stars who used their celebrity as a force for good, paving the way for Bono and Bob Geldof by decades. He found his way out of a turbulent life and troubled, working-class childhood and grew into different roles – from Rock Star, peace advocate, social activist, women’s rights advocate, and managed to fashion a…

Is It Hard to Learn the Violin?

Don’t hear what others said how hard to learn the violin. If you never try it, then you will never know. With lots of learning place out there, you’ll never know what the outcome will be.

Didgeridoos Are One of the Oldest Musical Instruments Known to Man

Didgeridoos are one of the oldest musical instruments in the world and no two naturally formed Didgeridoos are the same or have the same sound. See how they are made, decorated and played.

Two CRUCIAL Techniques That Will Make or Break Your Mix in Hip Hop Production

Here’s an article on two common mistakes urban music producers make when producing and mixing audio and two simple techniques that can fix these mistakes. As a producer the differences between a bad sounding mix and a great sounding mix can make or break your sound!

How Free Song Downloads For Computer Users Became A Thing

Free song downloads for computer users have become a normal and expected thing these days. Luckily, free music is sometimes legal, if you know where to look. Find out how it all works and how it even became a thing.

Mathilde Santing – Holland’s World Class Export

I lived in Amsterdam for a couple of years in my mid twenties. When I was around Rembrandtplein,  I would often go to the art deco bar, Cafe Schiller, where the soundtrack always seemed to be Marvin Gaye’s ‘Here My Dear.’

Some New Reggae Albums Really Worth Listening To

2012 has seen the release of a number of great new reggae albums. Despite recession, and the worsening condition of the global music business, Jamaican reggae is bouncing back, and just as strong as ever!

Best Reggae Albums by Female Singers

You may already have a list of your best reggae albums of all time, but how many female reggae singers are in that list? Until quite recently I hadn’t paid too much attention to female reggae singers aside from The I-Threes – Rita Marley, Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowat – Bob Marley’s famous background harmony singers. So I decided to take another listen to what the ladies of reggae have to offer.

Well Hung Heart Music Review

From Orange, California, Well Hung Heart is taking female fronted Rock to an all new level. Greta Valenti and Robin Davey have teamed up to create an explosive sound that will blow listeners away.

Old School Instrumentals – Things You Need To Know

Hip hop production is not always bells, whistles, and horns blaring at odd moments. There is a method to the madness that most people don’t understand, and it’s not easy to capture. If you’ve ever tried to produce some beats for whatever reason, you’ll understand it can be quite complex to layer together interesting musical points.

High Quality Rap Beats For The Future

If you are a historian of hip hop or at least know a little bit about how rap music has evolved in the last few decades, you’ll realize that it hasn’t been an easy road in terms of musical creativity. When the genre first came out, getting high quality beats meant that you had to sample a lot of records, and over time you had to pay the royalties and lawsuits that would come afterwards. Many hip hop artists that began in that era will testify to making no money because of the clearance of samples that were required, and…

Are Hip Hop Beats For Sale Worth Investing Into?

When it comes to producing music for a variety of purposes, you have to know a lot about music. For instance, most of the hip-hop producers that make it big, know how to mix various forms of music, and even to the classical side of things. They are not just DJ’s or sampling records, they know how to create organic sounds and loop them for the purposes of hip hop and beyond.

Hip Hop Instrumentals For Today and The Future

When it comes to creating organic music, you don’t have to pay a full production team to get you high quality beats. Long gone are the days when you had to pay a lot of money to get clearance for samples or loops, because the world is changing. The hip hop instrumentals that you might have loved before are now going to change as well, because anyone can create long lasting instrumental music for the purpose of rapping, or any other media project you could possibly want to create.

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